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My rights to cancel dealership extended warranty

My rights to cancel dealership extended warranty

You must have thought about it once that “what are my rights to cancel dealership extended warranty?” The cancellation of a dealership or any kind of extended warranty is easy. You have the full right to do it at any time. And this article will show you how to do it. There might be a fixed time period for this action and there can be refunds involved, which you should take full advantage of. The cancellation and refunds depend on when it’s done by you.

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The original warranty of the manufacturer

The warranty you get from an auto maker usually has a limited coverage for the car bought. The powertrain is covered and that too for a period of 3 years. Some warranties are better than others depending on the make. But those cars with good warranties are also more expensive. Overall, these original warranties do not cover many areas you might want covered, however they come with the car. You do not pay separately for them like you would for an extended car warranty.

Why go for an extended warranty?

You want that coverage because your car is still new. You want that protection against any damage and repair costs. You want that assistance if the car breaks down suddenly on a highway. There are a number of reasons you want that extended warranty.

To know more about my rights to cancel dealership extended warranty keep reading the article.

Why would you want to cancel a dealership extended warranty?

You get it and have had it for a few years. But it’s costing you monthly for no reason. You have not had any unfortunate situation that would have been covered by the warranty. And now you are having second thoughts. You can afford to pay for repairs if an accident does take place. The car is maybe old and needs to be replaced and you don’t travel around so much. You don’t feel you need that protection any more.

This is how you finish off that extended warranty

A measure of calculations is needed by you to cancel the warranty. The cancellation procedure and the level of financial returns you might get will depend on the terms and agreements specified in the warranty.

You can cancel your extended warranty whenever you want. That’s not the problem. It’s the way you have to do it. You are going to receive back a partial refund or a rated refund that’s connected to the time and the distance you had driven the car. Every dealer is different, some give you a complete cancel, and some might give you a free refund. That is, if you suddenly cancel your warranty before a fixed period before the month is up after initially getting the extended warranty.

It’s not as complicated as you might think. People would not be going for these extended warranties for the fear of getting stuck in complex procedures involving cancellations. These companies would find it hard to operate their businesses, if cancellation of extended dealership warranty would be difficult.

To activate the process, you have to contact one of the warranty company’s representatives or finance manager. Let the person concerned know what you want done. The company will hand you a cancellation form, which you will have to complete. All the details of the warranty has to be mentioned in the form, from the date you got the warranty and the mileage of the car at that time to the present date and mileage of the car you are getting the warranty cancelled. Leave with a signed copy of that form as it will prove that you have started the cancellation process with the company.

Now this process can take time. You don’t have to pay any money monthly now, but if you had made some long term warranty deal, let’s say a 5-year deal, and had paid in advance, getting a refund will take time. It may take months. This part of the process is stressing. You have to keep checking up on the company.

In some cases, if you think the company is dragging its feet intentionally, you might have to pay them a verbal threat of a lawsuit. Most companies are not known to do this, but there are some out there that behave badly with former customers.

If you had dealt with a dealer, the company will send a check to the dealer. You have to make sure you know when that is done, just in case you have to confront the dealer. The dealer will then hand you the check.


It is hoped that all the negative aspects of cancelling a warranty does not discourage anyone from going for extended warranty coverage. Go to a reputed auto warranty company and find out what are my rights to cancel dealership extended warranty Discuss everything in detail so that you will know about your rights to cancel extended dealership warranty.

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