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The best reasons to buy a new car

The best reasons to buy a new car

Buying a new car is just like a dream come true for many people. There is a ‘mission accomplished’ type of feeling, when you buy a new car. There are many reasons why people tend to buy a new car. In this article, we will provide you with some important reasons to buy a new car.

The benefits that only come with a new car

The new gadgets and features

Latest cars come with cutting-edge technical gadgets, operational systems and superb body features. Most of the modern cars come with an extremely streamlined body, thus minimizing air resistance. The new cars available are fuel-efficient.

Many new cars have high-tech software installed in them that perform functions automatically. One of the most important features that new cars offer are related to safety features.

Other important features you get with the latest cars include: anti-lock brake system, lane departure alerting systems, stability control and rear-monitoring cameras, etc.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is one of the most important aspects of any car. It is important to know how much fuel does it gobble? Well, the latest cars are made to go miles in just one liter. Now a car can go about 40 miles per gallon or almost 8 miles per liter.

Do remember that sports cars, luxury cars and minivans are fuel-efficient, thus you can cover a long distance with minimal fuel consumption.

Optional energy sources

Besides the traditional gasoline-fueled cars, there are cars available that use electricity. These are called hybrid vehicles and can run on either energy source. Then there are cars that consume diesel. These are extremely economical where methane gas is in abundance. These cars are commonly used in Europe.

If you opt to buy a hybrid car, you can save some of your precious bucks.

Far into the future benefits

A new car will save you a lot in the long run. If you keep the car for a longer time period, the taxes and the depreciation value may diminish. That is, after driving the car for 100,000, the high taxes paid and the present depreciation value of the car would match the cost of a used car.

If the depreciation value is taken into account, the value of a car falls by 35% after the first year, if you have driven it for about 10,000 miles only. A few more years in, it may fall by 50%. Simply put, the value of the car is now half its original price. And the half of the original price of a new car can still be more than a used car. That is, if you want to sell it, the car can fetch a good price.

The depreciation value of a new car can last much longer, even after several years it will still be worth selling. If you maintain your new car well, you can drive it for much more than 100,000 miles.

The warranty benefits

All new cars come with a valid warranty to cover any repair or replacement costs for certain parts of the car. You have at least 3 years of coverage or 36,000 miles of distance covered.


If you intend to finance your new car, financial companies will not charge a hefty interest on the loan compared if you had bought a used car. One reason is that if you default, the car can be taken away and easily resold.

The final cost factor

A brand new car can be just a little or more expensive than a used car. You must tell the dealer that you do not want all the latest gadgets in the car. This might help you buy a new car within your budget.


Think about these points. If you have the cash available with you, go for a new car. Just weigh the benefits, research a little more and you will know if you can buy a new car or not.

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