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The best kind of equipment and Car wash accessories you must have

The best kind of equipment and Car wash accessories you must have

If you are a car owner, then you surely would like to know about the best car wash accessories to keep your car spotlessly clean. Certainly, you know how to clean up a dirty or dusty car, but if you don’t use proper car wash accessories, then there’s a possibility that you might end up damaging your car. It’s always advisable to take your car to a car wash facility that has all the equipment, accessories, and resources. This article will discuss what equipment and accessories that are required at a good car wash facility so that you understand where you should take your car for washing.

The equipment required

The general equipment needed for a car wash is given below. Note that every carwash is different in some way or the other; that is, they might have more equipment or accessories than others. But generally, the following are the basic equipment they all possess:

Vacuums; tunnel/conveyor equipment; air compressors; anti-collision systems; entry arches; applicator pump stations; high-pressure washing and drying equipment; tunnel controlling systems; undercarriage wash application systems; and air compressors.

Car wash accessories

Apart from the general equipment mentioned, there are certain tools and car wash accessories that employees of a car wash facility use including special gloves, machine air conditioner evaporator, coil cleaners, high-pressure hand-held water guns, wireless high-pressure water guns, and four-gallon water tank. These can be considered to be some of the most important and the best car wash accessories that most car wash employees will have.

Some important equipment

Blowers or dryers are a must

Every good car wash must have perfectly working efficient blowers to dry up the car from the outside. No customer wants to wipe water or chemicals off their cars after paying for a car wash. It’s understood that the car will be handed over once it is dried. A car wash is a business, and like every other business any particular car wash has competitors. All customers are very important to serve well so that the satisfied customer will return when he/she wants the car serviced again, that’s the way to grow a business and compete with other car wash businesses.

Good dryers must have nozzles that can swing left and right as well as can go up and down automatically. There should be nozzles that can reach difficult places. Basically, nozzles must be able to be directed anywhere on or under the car, sending a jet of hot air, hot enough to evaporate water. This stream of hot air should be easily controlled by an employee. The blow-dryer should not be too hard to operate.

Blow-dryers should have a silencer system for them too, as they can make a lot of loud noise that would really disturb everyone. Blow-dryers are known to be a very loud machinery to operate and produce more than 80 to 85 decibels for an 8-hour job – and surely this is too much for an employee.

The brushes that brush-up every part of the car from the outside

Brushes are a set of equipment that wear-out very quickly. They do a lot of physical pounding at an extreme speed. Investing in the highest quality brushes will not only save money, but an owner of a car wash will not be taken for surprise if there is suddenly a total break-up of a brush. Usually, owners do not have spares lying around nor are they easy to replace. This is the cost of being a reputed car wash. A facility might get a lot of cars to handle everyday and the equipment, if not selected properly and are not of high quality, will suddenly break down.

In tunnel/conveyor car washes, brushes comedown automatically attached to a large arm and spin to clean the exterior of a vehicle. The wraparound brushes spin and flay the sides of the vehicle from the start to the finish. The wheel and tire brushers and the rocker brushers clean the wheels, tires, and rocker panels of a car.

All these brushes spin fast and they take a lot of beating as they are much softer than the body of the car. But they are usually made of material that does not absorb any water or liquid, thus they do not gain weight to do the car any damage. But chemicals do have a gradual effect on them. So besides the beating, chemicals also will play a part to wear them down.

Another type of brushes that are used is called car prep brushes used by the attendants to clear hard-stuck debris before the washing commences.

Doors for entry and exit

Car wash doors are to keep the water, chemicals and noises inside the car wash facility while keeping out any natural dust and other unwanted materials from entering the facility. This includes other cars that might have lined up outside. This controls the entries and exits of cars. In winter time, a closed environment keeps everyone inside warmer.

Polycarbonate doors are the best. Metal doors dent and deteriorate gradually.

The all important water system

A recycled water system is a must in many parts of the country. They reduce the water bill and make the car wash facility environmentally compatible. Government regulations and people that are actively supporting environmental issues would be happy with such a facility.

The three types of recycled water systems are water reclamation, water recovery and reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is worth explaining in detail.

The reverse osmosis

In this system, there are pumps that suck in dirty water through semi-permeable membranes almost instantly, the semi-permeable membranes can keep out 96% to 98% of undeserved matter. The car is blasted with strong gushes of hose directed water during 2/3 parts of the wash. In the end, every part of the outside of the car is clean and every part can now be dried sparkling clean.


This article has explained the most important equipment and car wash accessories required by any car wash facility. It is up to the budget of a businessman how much s/he can invest in the business to make the car wash a very attractive stop for customers.

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