Rotiform wheels, one of the best wheels in the aftermarket

Rotiform is one of the leading wheel manufacturing companies in the world. All the Rotiform wheels are developed at the headquarters. The company is famous for developing excellent forged wheels from alloys and ceramics. Right from the concept drawing to ceramic finishing, every process is integrated and smooth.

In this article, we will inform you about the history of Rotiform wheels. We will also mention how Rotiform wheels are developed, and different types of wheels available for cars.

A brief introduction about Rotiform Wheels

Rotiform wheels are all manufactured in the United States of America. The company uses 6061,T6 Aluminum to develop wheels. The company also produces customized wheels, tailored specifically to match your car. The wheels are all engineered to meet international standards. Every Rotiform wheel is built not only for durability and perfect performance, but also considering the design of the car.

The Rotiform wheels are sold in Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, and other countries.  This alone speaks volumes about their quality and demand.

Generally, a Rotiform wheel can cost you around $230 to $300, depending on the style and material used and if they are specifically tailored. If you want to have an 18” or 23” diameter wheel, you have to pay around $1,200.

Some of the famous designs available include: SPF, WGR, ZMO, ZMO-M and ARO.

If you live in Canada, you don’t have to pay any charges for duty, shipping to get these wheels.

Apart from forged wheels, you can also get cast wheels from Rotiform. It’s the look of the wheels that sets the Rotiform wheels apart from its competitors.


Known for street wheels

The street wheels developed by Rotiform wheels are durable, high-quality, lightweight and come with a great finish. Each wheel is made from a single block of an aluminum alloy.

The company is now producing multi-piece wheels too and that is hitting the markets. If the wheel that you want for your car is not available, you can get a customized wheel, instead.

When was Rotiform founded

This company was founded in 2009 by Brian Henderson and Jason Whipple in California. Both men are aficionados who know everything about cars. But the company was bought by MHT. MHT owns six brands, thereby capitalizing on every single segment of the aftermarket. Some of the MHT-owned brands are Niche, BUD, FUEL, FOOSE and U.S. MAG. For MHT, the sole reason for buying Rotiform was to help them manage the orders they were getting at that time. Rotiform was bought just after six years of its inception.

The Rotiform wheels are actually one of the fastest growing aftermarket wheel brands.

Rotiform deals in forged wheels and cast wheels. The cast wheels are produced in China. They have fixed-piece and multi-piece line wheels.

If you want to buy a forged wheel or a cast wheel from Rotiform wheels, you must first take a test-drive. You should enquire about the durability tests,, and after sales service facility. You must also negotiate the price, if you want to have customized wheels for your car.

Rotiform wheels for different surfaces

In case you are in for off-road driving, these wheels might not be so adaptable. It also depends on which material they are made of.

Colors and styles available

These wheels come in many colors, including white, red, silver, gold, gunmetal, black and anthracite. As far as the style is concerned, they can come in five spokes, six spokes, flatface, mesh, multispokes and y spokes. Every year, the company comes up with new designs.


Since its inception in 2009, Rotiform has been producing wheels under the umbrella of MHT. You can get YouTube clips on Rotiform for more information. There are official Rotiform sites to checkout the latest designs and colors they have to offer. The dealers will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and will provide all the relevant information regarding the wheels you want to have.

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