The 2023 SV Ultra-Luxury Model will have several customization features – Range Rover gives a sneak-peek into its new car

Range Rover released details on SV Ultra-Luxury Model, saying that the 2023 release will feature several interiors and exterior trim customization possibilities.

If you are worried about your SV Ultra-Luxury Range Rover resembling your neighbor’s old model too closely, rest assured because the upcoming 2023 model with its range-topping SV trim level will stand out from all the previous models.

With new possibilities for customization, the manufacturers will make their 1.6 million configuration claim possible.

The order placement for the 2023 Range Rover will begin in the first quarter of 2022, with numerous customization features to configure it on your own.

For starters, the SV Ultra-Luxury Model coming 2023 will feature a different design for bumpers and front grille than HSE, SE, and Autobiography versions, as well as a unique ceramic-based SV badge. You will have seven distinctive wheel options and fourteen colors along with a standard palette.

You can also opt for the custom paint option for an extra charge.

On the inside, you can have your choice of leather upholsteries besides a special fabric choice. The shift and knobs inside the car cabin are ceramic made. However, wood veneer options are also available. Moreover, you will have to choose between Intrepid and Serenity for interior themes. The long-wheelbase car model will have an extra four-seat option, a folding table, and a refrigerator.

The SV Ultra-Luxury Model will come standard with a twin-turbo 523-horsepower, 4.4-liter V8 engine sourced from BMW.

The price for the upcoming beast has yet to be announced. However, it could land somewhere around $200,000 before customization. Mark your calendars because the order placement will begin in 2022.

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