The futuristic car is here: Tesla model 3 for sale

The Tesla Model 3, with its decent price tag and outstanding features, is no less than a robust game-changing vehicle. The American 4 door saloon car provides its drivers with the rear wheel driving experience, generous space to accommodate 5 people, and a touchscreen interior. Besides, the car offers a well-rounded 4 wheel driving experience. Indeed, it is all-electric beforehand, but it barely sounds like A Verified Big Deal.

The reviewers of have aced in providing their website visitors with the best car reviews on the internet. This time also we came fully armed with the information on Tesla model 3 for sale. In this detailed review, you will learn about the performance, specs, and comfort this car model has to offer. So fasten your seat belt as we are taking off to dig deeper into this car’s features.

Overview – What is it?

Without a doubt, the 2021 Tesla model 3 has proved to be the most affordable electric vehicle in the market. It has earned itself a spot on the list of the best new cars of 2021. The magnificent car borrows few styling features from the company’s Model X SUV and Model S Sedan. However, it offers a unique interior with an all-glass top. 

If we talk about the performance, it has quick acceleration, and the chassis is frisky like the 2018 Tesla Model 3. What attracts electric vehicle buyers the most is the driving range rather than handling or speediness, and Tesla 3 won’t disappoint them in this regard. As per the EPA, the standard model offers a driving range of 263 miles while the premium models go up to 353/charge.

What’s special about Tesla 2021?

For the Model 3 vehicle, Tesla has introduced a collection of enhancements, including unique exterior elements, and reciprocated the vibrant chrome with black satin trim. The manufacturers added three latest wheel designs to give rolling stocks a new look and introduced a power-operated trunk lid. We are not done here. The advancements continue inside as well. The metal door-sill protectors possess the satin black trim to go with the exterior. The latest 2021’s Model 3 design has a center console that has been modified to provide room for two good-sized smartphone pads for charging. It has incorporated a magnet in the sun visor for varied angles. Furthermore, the graphite-colored seat adjustment controls and metal steering wheel witness finishing advancements in the Tesla Model 2021.

Above all, the upgraded driving range of the car is worth every penny. It gives 263 miles/charge for standard models and 353miles/charge for premium models. That means it has extended its range to 31 extra miles than the 2020 model.


The Tesla Model 3 of standard ranges comes at a starting price of $41,000, which is a great deal if your driving doesn’t include long distances. Moreover, it offers heated front seats and easy navigation features. However, if your driving involves long distances, a long-range model would be your best bet.

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Styling and Appearance

Altogether, the 2021 Tesla Model 3 is an impressively good-looking vehicle that offers advanced-level features along with a slightly evolved exterior. Next in line to the striking Model S, it is less evocative and fundamentally frumpier. For the appearance, the car earned 10 out of 6 for our review.

 Since Tesla cars are electric, the Model 3 does not include any grille on the front, and the temperature under stays cool. The sheeny arcs and slippery structure of the roofline tapers underlined by the car’s door handles add flush to the vehicle’s body. The elevated rear at a glance will make you feel like the Model 3 design is a Hatchback. However, it is a sedan with a small trunk lid.

Model 3 does not include conventional buttons, gears, and dials as far as the interior is concerned. You would be surprised to know that the car does not even bear a gauge cluster in front of the driving seat. In the front, all you will get is a steering wheel, dual toggles of the steering wheel, and a high-resolution 15-inch touchscreen that is horizontally oriented and rests in the middle of the dashboard. The car is decluttered to an extreme level, but those who do not admire Marie Kondo will find it quite bland.

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Performance

The Tesla Model 3 is indeed an actual sport sedan. With its ability to out-accelerate gasoline-powered sports sedan cars and out-perform most of them, the car earned 8 out of 10 for outstanding performance.

The Tesla Model 3 either comes with single motor or dual-motor versions. For 2021, the manufacturers blessed all the premium range models except the standard range with a dual motor drive setup. If we talk about the stability and traction of the car, you will be amazed to know that it’s fit for Drive in all four seasons. It perfectly deals with wet and slippery roads.

With its dual motor car, you can accelerate speed to 60 mph in just 3.1 secs for Long Range Performance Version as per the company claims. This speed makes it at the top of the list of cars being sold at the same price.  Even its Standard Plus Range offers that sprint in 5.3 seconds which is impressive for a single motor Tesla.

The Tesla model dual-motor makes the most of the traction features introduced in the Model 3 cars. Its outlandish acceleration is enough to draw you back in the seat. With 450 hp and 470 lb-ft torque as total output, you will enjoy a smooth ride.

The all-wheel Drive, Dual Motor Long Range Model, gives an output of 346 hp and 389 lb-ft. On the contrary, the Standard Range Plus Model that bears one electric motor gives 283 hp and  307 lb-ft output.

