What you should know about Tesla CPO warranty facts

The Tesla CPO warranty provides a lot of benefits and very few negatives. On top of a generous new car warranty, it also provides you with substantial additional mileage and time coverage. Not only does it demonstrate Tesla’s commitment to its products but the quality and reliability as well. When you combine this with the fact that the company’s all-electric portfolio has fewer parts that will need replacement or repair in the future, it inspires confidence and reliability in potential purchasers and future drivers.

What does the Tesla CPO warranty entail?

The Tesla CPO warranty includes bumper-to-bumper coverage for all parts and labor. This warranty extends beyond the standard guarantees, which is eight-year and 100,000-mile coverage. However, with two exceptions, one for 125,000 miles and the other for 120,000 miles, further details are mentioned below.

CPO warranty covers all Tesla Models, including X, Model 3, and Model S automobiles. Moreover, the warranty includes powertrain and battery coverage as well – Tesla refers to the drivetrain as the “drive unit”. When you buy a CPO vehicle with a CPO warranty you will also get mileage coverage and original time, including 50,000 miles and 4 more years.

Tesla CPO Warranty Facts
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The guarantee applies to all parts that Tesla manufactures and installations in or onto its vehicles, as well as any parts that other manufactures may provide to Tesla during the vehicle’s production. The warranty’s goal is to address any issues with these components or mechanism quality or material.

Computers, electric windows, the grille, bumpers, and ball joints are among the elements included. The engine and other such items that transmit energy from the engine towards the wheels such as transmissions and axles are covered by the powertrain (drive unit) warranty. The batteries including all models are covered by the CPO bumper-to-bumper warranty. It covers pre-2015 car batteries for 125,000 miles or eight years and the Model 3 long-range battery for 8 years or 120,000 miles.

What the Tesla CPO warranty doesn’t include?

Tires, brakes, and windshield wipers are not covered by Tesla-certified pre-owned programs. Many brake parts and services, as well as tires, have warranties. Accidents, collisions, or items striking the vehicle are not covered by the guarantee. If the owner fails to fulfill maintenance or repairs that Tesla suggests when taking the vehicle to a Tesla authorized service center, or if they refuse to use fluids, components, or accessories that are specified in the owner’s manual, the warranty on the car’s parts and labor will be voided. Moreover, the warranty will not cover computer hardware or software that has been damaged as a result of the owner submitting data that contains malware, viruses, and flaws. It will also not cover the damage caused by poor towing and hauling techniques.

Tesla CPO
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Damages from fire, explosion, theft, or acts of God such as hail, floods, lightning, earthquakes, and damage from salt, tree sap, road chemicals, and other factors are not covered by the warranty. It will not cover destruction caused by driving on rough or under construction roads, curbs, and potholes nor does it cover the vehicle if the owner overloads it or uses it for racing or other activities for which It was not designed. Furthermore, if the owner utilizes the car as a source of power, it will not be covered by a warranty.

The positive facets of Tesla’s warranty

The Tesla CPO warranty has many advantages, and one of those is that it extends this already extensive guarantee. With it, you get an extra 50,000 miles and four years of the warranty plan. This would be in addition to a new car warranty, which covers eight years and 100,000 miles.

Although Tesla prefers that you have service performed by Tesla certified technicians or your warranty will go void. However, when you extend your warranty, you can choose any non-Tesla mechanic to replace parts or repairs, and the guarantee will still be valid. Moreover, technical assistance is also included, thus,  the warranty applies to any subsequent owner at no cost.

Positive facets of Tesla's Warranty
Source: Teslamotorclub

Whenever your car needs to be towed, car insurance will cover the first 500 miles of transport. If a rental wheel is present, the firm will fix it and haul you for free for up to 500 miles while under guarantee. A Used Vehicle Extended Limited Warranty, is frequently available to purchase, which includes cars that are even more than four years old and where they also have been acquired for over 50,000 kilometers. 

The drawbacks of Tesla’s cpo warranty

A CPO warranty is not available if the vehicle has more than 50,000 miles on it. Therefore, unless the car is older than 4 years, the guarantee is not valid.

The CPO warranty’s roadside assistance does not cover flat tires, and it only gives loaner wheels when available. It is indeed a significant disadvantage; as flat tire repair is among the most common reasons individuals seek out roadside assistance. If you have been hauled but the repairs are not covered by the CPO warranty, you will have to pay for the tow. If the car needs to be hauled over 500 miles for repairs, you will be responsible for the cost of transportation.

tesla cars
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The policy does not cover repairs of the vehicle if it makes unusual noises that are not caused by defective parts. To put it another way, if your car’s brakes squeal or you hear a strange voice coming from the engine compartment that is not caused by a broken part, you must pay for the maintenance.

Takeaway value

Compared to ICE cars or hybrids, Tesla’s electric cars feature much fewer moving parts and parts that require repairs and maintenance regularly. With an electric vehicle, you will not need spark plugs, alternator, or radiator, on the other hand, it offers a comprehensive warranty that covers additional mileage and time than most of the other big manufacturers. The warranty is now in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty and begins from the day you take possession, providing you with an additional 50,000 miles or coverage for 4 years. When you add in superb roadside support, the knowledge that the warranty may be transferred to another buyer, and the option of purchasing an extended warranty beyond the CPO warranty, you have a very appealing warranty package.

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