Tesla begins trading in Dogecoin on online store and denominates merchandise on its online shop

Tesla Inc, one of the top car manufacturers, is now accepting Dogecoin as the company displays its merchandise in Dogecoin on the online store.

“Tesla merch buyable with Dogecoin”, CEO Elon Musk, confirmed the currency’s acceptance via his Tweet.

The company’s website has begun displaying the “Lifestyle” section of its online store, like, CyberWhistle, Giga Texas Belt Buckle, and Cyberquad for Kids in DOGE prices.

According to the reports received, the Cyberquad for Kids was displaying 12020 DOGE, belt buckle 835 DOGE, and Cyberwhistle 300 DOGE. When the information of the DOGE coin acceptance was shared, it was trading at 5.9% more at $0.18.

Billy Markus, the co-creator of Dogecoin, noted Tesla’s new move in a recent Tweet that showed a screenshot of the website with product listing prices in Dogecoin. “Yo! it’s happening! Reads the Tweet.

Moreover, at the checkout page, on the website, when you click payment and filling, a QR code appears, which asks you if you want to opt for DOGE payment.

When the process begins, a 20 minutes countdown appears on the page. The buyers have to get done with the process within the time window or the DOGE amount expires.

Earlier, the rumors about the wide acceptance of the cryptocurrency boosted its price.

In December 2021, the CEO had said, “the company will make some merch buyable with Doge & see how it goes.”

At press time, the vehicles listed on the Tesla website continued to be listed in dollars as well as other items.

Chris Kline, the Bitcoin IRA’s co-founder, had already confirmed with his statement that Tesla would soon be accepting the meme cryptocurrency. “Elon Musk has been an advocate for the crypto community for many years. His latest announcement will usher in a new era of commerce and trailblaze a path for altcoins to expand their use case”, he said.

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