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Top 10 luxury sports cars for tall people available in the market

Top 10 luxury sports cars for tall people available in the market

You might have trouble finding a sports car that fits you if you’re even a few inches taller than the average person. It is now feasible to find a vehicle that fulfills all of the boxes in terms of safety, reliability, and passenger space. However, there are many sports cars for tall people available in the market that can accommodate taller drivers and take a little effort. As well as a large number of models available on the internet and in the showrooms throughout the world. Moreover, some current automobiles are small with limited space for legroom and headroom. Tall people are the ones that suffer the most from this problem, which can ruin their overall driving experience and make their daily journey to work difficult.

However, the encouraging news is that there are many vehicles in the market that are designed specifically for long-legged drivers and their passengers. SUVs, hatchbacks, and premium vehicles that define the term “passenger space” are among the vehicles designed for large persons. More facts on these cars, as well as their many amazing characteristics, may be found in the list below. A sports cars for tall people address the primary challenge of having enough interior space to comfortably sit and drive.

The top 10 luxurious cars

1. Genesis G90 2019

Genesis is another top-notch vehicle on the list that many of the tall people would love to drive. Well, this is not just a car, this is an emotion. The Korean manufacturers have left no stone unturned during the production process of this beast. The sporty look of an elegant luxury sedan is surely going to boggle everyone’s mind. Well, not only the manufacturers have worked on its exterior, but the interior is also equipped with modern-day luxury features. Its 41.1-inch headspace and 46.3-inch legroom give ample space for a tall person to drive it comfortably while enjoying the relaxed drive.
Moreover, the manufacturers have made a deadly combination of a twin-turbo V6 engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission and adaptive control suspension for a confident and high-performing drive to let the world know the power of luxury.

2. BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Hatchback 2019

In comparison to the 5 series sedan, the 2019 BMW 6 Series GT combines luxury with comfort and offers additional legroom. This car is one of the greatest cars for tall people and fans of massive trunks, it also has an extra 2-inches of headroom. Up to 65 cubic feet of cargo can be transported, and the back seats can also be folded to provide more room for extra stuff. Luxurious seats in a variety of colors, along with an attractive ivory white that complements the dashboard, complete the spacious cabin. All models feature a 335-horsepower inline 6-cylinder engine and 19-inch alloy wheels. The 2019 GT offers a variety of entertainment options, including a 10.2-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, which enables users to access their favorite playlist of songs. A back camera, lane departure warning, and blind-spot warning are just some of the excellent safety features available. BMW offers a variety of add-on packages that enhance your driving experience. There are also heated leather seats and a heated steering wheel to keep you pleasantly warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

3. Chevrolet Colorado 2019

Off-road adventurers looking for a midsize truck with a turbo-diesel engine and 308 horsepower may consider the 2019 Colorado. For road tourists and daily commuters, comfort and connectivity are essential, and this model accommodates tall people with 45 inches of legroom and 41 inches of headroom. The built-in 4G LTE hotspot allows you to browse the internet and stay connected during your travel. Android users can connect their devices to the 7-inch touchscreen’s multimedia system, which includes Bluetooth streaming audio, to play music and receive incoming calls via the internet. Colorado can also be customized and different packages are available for individuals who require additional protection when on the road. Lane departure warning and forward accident alert are also available. The Chevrolet Colorado model also includes a heated steering wheel, heated seats, and a 6-way power driver seat for cold winter months.

4. Ford Expedition 2019

Without adding the 2019 Ford Expedition and its considerable legroom, cargo space, and seating capacity, this list would be incomplete. The spacious cabin includes a strong V-6 engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission that can carry up to 8 passengers. It’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of features, with tri-zone automatic air conditioning and incredibly comfy seats.  The flexible driver’s seat and steering wheel ensure that height is not a barrier. When concerned about cargo capacity, the Expedition is far from cheap, with a capacity of up to 20.9 cubic feet. When the third-row seats are folded down, you gain 75 cubic feet of storage space, allowing you to pack everything you need for your vacation or camping trip. All the above features are available in four-wheel-drive variants, as well as a terrain management system and much-needed backing assistance, which makes reversing with a trailer easier and safer. Heated front seats and 4G LTE internet connections are just a few of the other features that help make the ride more pleasant and enjoyable.

