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Car muffler replacement cost Here’s the amount that you need to pay!

Car muffler replacement cost: Here’s the amount that you need to pay!

If you are new to driving and vehicle owning, your car has a “muffler” issue that can be a recurring issue which most people highlight. Not to worry about where your card needs to keep warm, as this article will explain everything about muffler replacement cost. Even though mufflers are not the utmost thrilling part of a vehicle, they possess a strong power to make a difference in your driving experience. However, people are often unaware when there is an issue with their muffler.

Therefore, it is vital for you to know – How does a muffler work? how much does a muffler replacement cost? Or what does a muffler flange repair cost? This is why today’s article will be focused on everything muffler-related. We will be discussing the what, how, where, and why of the matter. The components in a muffler repair can differ and it is important to know which ones cost more and why. Continue reading to learn more about it.

What part is known as a Muffler?

To be precise, mufflers are tubes that are placed strategically in the exhaust system, consisting of holes in particular places, formulated to lessen the sound of a car’s engine.

The tubes are developed in a way that sound waves flowing through the link lessens the sound via destructive interference. The two particular sound waves amalgamate in a manner that permits them to negate each other out.

There is quite a prolonged history of the muffler – initially manifested back by Marshall Reeves and Milton in 1897. All around the 20th century and far off. Later mufflers transformed as the most important component in the car and removing it voluntarily became unlawful in many countries.

Therefore, one must know how this not-so-important part is essential if one doesn’t wish to get into a problem. In case if your car’s muffler is not working properly, you must immediately get it repaired or changed.

If you are unaware of – How much does it cost to repair a muffler, fret not, we will guide you here. Read below to get an insight on muffler repair costs and symptoms of a faulty muffler so your car can be maintained in a good manner.

Muffler replacement cost on average

When it comes to your muffler replacement cost, there are various things to consider, such as the kind of muffler you select, and the kind of car you possess. If we talk on an average cost basis, you can assume a muffler replacement range around $160 and $240 comprising labor and parts.

The factors that can affect what cost you should pay for the replacement of the muffler is mentioned below;

The automobile

Whichever kind of muffler you will require, it will be dependent on how often you use your vehicle, the situation in which you drive, and the kind of vehicle you possess. Likewise, a less costly mid-range muffler will be suitably enough for most vehicles, but if you have a luxury vehicle, you may have to search for the correct muffler, which is primarily configured for the model.

The way you make use of your vehicle is also one of the factors. If you repeatedly drive your vehicle through unfavorable situations, for instance, salted roads, snow, ice, and rain. Bumpy surfaces of the road can damage your car’s muffler severely and you may not be left with any other option than to replace it.

Different types of muffler and replacement cost

If there comes a scenario where a mechanic changes your vehicle’s muffler, he or she is most likely to select “aftermarket” equipment. Such mufflers are perceived to be inexpensive than particularly crafted mufflers and cost around $25 and $50. This is because they are formed from materials of lower quality compared to their peculiarly engineered equivalents.

Even though aftermarket mufflers are quite economical to buy, the installment cost may be high, as additional components or labor could be required.

On the other hand, if you opt for a better quality mid-range muffler, then you must be thinking, how much does it cost to repair a muffler – well, it will cost you around $50 and $100. Whereas a premium quality muffler that is made for specific car models and used for high-end luxury automobiles may vary in prices, ranging from $300 to $500.

Above mentioned costs are only for the mufflers. When you replace a new muffler or get it repaired, there are certain supplementary components that you will need.

Once you take all the costs into account, only then you can get an average. Hence, below is an overview of what will be included in the supplementary components cost.

Supplementary components

The muffler can damage or fail other exhaust components as it is linked to the rest of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Communicating these matters along with the replacement of the muffler can instantly upscale the service price. The components that are frequently replaced are silencers, hangers, and gaskets. The accumulated price for these after the muffler repair cost will add up to approximately $20.

Moreover, many mufflers that are connected with a bolt-on flange are quite easy-peasy to replace. However, if we talk about the muffler flange repair cost, then the accumulated cost would be around $190 with the help of aftermarket parts, or around $625 with the help of OE (Original Equipment) parts.

All in all, the replacement cost of your car’s muffler can differ greatly, from below $200, to $600 or even greater than that. Nevertheless, in most cases you don’t have to turn on to this, instead, you can get your muffler repaired. 

What is muffler repair cost?

Sometimes, instead of replacement you only need a few repairs. Ask your mechanic if your work could be done by repairing the existing muffler. If they recommend you to do so, then save your bucks and opt for repairs. However, there are times when muffler flange repair costs or simple muffler repair costs must be invested separately in your vehicle, so make sure to consult your mechanic rightly.

Ending up with rust or holes is a pretty common kind of damage to a muffler. In place of a complete replacement, your technician may even be likely to fix things up. Such kind of repair can cost as minor as $40 to $50, however, it won’t be a long-term solution.

In some cases, when you don’t pay attention to a damaged muffler, it can further damage your car’s exhaust system. This may cost you more than what is mentioned as repeater cost.

Cost of repairing an exhaust system

A rusted muffler might indicate even more significant problems in your car’s exhaust system – it can somewhat result in additional damage or problem if left unmonitored. You must be aware that having an exhaust system in excellent condition is important, as it helps to cater a proper functionality to your vehicle. Everyone knows that an exhaust system with effective functioning assists in running it quietly, while it leads to better fuel efficiency, and also lessens the number of dangerous emissions your car delivers. As several factors are being applied, the repair cost of exhaust systems may immensely vary. 

