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The cars that get the most traffic tickets

The cars that get the most traffic tickets

Just getting into your car and hitting the road is just a thrill of being completely free to move as fast as you want. You probably love those long roadways and highways where you can really press on the accelerator and blast down the road.  Now you have been force to remain indoors, because of all the covid-19 threat out there, which makes you want to just drive around freely and perhaps a little bit carelessly. But you have to remember the speed regulations on the roads, quarantine times or not. It for your protection. It’s for everyone’s safety. It’s there for a reason. The latest news that is going around is that careless, uncontrolled driving is on the rise, due to little traffic on the roads because of the pandemic. When you see little traffic on the road in front of you, you are inclined to drive faster, day dreaming of being a race car driver. The thrill of driving fast, a thing you might have never done before. When there is no one driving fast around you, the urge to drive pass everyone goes up a notch or two too high. The illusion that there is no one around to check you is just that, an illusion, and the road is nearly empty, no one is going to come in your way is yet another illusion.

But which cars have been noted for being violating the speed limits and have been driving crazy? Which cars have been getting traffic ticket for exceeding speed limits during these difficult times? Why these cars fined for speeding violations?

Maybe it’s the color of the cars. Maybe these cars have been unlucky to be noted for speeding tickets. Or the drivers are just speed demons getting their thrills. Whichever way you slice it and dice it, it’s been noticed that there are a noted number of models that have been driving around very fast, if not recklessly, and have been issued speed violation tickets.

The info on the violators

When noticing the average violators, and this is for all the car models in this group, you will realize that about 11% of the drivers get speeding tickets. This has been noticed between 2019 to our present year of 2020. Not much has changed. Also usually it’s the same models that have been the violators. Many models that were noted to be great speed violators of last year are in the list of speeding ticket violators in this year too.

Traffic tickets for dodge is different to speeding tickets. Recently, it has been noted down by concerned parties that performance cars are getting more and more dodge tickets compare to functional models that were noted for violations in this category of tickets. As a driver, seeing others racing around, with impunity granted in imagination, you just want to show your hot stuff too. Performance models might be getting caught this way, seeing the functional, normal cars racing past them. Performance or sports car owners now need to show their mettle.

However, the affordable cars, those that are the most abundant and cheap are the models that take the first prize in dodge as well as in speeding. Well think like this, who cares if the models are crashed and burnt, after all, it’s a cheap car. Well someone could get badly hurt and crazy driving must be countered. The prove is this, Ferraris and Mustangs do breeze the road, hell they can. But it’s the ordinary inexpensive cars that have the most ticket violations.

Now of course, all sports models for high-performance playing are up there in the ranks of dodge tickets too. But not compared to affordable. Convertibles and all the high performance vehicles are in a distinct top 5 ranking of violators. These owners might not have the really expensive models that are out there but their love of burning tire is apparent.

The method of violation classifications

Institutions that are interested in listing down the most models making violations go about checking insurance quotes. The data base of millions of car insurance applicants is analyzed. Concerned institutions can note down all the relevant information regarding the owners of the cars, their personal and vehicle information, both past and the most recent speeding violations that their insurance had to cover. These car owners furnish insurance companies everything about their past speed violations and accidents and that they are prone to such incidences, according to themselves, after all that’s one of the reasons why they are applying for quotes from insurance companies. The research teams do an analytical study of all car owners with traffic speeding violation against the total violators for each model which gives a picture of which model car are involved in violations, then it is squared off to get the ten highest models that are making the most violations.

These are the models with the most violations

We take in three crucial factors to determine the percentage of violations including the MSRP and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

At no. 10 the Nissan 350Z

Percentage of Nissan 350Z drivers with a speeding violation is around 14.65%. That’s about 29% higher than the national average. This model has a MSRP of $36,870.

This is the most expensive model in the top ten. Although actually affordable by most, compared to other expensive cars.

At no. 9 the Dodge charger

Charger drivers have speeding violations around 14.71% now that’s higher than the 29% national average. This model’s MSRP is $29,995.

At no.8 the Dodge RAM 2500

The drivers of this model are known for violating speeding limits i.e. around 14.79%. The price of such a car according to the MSRP is $21580.

At no.7 the Dodge Challenger

The speeding violation percentage is around 15.09%. The model has a MSRP of $28,295

 At no. 6 the Hyundai Veloster

Drivers of this vehicle have speeding violation percentage of 15.43%. The price for such a car according is MSRP $18900.

At no. 5 The Dodge Dart

Speed violation percentage of this model is 15.45%. It’s MSRP for the base model is $16,995.

At no.4 the Infiniti G37

Our G37 drivers are getting high on the speed violation percentage scale, at about 15.16%. the MSRP for the base model is $32,950

At no.3 the Subaru Impreza

The percentage of the speeding violations done by this model is high, at about 15.90%. The MSRP for a base model is $18,695.

At no.2 the Volkswagen GTI

The percentage the GTI clocks at is about 17.38% of speeding violations. It comes with a MSRP of $24,395.

At no.1 the Subaru WRX

Here is the most speed violating model of all, with a percentage of 20.49%. This model has a MSRP of $27,495.

Now speeding to the end

You have the information on the models that are most likely penalized for speed violations. Are you one of them? Or did someone hit and run? Will, we hope this article has given you the information you need.

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