CEO OF Tesla was charged with a lawsuit claiming that an employee faced “sexual harassment on a near-daily basis” from her former manager

Tesla has been sued with sexual harassment case the second time in a row in the US – news reported.

As per the victim, who works as a frontline worker in the Tesla California plant, her manager allegedly “hugged and massaged her and experienced continuous and pervasive sexual harassment.”

The victim who filed the lawsuit has been identified as Erica Cloud, an assembly line worker in the Tesla manufacturing plant.

The lawsuit alleges that Cloud faced “sexual harassment on a near-daily basis from her former manager.”

It also says the “manager would get on his knees and propose marriage as well as a hug and massage her” despite getting rejected multiple times.

In fact, the second lawsuit further says, last year, the manager told Cloud “on several occasions that she is ‘blackenese’ and he is big down there”.

On the incident, Cloud condemned the Tesla owner, Elon Musk “of failing to prevent a pattern of continuous and pervasive sexual harassment at its Fremont factory in California”.

The company is yet to make a statement on the second lawsuit.

Last month, another female employee filed a lawsuit against the company and had accused the automaker of neglecting the workplace and creating an unsafe work environment “where sexual harassment was rampant”.

As per the reports, Jessica Barraza who works as a production associate with Tesla model 3 filed the first sexual harassment lawsuit the previous month as “she was subjected to constant harassment at the Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, including catcalling and inappropriate physical touching”.

“After almost three years of experiencing all the harassment, it robs your sense of security — it almost dehumanises you,” she documented in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says, “rampant sexual harassment at Tesla,” claiming  “nightmarish conditions and a factory floor that more resembles a crude, archaic construction site or frat house than a cutting-edge company in the heart of the progressive San Francisco Bay area”.

Fremont is the plant where the incident happened. Also, it is the plant where Tesla manufactures Model X, Model S, and Model 3.

In October, Tesla owed $137 million to a former worker at the Fremont plant for facing racial harassment at the workplace.

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