Tesla at odds with safety: Malfunction in Forward Collision Warning & Touchscreen Video Games In Moving Cars

As Elon Musk tries to continue his “funny guy” bit on Twitter, Tesla cars are facing some serious issues concerning safety. On the one hand, the electronic vehicle manufacturer has received a record number of complaints regarding its forward collision warning feature. The feature involves the vehicle informing the driver regarding an oncoming collision incident via audio, visuals, and other several warning signs.

It is a safety measure so drivers can take time-effective measures to control the vehicle, but Tesla vehicles have been sending false forward-collision warnings followed by unexpected automatic emergency braking that in itself could create its own safety hazard. In November 2021 alone, 12000 Tesla vehicles were recalled for similar communication errors.

An NHTSA/ODI Database shows Tesla products having 7 times more complaints than its closest competitor on the chart. A satiric tweet, taking a dig at the EV manufacturer marketing itself as the leader in innovation and technology highlighted the data, saying, “Found another place where $TSLA is blowing away the competition! At this pace, they’re at least 5 years ahead. Way to go, @elonmusk! (source: NHTSA/ODI Database)”

On another hand, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is much lower on the reliability and quality scale than its 2021 Tesla Model 3 predecessor. YouTube user Legend17 takes us through a closer look at both vehicles, talking about the differences. At first glance, they do not seem too far apart, but at closer inspection, you can tell the features and where they start deteriorating.

Lastly, Tesla has the matter of touchscreen video games in moving cars to contend with. While Tesla is not the only luxury car manufacturer that introduced the video game feature in its products, it is the one refusing to recall it amidst safety concerns. Both Mercedes and Tesla vehicles introduced video games on the main touch screen in a moving car.

Mercedes however, issued a voluntary recall of the in-motion games after concerns were raised regarding the safety of not just the drivers but others on the road. Tesla, however, has not made any acknowledgments regarding the feature itself or its recall after the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contacted them regarding the dangers of the feature.

The intense amount of distraction that in-vehicle video games would present the driver, while the car is in motion poses many dangers. It goes against any and every previous vehicle safety rule in the U.S., i.e. no cellphone use, no overstuffing a vehicle with passengers. Even though close to 250 vehicles had the configuration issue that allowed drivers to use them for gaming while driving, Mercedes recalled them all, meanwhile Tesla continues to remain firm on the decision.

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