Following are some of the most frequent exhaust system concerns (apart from muffler damage), and how much they’ll cost to fix.

The exhaust making hissing sounds

If you hear a hissing sound from your car, then consider it’s coming from the exhaust system. This can be due to a leak or hole somewhere in the pipeline. If the damage is near the catalytic converter, this could result in the emission of dangerous gases. Therefore you must get this fixed as soon as possible. Once the mechanic examines the damage, you will get an idea of the total bill. However, expect to pay between $125 and $300 to have this issue fixed.

The exhaust emits blue, white, or black smoke

If you notice your exhaust system emitting different colored smoke, for example blue, white or black, or the smoke is thicker than normal, it’s time to repair your exhaust system. This could happen due to a wrapped or cracked cylinder. This particular component on the combustion chamber not only controls the stream of air and fuel but also keeps the coolant intact. However, if there is a fault, it would leak the coolant and thus, you could see the results in the form of vapors and steamy engine blocks. The cost of repair for this damage would fall under $500, depending on the intensity of the damage.

The exhaust emits a popping and rattling sound

If you hear rattling noise while driving, this indicates that the bracket holding element of the exhaust system is not working properly. If this issue is solved immediately, it could only cost you around $40. However, if the brackets have decayed or the damage is severe, you might have to replace the brackets.

All in all, while you are getting the repairs done, you must also be fully aware of what cost has added up to the final cost.

Exhaust manifold

An exhaust manifold connects the cylinders of the engine to the tailpipe and helps in getting rid of the gasses via the tailpipe. If there is a fault in the exhaust manifold, the drive may not perform at its optimum level. Therefore, this part must also be repaired if repairable or changed, in case of any severe damage. If you plan on changing the exhaust manifold, consider paying between $600 and $700 for the new part and around $200 -$300 for installation and labor.

Catalytic converter

The vehicle’s exhaust part that doesn’t allow any harmful pollutants to enter the environment, is known as a Catalytic Converter. It consists of a platinum catalyst that is secured by a honeycomb structure. Whenever harmful nitrous oxides travel through the catalyst, they are transformed into innocuous oxygen and nitrogen, whereas carbon monoxide is transformed into carbon dioxide. Depending on the model and formation of your vehicle, price ranges differ a lot for catalytic converters. The damaged catalytic convertor repair or change may cost you around $240 to above $1000. While installment charges will be more or less $100.

Exhaust pipe

Lastly, the exhaust pipe is one of the vital elements in the whole system. It converts harmful gases into less harmful gases and ensures to pass it out from the tailpipe of your car. Not only this, but it also makes sure that the procedure of gas emission takes place meticulously to ensure your car’s performance. These pipes are often formulated from a motionless material, for instance, stainless steel (Supports against corrosion and other types of erosion).

Some of the cost affecting factors

When it is about muffler replacement – or certainly any part of your car’s exhaust system – most of the factors of cost are to be considered. Following are certain prime factors to remember.

  • Select from certain designed parts for the car or opt for aftermarket parts
  • The model, make, and year of your car – certain vehicles have pieces that entail a high replacement price
  • The mechanical labor cost in your region
  • Who is responsible for the repair – dealerships are usually the most expensive, whereas independent mechanics are generally the least pricey.

How to know the total for the Muffler repair cost?

It is always better to be aware of what you’re spending for, and may it be any car repair, this quite matters. Your technician will break down your quote into the following categories:

  • A lifetime or restricted warranty on the used parts
  • The cost of labor
  • The parts cost – consisting fundamentals such as gaskets

and pipe

As we stated before – other than the muffler there can be many other parts of a vehicle’s exhaust system which may have issues. Before getting a quote for the car repair costs, it’s vital to have know-how about the car’s major components and their repair costs.

As we stated before – other than the muffler there can be many other parts of a vehicle’s exhaust system which may have issues. Before getting a quote for the car repair costs, it’s vital to have know-how about the car’s major components and their repair costs.

Symptoms of a bad muffler

Highlighting an issue with the muffler is simple. Following are 3 prime symptoms to listen and watch out for:

Vibrations during drives

You can identify whether your car’s muffler is problematic or not by noticing vibrations while you are driving. Focus on figuring out the source of vibration, so you can describe the problem to your mechanic in a clear way. Moreover, you can keep a note on certain instances of power loss, continuous vibrations, or shuddery ride incidents.

The sound of your exhausts gets louder

If you hear a loud sound from your exhaust, then you need to pay attention to the issue in your car. You may hear the sound of a motorcycle, whenever your vehicle’s muffler gets damaged. Also, instead of the normal low hum, it produces a rumbling sound.

The fuel efficiency has dwindled

Lastly, if you witness that your car is all of a sudden consuming more fuel, it may be because of a damaged muffler.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you may have learned plenty about a muffler, the muffler replacement cost, how it affects your car, how it can differ, and some of its symptoms that help you identify the issues. Make sure you know your vehicle enough as you go by using it. Often people end up getting conned by many shops and repairmen when they don’t know much about their vehicle and its technicalities. Make sure you are not among those people, learn more about the vehicle you are using, and make informed decisions about its maintenance.

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