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Top 6 best Pittsburgh tools review by Car Expert Group

Top 6 best Pittsburgh tools review by Car Expert Group

Experimenting with your car gets quite simpler if you have the required tool kit with you. The finer the tool quality, the finer the performance. But there is one issue – they are a bit pricey.

We have come up with the Pittsburgh tools review to assist you in finding the finest set of mechanical tools for the work. However, they may differ in price. To make the right choice, keep on reading the list of our topmost choices for this Pittsburgh tools review.

STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set by Stanley

Many are aware of the tool brand “Stanley.” Many know Stanley for home improvement tools rather than for automotive toolkits.

The company has invested in its struggle to formulate a well-adjusted set of mechanic tools. There are around 210 components in the toolkit overall, including common universal screwdriver and socket wrench sets. Moreover, a six-inch adaptable wrench, a set of pliers, and an effective knife are also included.


Weight: 20.3 lbs

Model: STMT73795

Brand: Stanley

Key features

  • Amazing tool range
  • Forged chrome vanadium tools
  • Corrosion control with a polished chrome finish
  • Storage case


You can get your hands on this toolset for $73.99.

CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set by Crescent

Crescent has been a tool manufacturer for more than100 years, and not many companies sustain for such a long time without loyal customers. Moreover, innovation and assessment over the years helped Crescent, played a part in keeping up with the quality.

If you have used the CTK170CMP2 Mechanic Tool Set by Crescent, then you must have checked the 2 at the model number ends. This is an upgraded model of a previous product. And same as the Die Hard 2 and Godfather Part 2, it has become the original, sustains the finest bits, and imparts boosted quality.


Weight: 20 lbs

Model: CTK170CMP2

Brand: Crescent

Key features

  • Metric and SAE tools
  • Excellent variants of tools
  • A good storage box


Buy CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set by Crescent for $124.99.

DWMT81534205 Piece Mechanics Set by DeWALT

DWMT81534205 Piece Mechanics Set by DeWALT is quite an impressive tool kit to have. While DeWALT is considered to be a famous manufacturer of good-quality tools, they have continued their legacy with this mechanical toolset.  After looking at the mechanic set, it can be analyzed that they have taken out the unwanted tools and filled the set with essential quality tools – you won’t find any hammer and pliers here though.


Weight: 26.5 lbs

Model: DMWT81534

Brand: DeWalt

Key features

  • Quality tools of DeWALT
  • Durable and tough storage case
  • Tremendous 72 Tooth Ratchet


You can buy these toolsets by DeWALT for $99.00.

230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set by Craftsman

This is one of the best toolsets in this Pittsburgh tools review. For all the mechanics out there, getting this toolset is just equivalent to hitting a jackpot. This ratchet set comprises some additional tools that you can utilize easily.

Moreover, these tools are formulated with quite a durable alloy steel and have been provided a silver finish for corrosion-resistant protection.


Weight: 20.3 lbs

Model: 50230

Brand: Craftsman  

Key features

  • 40 piece set of all-rounder screwdriver
  • Three ratchets
  • Silver-finished alloy steel construction
  • Socket set with 116 piece


The 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set by Craftsman is available for $145.70.

450 Piece Mechanics Tool Set by Craftsman

This one is quite a big toolkit from Craftsman manufacturer, setting around 450 items in a well-structured case. Besides the number of items, nevertheless, it’s not a very all-inclusive kit as many tools are missing such as pliers.

However, you will find a socket head collection and a range of vital tools that will be enough for you to get the work done perfectly.


Weight: approx. 35 lbs

Brand: Craftsmen

Key features

  • Total Allen key kit
  • Kit of 450 pieces
  • Convenient storage case
  • Great variants of socket heads and drill bits


Add 450 Piece Mechanics Tool Set by Craftsman to your car maintenance kit for $249.99.

408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set by WORKPRO

This toolset by WORKPRO showcases around 408 pieces. Just like a bonus, it is also available with a feasible repair hand tool kit of 322 pieces. If you require a certain tool, there is a probability that you will find it in these toolkits.

The 408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set is kept in a weighty metal box of 3 drawers, and the hand tool kit displays itself in a gentle carrying bag. They are formulated with durable and strong chrome vanadium for a prolonged period.


Model: W009044A


Key features

  • Includes Hammers, Pliers, and Screwdrivers
  • Greater pick of tools
  • Long term guarantee
  • Available with bonus hand tool kit


You can buy a 408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set by WORKPRO for $349.49.

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