The secret to its outstanding performance is not just limited to acceleration. It has precise steering and high absorbing suspension tuning that enable the car to provide smooth driving and dampen the bumps. Those advancing from the gasoline model might take time to get used to Model 3’s braking system.

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Comfort & Quality

The Tesla Model 3’s interior offers generous, comfortable space for 5 people, but it is a bit stern and falls behind in the details.

Even though the 2021 model stands perfectly on all the basic requirements, there have been a few lapses in the quality and manufacturing encountered in the car. Those issues exceed the spacious and comfortable interior, landing us to give it a rating of 4 out of 10.

That being said, the Model 3 is commendable for its roomy cabin. Underneath the wide roofline and cab-forward style, you will get a lot of accommodation space without compromising the headroom you likely encounter in most sports sedans. While the 15 X cubic foot trunk is pretty spacious before you bend down the seats, there’s a lot to be dazzled by when you do.

The inside of the car is not just roomy but has a distinctive seating arrangement than other compact sedans. The 12-way power adjustable seats offer impressive support for long routes. With high cornering forces, you will experience smooth tackling in this sporty sedan. The seating is perfect for every passenger, including tall ones, given the sloping roofline. However, three 6 footers will find it congested.

 Quality is a setback when compared to the luxury gasoline models that come in the same price range. The trims, fabric including everything that comes in between, have felt under-detailed, and on top of that, the outside racket is prominent. But, with Tesla Model 3’s top not driving experience, you can bear these drawbacks.

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Safety

The Tesla 2021 model 3 possesses great safety features plus a complete ensemble of the latest technology.

For its top-notch safety features, the vehicle has earned 5 stars from the NHTSA. It also features a robust set of active features for safety concerns. In the occupant safety ratings, no specific concerns were found as well.

Overall, for safety features, the Tesla Model 3 got 9 out of 10. However, there’s room for advancement in the outward vision of parking and backing up.

Some of the safety features, such as lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking, come as standard with all the Tesla Model 3 versions. With the help of radar, cameras, and sensors, Autopilot allows the car to automatically steer and accelerate the brake for short intervals in the same line.

Tesla’s full self-driving feature, which is not entirely self-driving, now increases up to $10,000. If you take the suite for more advanced features for driver assistance, including on-ramp to off-ramp highway – a feature that will switch lanes automatically when needed, auto car parking, and auto car summoning into the parking lot, it will add up in the cost.

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Features

The Tesla 2021 model has a simple interface, but its perpetually expanding tech advancements keep the brand admirers satisfied.

For some drivers entering the Tesla, the series can be intimidating because of the uncluttered design of its cars and the exclusion of familiar buttons like the start button that requires time to get used to.

From the Tesla series, the Model 3 earned the highest points because it’s easy to learn. Moreover, for a bunch of strong standard features and a car warranty of 4 yr/50,000 miles which can be extended to 8 yr and 100,000 to 120,000 miles. Overall, the Tesla Model 3 scored 8 out of 10.

Tesla Model 3 reliability – which version should you buy?

For our review, the Tesla Model 3 2021 Standard Range Plus would be your best bet. You will get a High Range Performance model for $48,490, exclusive of $12,000 handling and delivery charges. The few features you will miss out on including rear heated seats, high-quality system audio, all-wheel Drive, and few other upgrades.

How much does a fully-loaded Tesla 3 cost?

If you are easy on the budget and want to add all the available features, including $10,000 of full self-driving features, it will cost you around $69,190.

 The 15.0-inch wide horizontal screen adds all the features that seem to be missing on the front, from diagnostic tools to audio features to climate. 

Its screen interface offers a flawless experience with a menu system’s flatness like IOS. You will be just a few clicks away from everything. Not just it takes voice commands from the driver but also responds to tablets and phones you will connect to it. However, it is not compatible with Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

Maybe, those features are on the way ultimately through over the air (OTA) updates.

Advanced Model 3 Review – Fuel Economy

Apart from its standout performance, the Tesla Model 3 secured 3rd rank for fuel efficiency in electric cars.

This model can go over 200 miles on a single charge, which makes it on the top of the list and score 10 out of 10. However, it has more to offer. The Model 3 cars have the largest battery capacity, due to which they offer more ranges than other models. 

The model 3 Standard Range Plus got an EPA rating of 263 miles range. While the Long Range versions, with dual motor layout, received a rating of 353 miles. The performance model t a rating of 315 miles of range.

The Standard Range Plus model retains the efficiency of 141 MPGe, which is considered the top-level efficiency on the market.

From 2019, the car’s range rating has been improved. On testing the car, it became evident that the Model 3 of Tesla is the only Electric Vehicle capable of crossing 250 miles at fast US highway speeds without switching off the climate control. Be mindful of the fact that the mileage will drop quicker in conditions like hard acceleration, extreme temperatures, and steep grades.

