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The best four-wheeler speaker tubes to enjoy your music on the go

The best four-wheeler speaker tubes to enjoy your music on the go

Users of utility or all-terrain vehicles often don’t have a lot of options for speakers on their vehicles. Unlike regular vehicles that mostly come with in-built speakers, four wheeler speakers are detached and mobile, which allows you to mount or adjust the audio equipment on many different forms of vehicles. This article will look at what ATV speakers are composed of, how they are beneficial and some of the best brands and products in the category along with their pricing.

ATV or four wheeler speakers

They are called ATV speakers, but their features and components make them good to use for more than just All-terrain vehicles (ATV) including, Utility terrain vehicles (UTV), side-by-sides, and ORVs. These vehicles all have something in common, which is the unusual layout that makes it difficult to use regular speakers, and the boisterous noise of the engine that accompanies you in such vehicles.

Lucky for you, ATV speakers are made with all of that in mind, they ensure a loud and clear enough audio that you can hear over any roar of the engine, in addition to resistance to all naturally impacting elements such as the wind, water, and weather in general.

Benefits of ATV speaker tubes

Before going into further details, let’s check out the benefits of ATV speaker tubes. First things first. They produce excellent sound quality with high frequency.

As mentioned above, ATV speakers are weather-resistant and waterproof. It means that you can use them in the rainy season as well. Moreover, the casing is made up of corrosion-resistant material, hence it lasts for a longer period of time.

This is one of the best four-wheeler speaker tubes for cars that comes with a tweeter feature that helps disperse high-frequency and undistorted sound. They also come with a rubber lining to ensure maximum sound generation.

The ATV speakers are durable because the handlebars and cramps are made up of polymer and stainless steel respectively. Thus, they last for a longer period of time.

You can set up ATV speakers in your car with ease. You just have to follow the user guide or instruction manual to get the job done. Many ATV speakers now come with a plug-and-play feature; hence you don’t need to put in a herculean effort.

Top Brands of ATV speakers

This article would be incomplete without our handpicked suggestions for what we consider some of the top four wheeler speakers for users, here goes.

BOSS Audio Marine ATV speaker system

If you are looking for a durable weather-resistant ATV speaker tube, then you should opt for BOSS Audio Marine ATV Speaker System.

‘Boss’, is one of the leading manufacturers of sound systems around the world. They have developed this product to cater to the needs of their customers. Every journey should be a memorable one and is surely incomplete without the perfect sound equipment.

These speakers are made up of polyurethane that ensures durability. They are sturdy in nature. This ATV speaker system features a dome shape, thus the sound produced is amplified by manifolds. The speakers come protected with the latest waterproofing technique that ensures that you have the best music listening experience.

  • Price: $148.99
  • 400 watts of power per pair
  • Full range
  • Marine-grade weatherproof

Sound Storm BTB6 Amplified ATV speaker system

Sound Storm BTB6 Amplified ATV speaker system is one of the best products you can get. It lives up to its name. It produces great sound quality. This system is designed with high-quality waterproof material. It comes with a built-in 450-watt class A/B amplifier. 

No matter whether you’re driving under a scorching sun, or having fun with your friends in the snow, Sound Storm BTB6 is your buddy. To make your sound experience even more exciting, this product comes with an AUX port. You can connect your MP3 player with ease. It is compatible with all smart devices, including iPad, iPod.

  • Price: $149.99
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • AUX port available
  • Waterproof speakers

GoHawk TN4 2.1 Channel Amplifier 4″ Full Range Stereo Speakers

These GoHawk wireless bluetooth speakers are great for users who want the flexibility to stream music from your smartphone or radio channel, in addition to an audio jack. They are fit for 1 to 1.25” handlebar.  The aluminum material makes them durable as well as classy in appearance.

More than four wheelers, these ATV speakers are good to take on boats, electronic bikes, and more. The bluetooth connectivity itself is not restrictive as it gives upto 15 meters of space to go around while keeping the connection as good as it is near, with compatibility to almost all new and relatively modern smartphones.

  • Price: $79.99
  • Waterproof
  • 70” long speaker cable
  • 0 wireless bluetooth

Pyle PLATV550BT Off-Road ATV speaker system

Pyle PLATV550BT Off-Road ATV speaker system is one of the most durable products you can get for yourself. It is Bluetooth-enabled.

This product is designed with a marine-grade waterproof system that ensures its longevity. It comes with a built-in amplifier that produces high-quality sound, thereby providing you with a seamless music listening experience. This ATV speaker system also comes with mounting hardware; hence you can fix it anywhere you like.

  • Price: $197.68
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Off-road speaker system

Planet Audio PATV65 ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System

The easy-to-mount feature applies to many of these speakers mentioned in the list, but this Planet Audio one goes especially easy due to it’s very specific design. For people who are fans of LED lights, this one has a light bar with LED lights fixed so you can carry it over or take it anywhere in later hours of the day.

For people who wonder about the weight or size of the speakers, and prefer more compact versions, might not prefer this specific speaker because of it’s rather bulky size. However, it doesn’t affect its quality of audio performance or durability.

  • Price: $199.59
  • Plug and play installation option
  • LED light bar
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Weatherproof

Other Considerations

Even apart from the top brands making unparalleled products, you can learn more about some considerations regarding the types of ATV or four wheeler speakers. Here’s what it includes. 

  • Wired

There are many ATV speakers which come with a wire attached to them like the BOSS audio system ATV25B. To listen to your favorite music, you need to connect the music player with the audio system of your car through the wire. These speakers are more difficult to set up.

  • Wireless

These ATV speakers support Bluetooth technology. With the help of remote control, you can switch to your preferred radio channel to listen to your favorite songs. With auxiliary inputs and Bluetooth streaming features, these speakers are easy to manipulate.

  • Built-in amplifier

Some ATV speakers come with built-in amplifiers that produce excellent surround sound. For ATV speakers with built-in amplifiers, you don’t need to purchase an additional amplifier, because they are designed to produce high-quality sound. You can use them to play loud music. Most ATV speakers with built-in amplifiers come with plug-and-play features, hence you can install them in your car with ease.

Final words

Finding options for products such as four wheeler speakers seems like a daunting task for the first time, especially since it’s a unique sub-category of speakers itself. This is why this guide is aimed at explaining to you how ATV speakers work, their functions, and features, along with equipping you with some top names in the business to give you a headstart on your purchase decision. Hopefully, this has helped you in learning the basics of ATV speakers and aspects you need to consider when buying them.

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