Which are the safest mini vans of the modern era?

Are you aware of the safety measures or tests minivans have to go through? Well, to maintain the safety of the passengers, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety run tests on the vehicles which have to be passed by the minivans in case of gaining access to travel.

Minivans are developed for comfort and safety, instead of sportiness. Previously, minivans did not have a great reputation in the market due to which the demand for these vehicles was also on the lower side. However, as modern culture progressed, the importance of the minivan has grown and people have started to trust its reliability.

The perfect blend of affordability, comfort, and utility has motivated many car lovers to invest in a minivan instead of purchasing a two or four-door car.

Well, minivans are compared to SUVs and sedans, but the popularity of minivans has overshadowed the demand for these vehicles.

This article will highlight the safest mini vans available in the market and how they are so reliable for their passengers.

Top safest mini vans of the modern era

The significance of SUVs and sedans has deteriorated in recent times. Minivans have replaced both of them and are considered to be the perfect family vehicle for all. Are you planning a family trip with your loved ones? Well, a minivan can accommodate your family and cargo with ease.

Let’s discuss the safest mini vans available in the market and how they are better than sedans and SUVs;

Kia Sedona – 2019

When this minivan came into the market, it was very tough for it to compete against the giants such as Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica; however, the redesign of the Kia Sedona in 2019 captured the major attention of the people interested in minivans.

Kia Sedona – 2019
Source: carsdirect

Sedona has been successful enough for knocking out its competitors in terms of technology. Features such as a 10.1-inch touchscreen, LED headlamps, and the electronic braking system has been the headlines for Kia Sedona.

Moreover, Kia has been sensible enough to design Sedona in a way that protects its passengers. During the test with NHTSA, Kia Sedona was successful enough to come out on the top. The adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, emergency braking, and blind-spot warning are the perfect features for keeping the passengers safe from any kind of mishaps.

If you are found distracted while driving the Kia Sedona, set an alarm. Well, that is something quite impressive from the manufacturing company.

Toyota Sienna 2019

Sienna has been known for its engine performance in the category of minivans. However, it’s been pretty long since the Toyota Sienna has seen any kind of update in the shape, design, and engine power. It is more or less like a sturdy family van.

Toyota Sienna 2019
Source: caranddrive

This vehicle comes with a 3.5-liter V6 engine which can easily produce up to 296 horsepower. That is quite huge for a family minivan, but can be useful under certain circumstances. Moreover, Toyota Sienna has been successful enough to compete against its rivals in the matter of fuel economy. This minivan can give around 22mpg.

One thing which distinguishes Toyota Sienna from its competitors is the feature of All-wheel drive. No minivans are providing this option. It would not have a significant impact on the fuel economy, even if you drive in AWD. Moreover, if you plan to drive on a rainy day or a wet surface, you can do it with ease without worrying about the minivan slipping.

Furthermore, the interior offers luxurious features for the driver and the passengers. You can find a bunch of USB ports, where you can connect and charge your smartphones. Other than these ports, a 6.1-inch screen is installed in the car for your entertainment.

Toyota Sienna is nowhere lacking in safety measures as it provides emergency braking, active lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and many other features.

Dodge Grand Caravan 2019

This variant completely disappeared from the market due to lack of demand and Dodge decided not to redesign this vehicle at all. However, after a complete decade, Dodge reproduced this model with a completely new design and added a strong value to it.

Dodge Grand Caravan 2019 usa
Source: carsdirect

The powerful V6 engine of the Dodge Caravan can produce up to 283 horsepower and the fuel economy of the minivan is quite impressive as well. The Dodge Grand Caravan can go for 20mpg on the busy roads and streets of the main cities.

It is quite nice if you want to accommodate your family and cargo with ease. However, the Grand Caravan received major backlash for the infotainment system of the minivan. The minivan is lacking in features that are quite common in every other minivan.

However, to contradict this factor, the ratings the Grand Caravan received from the NHTSA (four ratings) took the spotlight. According to experts, this minivan is quite safe and possesses complete safety measures for its passengers. For example, a basic backup camera, and excellent traction control.


The culture of the safest minivans is up and running. Rather than purchasing a four-door car or sedan. Choose the safest mini vans for your comfort from the above-mentioned list, for a family trip or accommodating passengers with ease

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