5. GMC Yukon

It is impossible for a car enthusiast to ever ignore GMC when they talk about luxury. This label has been one of the pioneers of the automobile industry and has been famous for manufacturing top-notched vehicles.

Recently, GMC produced a variant named Yukon to compete against the other SUVs available in the market. GMC was sensible enough to install various features such as – heated ventilated seats, wireless charging, and Boss Audio systems to capture the majority of the car lovers.

Moreover, the GMC Yukon is considered to have the roomiest interior when compared to its competitors. Due to this reason, specialists recommend it under the best cars for tall people.

6. Kia Optima

If you are searching for a family SUV, nothing can be better than the KIA Optima. According to car specialists, this vehicle is quite spacious. The back two-row seats have ample space to accommodate passengers and cargo easily.

Many people are motivated to purchase this vehicle because of the 10 years and 100,000 miles warranty. This takes an edge when compared to other vehicle brands.

Due to its immense interior space, Kia Optima is also recommended as the best cars for tall people.

7. 2018 Subaru Legacy

With a headroom of 40 inches and 42.9 inches legroom, Subaru has made its place for one of the ideal cars for tall people. With enough space and exquisite interiors and an infotainment system, the drive is the epitome of luxury and elegance.
The manufacturers have also given the choice if you want a 4-door sedan or a five-door station wagon. Moreover, the all-wheel drive is powered by a 4-cylinder engine, but you have a choice to upgrade it to a V6 engine for extra horsepower and acceleration.
All in all, this is not just a luxury vehicle,  but also a reliable machine that will go a long way with you. 

8. BMW x5


BMW is almost synonymous with luxury and lavishness in the automobile world. Well, if you are a long-legged individual and want a comfortable drive yet the one which you can flex, then BMWX5 is one of the best car for tall people options for you. 
When we talk about its interior and sporty exterior, no one can deny the fact that attention to detail was one of the main goals of the producers. As far as the performance is concerned, this drive is surely made to endure the toughest of challenges with Dynamic Damper Control and various types of suspensions including Adaptive M suspension and 2-axle air suspension.
Moreover, the technology is also topnotch in the car that provides you with modern-day infotainment systems and controls that you can operate from the comfort of your driver seat while making your ride more enjoyable.

9. Volvo XC90

More than sedans, people are now opting for SUVs. Well, SUVs are not only mere trucks today,  but a statement of class, luxury, and elegance. Volvo XC90 surely proves our previous statement with a top-notch exterior, powerful engine, and comfortable interior.
The beast is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, T6 engine,  which produces 316 horsepower turbo. Moreover, other features including safety, infotainment system, cargo space, and more are also Volvo’s flex to the world. Knowing the fact this is a huge SUV, we can comfortably list it down as the best car for tall people. If you are someone, who is very choosy about one’s purchase then this drive is ideal for you.

10. Toyota Highlander

Toyota is a manufacturer that everyone loves. Over the years it has proved its worth in the market with classy designs and durable vehicles. Yet another from Toyota is the Toyota Highlander. This SUV hybrid is surely going to take away your breath. From the front bumper to the rear and everything in between is foolproof proof of Toyota’s automobile intelligence.
With a headroom of 40.7 inches and a legroom of 44.2 inches, Toyota highlander welcomes tall people gracefully. The drivetrain is of high quality as well, especially the XSE with sport-tuned suspension and Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD.
All in all, this sporty SUV is surely going to upgrade your lifestyle and will be a valuable addition.


No one in this world would deny that they do not like sports cars. Well, even when people can afford it, there are other issues which become a hindrance for them such as their height. However, we have made it easier for you. Instead of searching for sports cars for tall people in the market, try to select one from the options mentioned above.

Let’s hope this article helps you find the right vehicle for yourself which can accommodate you perfectly and has the best driving experience.

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