However, those few things cannot downgrade the car, especially in the presence of Tesla’s Supercharger network, which is the strength of the car and makes it stand out from other electric vehicles. On its V3 chargers, which are also the fastest ones, you can cover 170 miles in every 30 mins of charging.

Tesla Test Drive

Since Tesla doesn’t have traditional showrooms at many locations, most of the cards are available at the malls. This can get one thinking, how to get a Tesla test driver near me? Well, this is a major concern for most of the potential buyers as Tesla does not have a lot of cars available for test driving.

Surprisingly, Tesla does provide a chance to test drivers at its various locations. However, since they have very few cars available at every outlet, it gets challenging during the crowded days at the mall to get a chance to test drive.

If you don’t want to risk your test-driving chance, it will be best to call your local Tesla store and set an appointment with them before you go to the location. You can also Test Drive on walk-in on some non-traffic days at malls, but it would always be a risk you might not get the chance due to the unavailability of the cars or something. So, calling the store beforehand is the safest option. Also, you can sign up with time and wait for their response.

Some states in the United States don’t allow Tesla to provide Test drives due to some antiquated dealership laws. So, you must check your state’s laws before planning a test drive.

If you couldn’t find any test drive opportunity in your state, then another way is to check Tesla’s website for local test drive events, or you can check for Fan events like Drive Electric Week, where they provide an opportunity to Test Drive. In fact, some regional Electric Vehicle advocacy organizations are made for this purpose, like there’s one in Florida, USA.

Electric Vehicle Automakers tend to answer the queries of newbies. Their website can be a good source to obtain information. As far as test drive is concerned, you can ask anyone in your family who has a Tesla to let you have a test drive.

Tesla Model 3 Reliability

It has been a while since Tesla Model 3 is up for sale in the United States. Reportedly, it is a reliable vehicle but has received some complaints regarding quality, including large spaces between panels, shoddy paintwork, and badly fitted trim. As per the Media, the underlying cause of this issue could be Tesla’s lack of experience in mass production, unlike Mercedes. However, Tesla maintained its image in the market and has been rectifying issues under warranty that their customers come across. Overall, the Tesla 2021 Model 3 is considered their best built so far, and the new updates of 2021 have deflated some of the previously encountered issues.

In a customer satisfaction survey done in 2021, Tesla Model 3 secured 18th rank. That means it is one of the best cars to buy in the year 2021. Additionally, the brand secured 3rd position in overall performance in the current year’s poll. 

Is buying a used Model 3 Tesla a smart decision?

Since many used Model 3 Teslas have been starting to appear in the secondary market, it might seem like a great chance to enter the Electric Vehicle world for a lot of you. Several fan buyers must be thinking that used Tesla cars are fairly priced inexpensive based on how they start to depreciate that moment you take them out of a dealership.

But guess what? Tesla doesn’t have a lot of dealerships. So, this is the first sign indicating that Tesla is different from other vehicles and buying a used Tesla car isn’t in any way similar to buying a traditionally used sedan.

According to the 2021 data, the used Model 3 Tesla cars are priced close to the new ones. So, it would be best to get a brand new one, as the price difference is not as extensive.

Those who are restricted because of the short budget can consider buying a used one; Only if you can deal with a few things like lack of refinement and less smooth driving. Since EV cars depreciate at a much faster rate, this could be problematic. However, the extra battery weight makes the car more rooted to the road.

There’s another good option for buying a used Tesla Model 3 car. Look for certified used cars. The carmakers make the cars go through a rigorous series of inspections and then, based on their condition, determine whether to provide the vehicle with the certified pre-used title or not. If the car passes the inspection, necessary repairs take place and are finally made ready for sale.

Our take would be that buying a used Tesla car would be great if you are restricted because of your budget and don’t mind regularly charging the battery. But again, by buying a used car, you are forgoing your warranty and Tax credit privileges. Ultimately it is your call whether you should buy a used Electric vehicle or not.

Advanced Model 3 Review – Final Verdict

Compared to its EV competitors, Tesla cars indeed are the fastest, the most efficient, and the enjoyable ones with the least dependence on the haphazard charging system. Even its basic versions with only a single motor and sport acceleration give 235 bhp and shoot to 60mph – quicker than Jaguar F-Type.

The Tesla Model 3 represents the future that we were promised. It has everything that makes it a futuristic car, including a fresh take on the old designs and norms. While the exterior may not be very admiring, the interior is outstanding for those who love minimal instruments on the front.

Tesla Model 3 for sale began in 2017 and was awarded saloon of the year in 2019 and continued to progress till 2021. Indeed, to date, no EV has managed to beat the Tesla Model 3 in all aspects. While being a car with some drawbacks, it has earned its name for the most compelling and well-performing vehicles globally. 

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