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Porsche Team SSR Performance will compete in the DTM Entry for Two Cars in 2022

Porsche Team SSR Performance will compete in the DTM Entry for Two Cars in 2022

A wildcard entry was made by the Munich-based team at the Nürburgring this year with the first-ever Porsche in the series.

Michael Ammermüller, GT Master Champion, passed the qualifying round in the second row. This qualifying was supported by the strong performance he showed in two races. SSR performance made the DTM season complete next year with these pairs of cars.

The driver lineup has not been announced yet. But the Porsche for the SSR performance will have the No. 92 and No. 94 accordingly.

Managing Director SSR Performance Stefan Schlund said,

“It’s very important for our young company to start DTM. As a result, it was especially important to have two cars on the grid to ensure a competitive lineup.”

“I think the next few weeks and months will be very exciting. Portimao still has a lot of work to do before the season begins, but we like the challenge.”

Not only this but according to what the experts expect, around six full-season manufacturers will be included in the second season of DTM. These include Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and BMW as the four main German manufacturers.

According to the expectations, Abt Sportsline will represent Audi as Abt Sportsline has already made its decisions on Kelvin van der Linde, its 24-hour winner will continue the 2022 championship to get another title.

Mercedes cars with their bumper lineup are expected again, and for this, two cars have been announced to participate in the championship by GruppeM for the new season. As far as the BMW team is concerned, the manufacturers have not committed to participate in the DTM season next year. But the intense testing and the racing programs executed in 2021 have raised the demands for the Bavarian M4 GT3 Brand.

On the other hand, an Italian sports car brand – Lamborghini has announced the factory support in the Grasser Racing. Introducing 4 Huracan GT3s in the racing field for next year’s DTM. With this, all existing racing programs will come to an end.

Managing Director ITR, Benedikt Bohme said,

“Entry from the 2022 DTM team is being developed in a very fun way.” “Next year we are on a good path to experience an even more exciting season. Porsche is a legendary sports car brand and SSR performance is already shining with a notable title as a young team. Raises the level of competition in DTM and enhances the appeal of fans. “

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