Take a look inside the NASCAR toolbox to know more about it

If you are a car racing lover and have been following various events, then you would realize that NASCAR holds a very special place among the car racing community. There’s no denying the fact that watching experts maneuver cars competing to win the race is somewhat exhilarating. Perhaps, this is the reason you would want to know more about NASCAR toolbox and what’s inside it.

I have been a car lover all my life and have followed or attended every major event happening across the world. My interest in race cars is such that I get down to every minor detail, read about it, and certainly love sharing my knowledge with others. In this article, I am going to help you visualize what’s inside a NASCAR toolbox and some other facts related to it – hoping to fuel your passion more.

What will be covered in this article?

It’s time to know everything about a NASCAR toolbox. In this article, we will provide you with complete information regarding NASCAR toolbox. We will also highlight the features that make it special.

The race car engineers and mechanics have much more to do than just to get a NASCAR vehicle ready for the race. There is a lot more effort behind the scenes that goes into making a racing fit enough to participate in the NASCAR event.


NASCAR is an acronym for “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.”  This auto racing is extremely popular in the United States of America. Some of the leading race car drivers participate in it. This organization holds three main types of races across America. These races are classified as series. And there are three series: The Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is very famous, and people usually associate NASCAR with this specific series.

NASCAR racing cars

All NASCAR Racing Cars are strong, four-door vehicles. These cars are different from Formula1 cars. Currently, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and Chevrolet Impala racing cars participate in these races. All these cars come with fenders covering their wheels.

The cars used for the Spring Cup Series are usually about 3,400 pounds. That’s lighter than an average American car that is usually about 40,000 pounds. On average, these cars have longer wheelbases, measuring about 110 inches. These cars usually have V8 engines of 358 cubic inches. These engines can produce up to 750 Hp force. With such powerful engines, the drivers get the advantage to push their cars to the limit, with speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour on race tracks. These cars go around a D-shaped track course with all left turns at two points.

Normal cars come with V6 engines and produce up to 190 horsepower. On the other hand, large SUVs come with 200 horsepower engines while small cars produce about 90 horsepower.

Maintaining these cars

The NASCAR race cars need to have frequent maintenance service. It takes highly skilled and experienced mechanics to repair these cars.

If you own a NASCAR, you must know about the tools and equipment that you may need for quick testing, servicing and maintenance jobs during a race.

This is where the NASCAR toolbox comes into play. It is custom made for NASCAR races.


A NASCAR TOOL BOX is not exactly a box. It’s a large and heavy locomotive. A special truck is needed to move around this toolbox.

The tool box is very organized. All the tools are placed in their specified space. There are many customized holders for different types of tools.

If you open the box, you will see a table space for work. The LED lights on the flip-flop lid light up the area of work, so that everything is visible during the wrenching process.

You will find spray cans on custom fabbed holders. They are used for cleaning purposes, lubricating purposes and for painting jobs.

Below the table-work-space are draws that contain measuring tools such as digital angle finders and rolls of strings that are used to check the alignment settings of the car. In other draws, you will find wheel spacers, coil springs, spark plugs and springs. All these tools are specially marked with details. They are tagged with MAC Tool brand.

There are even PVC pipe holders to hold different types of tools. You can also find small trays with color-coded tapes to indicate the specific purpose a tool is used for.

Besides, you will find some old-school metal shaping tools, including body hammers, slap hammers, dollies, teardrop mallet etc. There are also some vice-grips that mechanics use to adjust the car panel.

Moreover, each mechanic has his own separate section dedicated where he can keep his personal belongings, such as gloves, torch, etc.


A NASCAR toolbox is not an ordinary box. It’s a large locomotive that contains important tools for mechanics to work with. From digital angle finders to color-coded tapes and PVC pipe containers, you will find different types of tools in it.

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