What are the best passenger vans for a large family?

best passenger vans for large family

There are only a handful of manufacturers who produce the best passenger van for large families. Many people find the seven or eight-seater SUVs as a perfect vehicle in terms of space and traveling to other places with ease. However, some of the road trips or adventures might be incomplete in a three-row SUV or minivan. In such scenarios, only … Read more

What are the different types of jack stands? Which one is the best jack stand?

best jack stands

Many car owners and mechanics firmly rely on scissors and floor jacks. However, in some situations, these components have failed to result in drastic and unfortunate events. Instead of investing in unreliable sources, try to look for the best jack stands. One way to go about is reading jack stand reviews online and finding the one that suits your needs. … Read more

A list of the most reliable diesel engines recommended by Car Expert Group

most reliable diesel engine

Not so long ago, diesel engines were used in aircraft, warships, and trains until they became standard in common heavy-duty vehicles. Rudolf Diesel developed this engine, which was mostly used in the shipping industry, in the late nineteenth century. When gas prices hit the roof in the 1970s, diesel engines became ever more popular. To tackle the rising gasoline costs, … Read more

8 best synthetic oil for your car’s engine

best synthetic oil

To keep the car running in its supreme form, it is essential to maintain your vehicle’s engine with the best synthetic oil.  To outperform other cars and to produce a valuable mileage in both; low and high temperatures, you need to have the best oil for the engine. Synthetic oils have always been compared to the conventional oils available in … Read more

Five Duramax oil for heavy vehicles

Duramax oil

Buying powerful beasts like Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, or other such pickup trucks is no less than a hassle as they require a lot of research and testing. It is important to be sure about what you are buying and be very diligent about every single detail. An important item on the list is the ideal engine oil required by … Read more

What is the difference between a Honda CRV and HRV? Choose your favorite

what is the difference between a honda crv and hrv

Honda CRV and HRV are found as the popular SUVs in North America. However, choosing between a midsize or compact crossover might become a difficult task for you. The similarity of price and size between the models from the same brand might confuse you whether what to choose. Moreover, the confusion might lead to a drastic decision. Sometimes, people are … Read more

The 7 best wideband gauge review 2021

wideband gauge

When you tune your high-performance engine, it is likely impossible to do it without your most reliable tool – a wideband gauge. A wideband gauge measures the oxygen content in your exhaust system via its oxygen sensors and displays the level of the engine’s performance, whether it is working fine or not. The unit measures and shows you air-fuel ratios … Read more

Best automotive sound deadening insulation to enhance your driving experience

best automotive sound deadening insulation

It doesn’t matter how loud the audio system of your car is, you might get distracted by the clanking noises created by your vehicle. It is a clear indication that it’s high time for you to install the best automotive sound deadening insulation. Outside of your home, cars are the second place where you spend the majority of your time. … Read more