5 Best Motor Oils For High Mileage Cars In 2020

best oil for high mileage cars

Are you looking for the best oil for your high mileage car? Well, in that case, you have come to the right place. We have gathered some very important pieces of information that you must know before you opt for any high mileage oil for your car. In this article, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions … Read more

Orange vs Green Coolant: Basics you need to know

orange vs green coolant

What is a Coolant? Before you dive into the debate of orange vs green coolant, it is important to understand what a coolant really is. Like any other machine, a car needs a system that will protect it from getting overheated. If you’re living in a colder region, however, your car will need something to keep its engine from freezing. … Read more

A Guide to check Battery Fluid Levels in your Car

check battery fluid level

If you are a car owner and you do not know how your car battery works, you might want to educate yourself. If you don’t like breaking your bank due to expensive maintenance costs and ending up at the mechanic every so often, you must know how to locate your car’s battery, inspect the battery’s fluid levels, and know when … Read more