Pay per mile car insurance: Is it a good choice?

Whenever you wish to purchase a vehicle, do proper aftermath for it as well. There are several costs attached to the car other than regular maintenance. So, ask yourself ‘Are you willing to pay them or not?’

In today’s world, auto insurance has become quite common. The rates of auto insurance might vary in every state of the United States, but as a car owner, you cannot escape or run away from it. It is liable to you; otherwise, you have to bear the consequences.

According to specialists, every car owner is approximately paying around $1500 for auto insurance every year. Well, that is some proportion of your income. If you are lucky enough, you might be residing in a state where the car insurance is not that much.

On the other hand, the introduction of pay per mile car insurance is proving to be somewhat beneficial for all car lovers and owners. According to experts, the premium charged for this insurance is relatively cheaper when compared to other auto insurance of the states. You would only be charged for the miles you drive in a year. Isn’t that cool? That might save a good number of bucks for you.

This article will highlight how the pay per mile car insurance works, is it a good choice, and what major companies are offering it.

How does the pay per mile car insurance work?

When compared to other automobile insurances in the United States, pay per mile car insurance works in another way. The usual auto insurance is using factors such as – vehicle type, age, and location to determine the exact amount of insurance to be charged. Well, that does not happen in pay per mile car insurance.

Usually, a pay per mile car insurance is charged on a fixed basis, or a per-mile rate. The fixed base rate is decided upon the age, vehicle type, and location. This would approximately cost you around $15 – 20. However, the per-mile rate is charged in another way. A device is connected to your vehicle, which certainly notes all the tiny miles you cover in your car, and based on that, your car insurance is charged.

All the miles you cover in a day, week, or year will be captured in that specific device. The monitoring device will be reporting the miles covered to the in-charged insurance company. According to experts, the rate per mile is quite less. It is nearly around 4 cents per mile. Well, that is saving a good cost for you.

Why should you pay insurance for a parked car? Well, that is the benefit of the pay per mile car insurance. When you drive, you pay the insurance; otherwise, you are safe from that expense.

Is pay per mile car insurance a good choice?

According to the survey, Americans drive up to 12,000 miles at least in a year. Many humans are driving quite less than the national average, so in this scenario opting for a pay per mile car insurance would not be an appropriate choice.

Moreover, you might be someone who is hitting 1000 miles every month. Well, this insurance might not be the ideal choice for you as your per mile cost becomes a greater amount at the end of every month. However, there are many car drivers, who don’t ride for 1000 miles and are being charged for it, so pay per mile car insurance works for them.

This is the list of drivers who can save a lot while driving around during the month;

  • People who are working from home instead of offices
  • Retired people
  • People who use their cars only on Sundays for traveling
  • College students

What are the best companies providing pay per mile car insurance?

There is no doubt in saying that surely pay per mile car insurance is saving you some bucks. However, this car insurance is not available or applicable in every state of the United States. The policies related to the pay per mile car insurance are restricted to only a few states.

Let’s discuss the best companies who are providing this insurance plan for your comfort;


The Metromile Pulse is quite famous and significant for this car insurance plan. This application is used to track all the miles you have covered in your car and give the exact reading. The additional feature of covering the collision cost, uninsured motorist, and liability is what makes Metromile a choice for many.

Allstate Milewise

This insurance company is considered to be the best in the United States. The Allstate Milewise is famous for charging day-to-day mile reading instead of a monthly cost. While you keep the track of your everyday miles covered, it can help you with the expense budget of your month.

The Milewise device is attached to the steering column, which keeps on calculating the miles exactly.


This pay per mile car insurance can surely be beneficial for you if you are not taking your car on an everyday ride. Even if you do so, make sure to cover fewer miles in it. Otherwise, you can stick to your old insurance and enjoy the perks of it.

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