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Repair Cracked Windshield with Salt, Glue, or Nail Polish - 3 Easy Fixes

Repair Cracked Windshield with Salt, Glue, or Nail Polish – 3 Easy Fixes

What if a little chip or crack appeared in your windshield but you didn’t feel like shelling out for a full windshield replacement? All of us have the right equipment at home to repair it ourselves.

For those times when you don’t have the money to pay a professional to fix your windshield, there are many DIY options that will save you the time and aggravation of dealing with a repair shop.

This step-by-step guide to repairing a cracked windshield with Salt, glue, or nail polish is quite effective to maintain social distance and remain at home at a time like this when individuals are restricting their interaction with others.

Remember that this is a short-term fix. Eventually, you’ll need to take your car to a mechanic or get a repair kit from an auto shop to have it fixed properly. Short-term fixes like using household items to repair a broken windshield are useful in the interim and might spare more time for you.

1. Using Clear Nail Polish

A little chip or crack in your windshield may be quickly repaired using clear nail polish if you know-how. You will save a lot of money by utilizing this commonly used home product which we believe is readily available at everyone’s home. There is nothing else you need except a bottle of this and a nail polish brush.

Why clear nail polish? Using a common home material like this is a simple and inexpensive solution to repair the damage and prevent it from spreading. It’s just a temporary fix, but it’ll get the job done!

This fix is simple and fast to do! To begin, park your automobile in a shady spot, preferably in your garage, if you have one. This will ensure that the polish doesn’t dry too quickly. The next step is to thoroughly wipe the windshield and make sure there is no dirt near the impact spot or anyplace on the windshield. Then, using a brush and a sufficient amount of clear nail polish, paint over the whole fissure. You also need to ensure that the polish is applied uniformly on the impact spot.

Get clear polish and apply it evenly to the windshield region to fill in the deeper crack. Make sure to feel the ends of the crack a bit more than the rest of the contact site as you’re doing this. This will temporarily halt the progression of the fracture. It’s time to take your automobile back into the sun so the crack has a chance to cure and seal.

2. Grab Your Krazy Glue

This is a similar approach to the first. Apply the Krazy glue on the windshield in a well-ventilated area.

Even though the processes are identical, you’ll need a few more things if you opt to use Krazy glue to fix your windshield:

  • To open the glue, you will need scissors
  • Krazy glue
  • Glue Remover
  • Cotton Swabs

Open the Krazy glue using a scissor and make sure you don’t get the Krazy glue on your hands once all of these objects are in your possession. It is exceedingly difficult to remove super glue. Simply dab on the adhesive with your cotton swab and gently distribute it to fill in the voids. Use a second cotton swab to remove any excess adhesive that might have been left behind once this step is complete. Allow the glue to cure for a few hours before using the glue remover to remove any dried glue residue as the last step.

2. Make Your Own Mix

While clear nail polish and Krazy glue are easy solutions to a broken windshield, we’ve got one more technique in the bag in case those aren’t an option.

How to repair a cracked windshield with Salt? You’ll need the following items to make your own mix:

  • Salt
  • Water
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Sponge
  • Bug Repellent

While it may take a bit longer, this method will work to repair a broken windshield just as well. Mix 1 tbsp of salt, ½ cup of water, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1 teaspoon of any bug repellent. Once all of the ingredients are in the bowl, stir until the salt has been completely dissolved. Take your sponge and immerse it in the solution when it’s ready. Apply the damp sponge to the crack. After you’ve completed this procedure, let the crack dry for around two to three hours before applying the sealant. After a few hours, if you can still see the crack, take your sponge and do the process again. It may take a few tries to fix the damage. Make sure the crack is completely gone by repeating these procedures.

Final Words

These are all low-cost and easy techniques. In addition, you may repair your windshield without ever having to come into touch with another person. The pandemic has made many individuals reluctant to leave their houses unless absolutely necessary. While these DIY home solutions may temporarily stop a fracture from expanding, they should not rely upon long-term. To get a long-term remedy, take your vehicle to your local Auto Repair Shop.

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