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Polarized Driving Glasses- Explained

Polarized Driving Glasses- Explained

Driving at night is generally hazardous for young drivers. Women drivers and elderly drivers are no exception as well. The article will introduce you to polarized driving glasses that can significantly reduce the possibility of accidents and afford a driver a much more stress-free driving at night.

At dusk and night-time driving dangers

Let’s discuss dusk time and night time driving issues, and the factors that could disturb or distract drivers. Driving at night is dangerous because it is difficult to estimate the distances between cars and other cars or objects; leading to accidents as the light gets dim.

This makes many drivers uncomfortable. Some drivers get disorientated at some point during night time driving. The glaring lights often tend to make it difficult for a driver to see and determine distances between other vehicles.

Any impairment of vision can lead to an accident at any time, causing you and other drivers, mild to severe level injuries. More importantly, any negligence from the driver can lead to his or another individual’s untimely death.

How to counter night time driving hazards?

In order to drive safely during the night time, the driver must ensure that the car’s headlights, back lights, and indicators are all functioning properly, to help other drivers clearly check the distance and maintain the required speed on the road.

Any malfunction can cause an accident for which you could be held responsible. The car’s horn must be loud enough according to the regulations of the state and your car should have reflectors on the sides, in the front, and at the back, especially if it’s a mandatory requirement by the state.

Night driving glasses

Drivers can use night driving glasses while driving. The yellow AR coated driving glasses tend to reflect vertically polarized lights. Although the Yellow-tinted night glasses are in common use, they are not necessarily a very good solution for all the driver’s needs.

Polarized driving glasses

These glasses are different to yellow driving glasses. Yellow driving glasses are AR(anti-reflective) coated to reduce the glare.

Polarized driving glasses tend to reflect any type of glaring light. It is mostly reflected upwards. These types of glasses also stop glare that is reflected off any object, water, the snow that would cause you eye trouble.

Unlike the yellow tinted AR coated driving glasses, polarized driving glasses have the lenses made to stop horizontal light, thereby minimizing the chances of light damaging the eyes directly.

A short note on vertical and horizontal lights

Light moves in groups of photon particles, and they move in waves. Vertical light travels in a perpendicular motion. Meanwhile horizontal light travels in to-and-motion. Polarized lenses block these horizontal light waves but the vertical light waves easily pass through, like passing through a vertical slit.

There are many polarized driving glasses available in the market. But before you opt to purchase a pair of driving glasses, check out thoroughly, and buy from an authorized seller.


As mentioned above, driving at night is dangerous. Drivers must take precautionary, safety measures before they decide to take out their cars in the dark. Polarized driving glasses might be expensive, but they are worth the investment and will be good not only for driving in the night but good for your eyes as they will stop any type of harmful glare.

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