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Reputable extended car warranty companies Get to know the best

Reputable extended car warranty companies | Get to know the best

There are four highly reputable best extended car warranty companies that provide very good extended auto coverage. We will discuss them separately and try to determine what car company has the best warranty. We first discuss generally what are warranties and what are extended car warranties.

When you buy a car, the manufacturer provides you with a best car warranty. The warranty will state for how long the manufacturer will keep repairing the car when something goes wrong. The warranty will also detail how frequently regular checks on the car will be performed and what services can be availed in case the car chooks out on the road. Usually, a warranty is good for 3 years or for a duration of about 36,000 miles of driving. Now this depends, if you have driven your car intensively for, let’s say, 2 years and have passed the 36,000-mile mark, then the warranty would no longer be valid.

This is where companies other than the manufacturers, step in. These companies are ready to provide a new warranty for your car to deal with any repair expenses you might suddenly have. They provide different services to make life easier and help you with repairs when your car suddenly breaks down.

All these companies have a number of plans that you can select from as per your budget. These payment plans are either fixed or flexible plans. In flexible plans, you can have specific changes made according to your wishes, but that is going to cost you more. You get a choice – from the least expensive plan that deals with only the essential repairs to be done for the car to expensive plans that covers repairs for any part of the car. These kind of warranties are known as extended car warranties.

Now that you are aware of the definitions of car warranty and extended car warranty, let’s talk about the most reputable best extended car warranty companies out there that can satisfy your needs and wants.

The best four in the extended car warranty business.

These companies are not only reliable but provide quality services as they claim. These companies all have a high rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Each one of them is among the best-extended auto warranty companies in the country.

Go for Protect my car extended car warranty deals

This company was founded in 2005. Its head office is located in Saint Petersburg. This company provides extended car warranties with very flexible conditions but has a rather long payment term of 36 months to 60 months. Not many auto warranty companies have such a long monthly payment term that you can sign up to. But Protect My Car is very famous among car owners due to incredible services they provide.

Like other extended car warranty companies, Protect My Car also offers a full refund in 30 days in case you don’t wish to continue. This would automatically lead to the cancellation of the warranty terms. Out and out, this is one of the best-extended auto warranty companies in this pack.

There are customers who are not satisfied and say that when they submitted their claims for reimbursements, the company had chosen to not honor them. It is strongly advised to thoroughly read to see what service you will get and how that service will be rendered. Also carefully include what service you would want or clearly see what is excluded in any warranty. This approach is good to follow when buying any best extended car warranty from any company.

The three levels of coverage in a Protect My Car warranty


This warranty is very similar to the manufacturer’s warranty. You might just want that same coverage for your car for a longer time. If you have no plans to sell your car and just want best car warranty, then this is the coverage you should go for. You get comprehensive, powertrain, corrosion, maintenance, and assistance coverage in this warranty.


This will only give you a bump to bump coverage. The internal components are not covered in this warranty. It is sometimes referred to as a comprehensive coverage deal. This deal is for cars that have been driven for about 50,000 miles.


If your car is anywhere from 4 to 10 years old and has been driven for about 80,000 miles, then this coverage is for you. A lot of features of Supreme and Select is given with this warranty, but any type of navigation instrument or system (like a turbo charger or the front and rear suspensions) are not covered in the warranty.

For further details, contact the company and ask about the plan you are interested in to save time.

Go for CarShield

Among the most reputable extended car warranty companies, CarShield is the most popular. There are some customers who have complains with this company. However, the ratio of complains are only 0.2%, taking into account the fact that 500,000 contracts had been sold by the company. This only shows that customers must understand their warranties more thoroughly. It’s not the company’s fault, if you are not following the terms and conditions to the letter.

CarSheild gives you 6 different coverages

You have got 6 coverage plans to select from for a warranty from this company. So check them out.

The Diamond coverage

This plan gives you the coverage level that is similar to the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Platinum coverage

This coverage is for cars with a lot of mileage on the odometer.

The Gold coverage

It is ideal if your car needs various minor and major repairs. It covers the powertrain, A/C, water pump, starter and more.

The Silver coverage

The most basic coverage of all. This coverage really only deals with the powertrain parts.

The HiTech coverage

This is for vehicle with a lot of electronic gadgets in them. The coverage deals with any engine controlling sections, any type of alternator, the navigating electronic system or any electronic component that protects the engine control module.

CarShield gives its customers many benefits like roadside assistance, whenever needed along with reimbursements for rental car expenses, towing services, low deductibles and payment to claims made by mechanic shops.

We now come to CARCHEX

CARCHEX is a well trusted and old player in this business. CARCHEX has been in the market for about 21 years and is known for providing extended car warranties. The company has an A plus rating by (BBB) with recognitions from many famous brands such as Edmunds.com and CARFAX.

CARCHEX will accommodate anything you would want in your extended car warranty. After a thorough check of all the terms, conditions and details agreed upon specified in the contract, you can just rest assured that you are in safe hands now. You will be getting one of the best extended car warranty that is available in the market.

This is the best & most famous of all “ENDURANCE”

Of all the most reputable extended car warranty companies, Endurance will do everything all the others can do and perhaps more. Endurance is known to be backed by an A rated insurance company. Their services in times of crisis is absolutely guaranteed. This company is a giant in this field, and it will use all its muscles to protect you and your interests. Rest assured, you will get the best car extended warranty from Endurance. You will be protected exactly the way you want. And there is nothing much more to say other that Endurance can deal with anything. Go for Endurance, but it’s up to you.


The best companies are those that honor their guarantees and contracts. Their services are always unquestionable. They are recognized by other famous brands, manufacturers, celebrities and famous websites. This seals their name and class as the best.

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