Smart car for sale- Some buying tips you should know

‘Smart’ is a German automobile company, known for producing artificial intelligence (AI) powered cars. You can drive ‘Smart’ car yourself, or you can set the controls of the car in ‘automatic’ mode. This article presents a detailed account on the best smart car for sale available in the market.

The best Smart Cars in the market

These cars come with hybrid automatics and have manual transmission. They are different from traditional cars, therefore you must have thorough knowledge about the smart you want to buy. Let’s checkout some of the best ‘Smart’ cars you can opt for.

Smart Fortwo Cabriolet 2017

It’s a third-generation car of this brand. The electric version has a very good powertrain set-up. You can navigate through traffic with quite ease. The material used to manufacture the body of this car, is weather-resistant. If you want to take a U-turn on the road, with utmost ease, without any distractions.

This car is meant to provide with smooth driving experience. You will love to own this car. It comes with a 0.9-liter turbocharged engine, that produces 89 horse-power of energy, giving you a good thrust when needed. You must use a premium brand fuel for this particular car. As far as the car maintenance cost is concerned, it’s quite high.

Remember that this car is meant for smooth, luxurious and convenient driving experience.

The Smart ED (Electric Drive)

If you want to have a smooth driving experience, then the Smart ED car is just for you. This car provides you with a great take-off thrust. The car is eco-friendly, thanks to the emission-free machinery that boosts car’s mileage and engine’s performance. When you drive, you feel no jerks or stutters. When it comes to driving this car, it’s smooth, responsive and, fuel efficient.

This car does not have the gearbox/clutch issues previous models had. The gear shift is guaranteed to be easy and smooth. This is a good electric Smart car for sale right now.

The Smart ForTwo Cabrio 2017

The SmartForTwo Cabrio 2017, comes with all the standard features that are the hallmark of all the ‘Smart’ cars. You can drive this Smart car in tough terrains. It has an 898-cc engine for turbocharger that ensures great take-off experience. It can generate 89 horsepower force with a torque of 100 pounds per foot. Its transmission has a 6-speed dual action clutch system. You can cover 33 miles of distance, while consuming on gallon of premium fuel. It is available in the market for $24,000.

Things to watch out for

If you have decided to buy a Smart car, you must fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages that make the Smart car that brand it is. Do remember to thoroughly check the following components before making the final decision.

Check out the brake system well on the car. That’s where, you may find some major problems. Check if the brake system is affected by corrosion. Check if the driveshaft section is working properly. Watch out for the small cracks, and have them fixed.

You must also check the roof bars on the cabriolets, which may be affected by corrosion. Get the roof bars fixed.

Check out the gearbox. You might find it hard to control the gear. Just take the car for a spin and you will notice it. In auto mode it’s even harder to control the gearbox.

The heaters of the car can cause trouble. No matter what setting you select, the heaters usually produce a lot of hot air. It’s better to restart the car, to change the setting. This is usually temporary.

Check out for the fuel consumption. For a few miles, a Smart car may consume a lot of fuel. This is in contradiction to the claims that auto makers make – for Smart car being fuel-efficient – when selling a car.

Be careful with the back-window cleaning mechanism. The washing pipe system can go out of control and make the inside of the rear parts of the car, wet.

Many of these Smart cars can’t back-up properly. This is because of the clutches in the gearboxes tend to get stuck.


A Smart car is a small car for specific needs. Except for the third-generation Smart ForTwo Cabrio, the other two cars are not meant for rough and heavy driving. A Smart car is good choice, if you want have a safe and smooth driving experience.

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