The best wheel covers to protect your car wheels

Wheel covers are meant to protect the nuts and bolts of the wheels. They are used to enhance the looks of the wheels. This article provides information about the best wheel covers available in the market.

Installing the covers

Getting wheel covers fixed on the wheels is extremely easy and inexpensive. The covers provide perfect protection to old, corroded and paint-stained wheels. The metallic disc, the lung nuts, and the poking out bolt heads protruding through the nuts are all well-protected.

General note

Wheel covers come in different sizes. Therefore, a specific size wheel cover will not suffice for any other wheel. Make sure you know the size of the wheel before you buy the covers.

Make sure you check the material of the covers. The covers mostly made up of metal or ABS plastic. ABS plastic wheel covers are better. They have a better grip on the metal disc and are generally stronger, chemical/water-resistant, weather-resistant, and lighter as well.

It is necessary to protect the car wheel covers from dirt, dust, mud, and sand particles. Some of the wheel covers come with slits or holes. Such openings are not good for the wheel. An opening in the wheel cover will let in the unwanted dust, and it will settle on the inner parts of the wheel. Ignoring the safety of the wheel kills the very purpose of the wheel covers. You must opt for the wheel covers that cover the wheel fully.

The hub caps protect the central part of the wheel. You must use the hub caps to your advantage. The hub caps are available in different sizes and shapes.

Some of the best wheel covers

We have listed some of the best car wheel covers available in the marketplace, below.

Polite automotive universal fit: the spyder wheel cover

This wheel cover comes with micro-sized, adjustable retaining features, hence the covers tend to adjust on the wheels quite well. These covers are made up of ABS plastic, which is rust and corrosion resistant, and is extremely durable. They can cover most of the locally made wheels as well as wheels manufactured, while keeping the international standards in focus. Each cover has a chrome finish, giving them a stainless steel like appearance.

One of the disadvantages of using ABS plastic wheel covers, is that they get damaged, burnt, cracked or broken.

Oxgord Wheel Covers: Hub caps silver rim cover

OxGord provides you with high-quality wheel covers to protect the wheels of your car. It’s a six-spoke styled wheel cover that comes with a chrome finish. The OxGord Wheel cover can cover any 15-inch wheel with ease. The wheels remain well-protected against dust, dirt and mud. You don’t have to worry about corrosion or rusting problems, as the cover is water-resistant, and protects the nuts and bolts. These wheel covers are known for their durability. These wheel covers come with a one-year warranty.

Alpena vr carbon wheel cover kit

You can replace your old, cracked or broken covers with these ABS plastic wheel covers. You can fit these covers on different wheels, because they come with adjustable rings. The Alpena VR Carbon Wheel Covers are one of the best wheel covers available in the market. The covers are designed with seven spokes, having a carbon textured, gunmetal finish.


Remember that wheel covers are not a must-have, but they can enhance the look of your car. They are not very expensive to get, so, if not from these brands, you can choose some covers from other brands or manufacturers. We advise you to get them to protect your car wheels.

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