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Suzuki cappuccino engine swap Is it a good alternate

Suzuki cappuccino engine swap: Is it a good alternate

Many people who desire a front-wheel-drive usually land on MX-5. However, they are unaware of what other alternate lies in the market. Instead of buying an expensive sports car, people with fewer savings can surely get themselves the pleasure of one through Suzuki Cappuccino. According to experts, this car is better than all mammoth TTs and old model Beetles.

To make it a stronger machine, people prefer Suzuki cappuccino engine swap. This tiny Japanese rocket can turn into a monster with little bit of modification. Many people are in favor of this car and they certainly believe that this vehicle deserves more appreciation than it receives.

In this article, we will try to understand how Suzuki Cappuccino is better than other sports cars in the same league and why you should purchase this vehicle.

5 reasons to buy a Suzuki Cappuccino

A 657cc turbocharged engine

Whenever we talk about strong engines and noise, Ford’s 1.0-liter unit engine system is suggested by many. However, the 660cc engine of Suzuki Cappuccino is never taken under consideration which also gives more or less the same pleasure. Due to Japanese downsizing, Suzuki Cappuccino lost its mark in the market, if it would still be produced, it would have taken over the market.

Massive 9,300 RPM

Suzuki Cappuccino’s cylinder and pistons go hand in hand. The 9,300 RPM shows how powerful an engine it is.  Moreover, it was not some inappropriate step taken by the Suzuki engineers. They made sure the quality of the engine is amazing and as per the liking of car lovers.

It weighs only 725 kg

Only the cars under the mark of 1000 kg are MX-5 and MR2. Well, Suzuki Cappuccino is even lesser than that. This little beast is only 725 Kg. Moreover, if you want to take your car on track for racing, you can detach the additional accessories from the car and make the car even more light to run fast.

A good alternate to MX-5

This car is front-engine and rear-wheel drive which makes the weight distribution firmer. Many people prefer MX-5, but the new shape and design of Suzuki Cappuccino captured the market.

An exclusive version

Suzuki Cappuccino did not keep itself restricted to the F6A engine, it rather developed over time. The Cappuccino moved to the K6A engine which was lighter than the previous one. The additional feature of three-speed transmission in this machine-made it more unique.

Moreover, the newer version was produced with fewer weighted wheels. Nowadays, you can purchase a Cappuccino in the price range of 3000-4000 Euros. However, MR2 MX-5 is far more expensive than this Japanese rocket. If you want to enjoy the luxury of a sports car, you can surely get your hands on Suzuki Cappuccino engine swap.

Engine swapped with Hayabusa

Having a turbocharged engine of 657cc is not a bad thing in a vehicle that is just 725 kg. It also produced 63 horsepower.

According to experts, many car owners weren’t still satisfied with the performance of the car and wanted to get the engine swapped with the Hayabusa engine. In the United Kingdom, the owner of Z-cars replaced the Suzuki Cappuccino’s engine with a powerful one.

The basic engine of the car was replaced with a k7 1.3 inline-four. To handle the power and boost it, pistons were upgraded. The increase in power took the horsepower to 380. Due to this improvement, the Suzuki Cappuccino engine swap was able to hit the top speed of 145 mph in just 6.6 seconds.


Instead of falling for a new model expensive sports car, you can get yourself the same pleasure and delight from Suzuki Cappuccino. Only the basic modification can make the car turn into a monster. This light-weighted vehicle has the option of engine swap which can make it even more powerful. So, get yourself a Cappuccino and drive at full pace.

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