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Discover the important signs of bad shock absorber

Your car’s shock absorber contributes majorly for you to avail yourself a smooth ride. Have you ever imagined that if your car’s shock absorbers are not functioning properly, would you be able to drive straight?

Well, with the help of shock absorbers the tires of your vehicle stay on the ground completely. Shock absorbers also collaborate with the car’s suspension and springs which are two other vital components of your vehicle.

Due to shocks being worn or in bad condition, your ride might turn into an uncomfortable one. Well, it could lead to crucial accidents too. In this article, you will get a complete insight into what shock absorbers are and how you can figure out that it’s high time to replace them.


What is a shock absorber?

A shock absorber controls the up/down motion of your vehicle. Usually, the term used by the masses is ‘shocks’ for the shock absorber. It is an essential part of the suspension to keep your vehicle intact and to let it move in the right direction.

There are no roads in the world that wouldn’t have bumps in it. To complement the springs of your car, properly functioning shock absorbers are necessary. Otherwise, whenever your car would hit a bump on the road, you would feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, the crucial process of dampening is also important in your car. To avoid the unwanted spring motion this method is applied, otherwise, you would lose the complete grip of your vehicle.

Top 6 bad shock absorber symptoms

Lack of maintenance can lead to your car shock absorbers deteriorating with the passing time. Sometimes, people are unable to figure out whether a shock absorber is not working in its supreme form. Due to these six symptoms, you would be able to discover that shock absorbers are not functioning decently.

Fluid Leakage

People don’t switch cars for a longer period as they feel comfortable in it or maybe because of some other reason. Do you realize that as the car gets old, the components of it will start collapsing too?

To protect the shock absorber’s body from leaking, they are sealed. However, with the passage of time and bumpy roads, most likely seals will lose their grip and shock absorbers would leak.

Due to a shortage of fluid, shock absorbers won’t be able to fulfill their purpose.


Vibrations while driving

To realize that your shock absorbers are not functioning properly, your car’s steering wheel would give you a signal.

The shock absorbers consist of valves and piston seals. If any one of them gets destroyed or worn with usage so there are higher chances that the flow of fluid would stop.

This way every time your car would hit a bump in the road, whether it’s small or big your car’s steering wheel would vibrate.

Brakes requiring more time to stop the car

Piston rod plays an integral role for your brakes to perform efficiently. However, if the length of the piston rod is not taken up fast so the breaks would react at a slower pace.

This means that the brakes aren’t working fine due to shock absorbers being faulty and less support. Yes, brakes won’t fail entirely but due to slow reaction, nightmare incidents can occur.


Uneven tire wear

When the car is not touching the surface evenly with both of its tires so the vehicle would not move in a smooth form and the driver would feel the bounces while driving.

Only the part of the tire which is constantly touching the road will be torn off, however, the remaining tire would be unused. The damage on the contacted area of a tire would depend on the speed and the frequency of bounce on the road.

Nothing is terrible other than changing tires after a short period as tires are a costly part of a vehicle. The contracted part will have extensive worn patches.

Shock absorber replacement cost

As soon you discover that your vehicle is not performing up to its full capacity due to these symptoms, so it’s high time to change your shock absorbers. It is encouraged everywhere, that shocks should be changed in pairs instead of replacing one with a new piece.

A pair of good shock absorbers would cost you somewhere around $240-580. Moreover, the labor cost attached to it would be around $150-300.

Well, people try to save these small amounts of money and keep on making rough use of their vehicles. Well, instead of incurring heavy losses shortly, try to replace the worn absorbers as soon as possible.



How hard is it to turn your vehicle in the direction you want? Well, this task could be carried out with ease with the help of the powerful steering wheel.

However, it is not so easy if the shock absorbers are not performing accurately. The load of the car is shifted on the opposite side in whatever direction you turn your car towards.

Most importantly, if you’re driving in wet weather so there are higher chances of an accident due to the worn shocks.


This is a frequent question raised by many individuals that ‘whether they could drive with bad shock absorbers?’ Yes, they can, but there are certain situations where the analysts prohibit the driving of the vehicle.

For example, the symptom of fluid leakage can prove to be very dangerous for your driving as because of lack of fluid you might lose your control or grip over the car.

Shock absorbers wouldn’t become worse overnight. It takes time for them to wear out, and that is the reason it becomes generally hard to know whether to replace them. However, if you figure out these symptoms arising, it is advised to change the shock absorbers immediately.

Your safety belongs to you so whenever you feel these indications, try to inspect your car entirely.

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