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Tesla begins rolling out Holiday Updates for legacy Model X & Model S

Tesla begins rolling out Holiday Updates for legacy Model X & Model S

Tesla has started rolling out Holiday Updates for its legacy Model X and Model S to fill the void that the vehicle owners felt when these models didn’t receive any software updates.

Initially, when Tesla started rolling out 2021 Holiday Updates, owners of Model S and Model X were quick to identify that the company ignored the legacy vehicles from the updates. This was upsetting to the owners of legacy models as version 11.0 is referred to as the most advanced holiday update by the vehicle manufacturer.

The company quickly identified the sentiments of the customers and announced that some of its pre-refresh Model S and Model X would be getting the Version 11.0 updates.

With the software version 11.0, there would be a myriad of changes the owners of Tesla’s electric vehicles can expect including: new apps, programmable lights, camera functions, customizable launchers and much more. But there are some features in the software like Sentry Mode Live Camera and Auto seat heaters that would not be accessible to these legacy models.

MCU2 infotainment system equipped Models S and Model X vehicles will receive additional features from the software updates. These features include Subwoofer Tunability, Waypoints editing capacity, TikTok, and more blind spot games like Sudoku, Sonic the Hedgehog, and also some multiplayer games such as The Battle of Polytopia. 

Apart from the infotainment system, every EV Model from Tesla will receive Dark Mode, access to hide map details, improvements to the weather app, and a customizable app launcher with this Holiday Rollout 2021.

Here’s a complete list of features from software V11 for Tesla vehicle models.

Like every Tesla software update, this version can be downloaded free of charge.

Excited? Check the first look of Tesla’s Version 11.0 software update in the video below.

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