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The article will be dealing answering all your questions about the best headlight bulbs for your car. If you are a car owner who doesn’t want to pay much, then in this article you will be guided how to change the lights if you have the necessary skills and tools for the job. Further, when you are done reading this article, you can easily find the best headlight bulbs for your car.

But first of all, what type of car do you have? Is it a small compact car or is it a midsize car? The headlights have to match the size of the car. It is pointless discussing just what the best headlight bulbs for a car are, if you are unaware of the car type.

Since each type of car has different headlight bulbs requirement, therefore this article will assume you have a midsize car. It will, furthermore, determine exactly for what specific purpose good headlights are demanded.

The types of headlight bulbs

types of car headlight

There are, at the present, four types of headlight bulbs. Each has a different purpose. Let’s deal with them individually:


Halogen lights are very common. These lights are modern because just a few years ago, incandescent headlights were used in cars all over the world.

The components of this bulb are made up of a filament encased in a bulb filled with a specific type of gas. The gas makes the filament burn not only brighter but for a longer duration without blackening up the bulb. This headlight bulb type is cheap and you can easily find it anywhere. You can also change it very quickly.

The downside of this type of bulb is that the light emitted is yellowish. This could be good in a foggy situation. The range of the light is also much less compared to the other types of light.

The life of these halogens can last as long as 1,000 hours. The bulbs get hot. And it is because of this reason, its life span is not as long as the other types of light.

But they are good for foggy and misty conditions. A halogen bulb can cost as low $15 dollars. With a full pair of headlight assembly deal, it will cost as low as $95.

LED headlight bulbs

These bulbs are complex. LED stands for light emitting diode. Light is emitted due to a process of electrons shooting towards holes that have positive charges. These holes are in a semiconductor, and when the electrons hit the holes, they release energy in the form of photons that is light.

These headlights are very bright and can shoot a mile ahead. The light is clear white and it does not blind on coming vehicles.

The good points about these light bulbs are they can be really small but just as strong. The semi conducting materials are flexible and can be bent to any angle. This gives you very good placement options at the front or back of the car. The bulbs can be shaped to face the front but then turn to the sides. And in this way light is given of for the front and sides of the car. The same can be done for the back end of the car.

The light can be controlled to switch to any spectrum of the white light. But at the same time does not cause trouble to other drivers. These lights are very power efficient.

But they are expensive compared to halogens because components that reduce or control the heat is costly in production. And this is needed to avoid over heating the bulbs

They can last for about 30,000 hours, depending how much they are used. They are basically cool and that’s why they can last so long.

A single bulb will cost about $95. The whole pair of headlight assembly will cost about $1,250

Xenon bulbs

Also referred to as HID commonly, these are high intensity discharge light bulbs. They produce extremely strong beams of light. Gases of xenon, argon and vapors of soft metals are trapped in the bulbs and together they produce very bright lights. This lights are bluish and white.

The beams of the lights can go straight for over a mile without scattering. A driver will have a very good view a long distance ahead of the car. But the lights take time to get to full power, as energy takes time to excite the particles inside the bulb. Oncoming drivers get annoyed with this light.

The bluish and white glaring lights disorientate other drivers, making it difficult to judge distances and produce problems for them changing lanes or parking properly; if the light is falling on to their line of vision. The bulbs may last for about 10,000 hours. Actually they can last for years. They do not have any filament that burns out.

A bulb costs about $100. And from $350 to about $1,400 for a pair of headlight set assembly work.

Laser headlight bulb

They are the innovative lighting technique breakthroughs. Light is produced by a chemical reactive action. A laser is shot in a chamber filled with phosphorus. The chamber or bulb starts glowing instantaneously. The light actually comes from the gas light up by the laser. Not from the laser itself.

Laser light is 1,000 times stronger then LED bulbs. But half the energy is consumed. The bulbs are about 10 times smaller than the LED bulbs. Manufactures can put these bulbs in much smaller placings.

You can control the distance of the light. They can beam out far. They can be put on and off fast.

They are expensive because they have to be kept cool, and for that purpose more complex systems are put in place to keep the heat down. They produce only high level beams. They can cost thousands of dollars.

The best headlight bulbs for you

How much can you afford? If you are well-off go for a combination of Halogens and Xenon or whatever combination you want. These bulbs come in all sizes to fit any car size. So the size of your car will not be a problem. It’s entirely up to you what you want, especially after reading this article. If its economy that’s the issue, well halogens are cheap while led and xenon are in the long run economical depending how much you intend to use them. The best lights for you is a subjective choice, colored by a financial background. Xenon do worry other drivers though and this could be a moral debating point. An ending advice would be this; get a mechanic to see what level of heat your headlamps can really handle.

Changing headlight bulbs

Now this part is really important. If you are going to change the bulbs of the headlights you might find out a thing or two which would be the best lights for your car. Can the place where the bulbs are going to be put, handle the heat factor from the LED or laser headlights? Can your car take that intensity of heat?

But if you just want to change your halogen bulbs. These are the steps to follow:

Turn off your car. Make sure all electronic gadgets in the car are off due to no electricity.

You will need no tools for the job.

Pop the hood, and anchor the hood so that the compartment to the engine is fully open to view and it should stay like that.

Fiddle around to find the bulb in the engine’s compartment. That part that’s facing the front of the car. But from the inside. You will find bulb handle of your headlight. And yes, do start with the left blub first. You will be using your right hand which will make it easier the first time.

If you are doing it for the first time, try attempting it in the morning or day time.

Have a strong touch with you or some other source of strong light, so you can see what you are doing properly.

Have the new bulbs ready and make sure they are in a safe place. Maybe inside the car. Not between the hood and the windshield. The hood can accidentally come slamming down and the new bulbs can roll off the car.

Disconnect the headlight bulb’s power wire.

Unscrew the fused bulb carefully. Doing for the first time could get your hand injured. You could easily scrape you hand, wrist or forearm against some sharp jagged metal protrusion, like a large or small screw nut or its threaded part.

Now screw in the new bulb. And connect the power wire.

Now turn on the car and check if that bulb is working.

Do not waste time to fix both bulbs. First try doing one successfully.

If successful. Then do the other bulb the same way. Remember to turn the car off first.


The best headlight bulbs are those that satisfies you. A lot of basic information on headlight bulbs are concentrated in this article and it is hoped you know now what you have to do.

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