Tesla employee charged with co-worker’s murder happened outside the Fremont plant

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) – the Tesla shooting case involving two employees in the Fremont plant’s parking lot saw a new turn.

The defendant is currently being held in custody following being charged with the murder, on Thursday.

An autopsy for the victim has been scheduled for Thursday.

As per the information received, both co-workers were working on the day the murder took place.

The defendant, Anthony Solima, said he quit and was seen walking out. While the other worker completed his hours and headed to the parking lot after finishing his work around 2:20 pm.

A few minutes later, the sound of gunshots was heard from the place of the incident.

On reaching the area, people found Brasier lying dead on the ground while his car keys were still in his car door. He was brutally shot in the head from the back.

Fremont police department tracked Solima’s cell phone and car before and after the incident and found the evidence linked with the crime.

The officers followed him to Milpitas and caught him from a 7 Eleven store.

“Police found a ghost gun in the car — a short-barreled rifle with no serial number, a bullet and shell casings, which match evidence found at the crime scene” – abc7news reported.

“JUST IN: Tesla employee was shot and killed in parking lot following shift at Fremont factory Monday, @FremontPD says. PD says they arrested a co-worker who the victim had been arguing with earlier, and the suspect had ‘suddenly walked off the job” – Alameda County Coroner’s Officer said.

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