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Beware People are lying about mileage car insurance!

Beware: People are lying about mileage car insurance!

Over time, the insurance industry has transcended the conventional norms of society. Gone are the days where people would pick honesty over everything. Most users in today’s time have been blatantly lying about mileage car insurance.

If you’re wondering why someone would lie about something as simple as mileage, it is usually because they don’t have substantial information at hand. You see, the auto quoting section involves a lot of intricate questions, where most drivers are clueless and left dumbfounded. In such a case, there is an innate urge to make up information or lie to the agent, especially when it involves the mention of car mileage.

But the real question remains: Why has lying about mileage car insurance become a nationwide phenomenon? To provide more detailed insight, we have readied a nuanced stance on the whole issue.

Why lie?

No matter how hard we try, there isn’t an exact answer to this question at hand. Lying may be a common syndrome in the real world of today, but why it occurs so often is an unexplained sentiment. But if we were to figure out a reason behind people lying to agents, it may narrow down to a simple attempt of saving money or qualifying for an auto insurance policy for being able to drive legally.

For instance, a common question where most people are inclined to lie is when asked the number of miles they drive each day or year. While some may be lying due to over/underestimation, others deliberately make a number up.

Can the insurance company catch your lie?


Before concocting a lie, you need to keep in mind that insurance companies have sufficient data available and can easily figure out the number of miles driven per year. Let’s say you drive about 25,000 miles per year, but lie to your insurance agent and quote a figure of 15,000 miles.

Sure, you’d save a few dollars here and there initially. However, when the time for policy renewal comes about six months later, the insurance company will make its agents do an exhaustive analysis to ensure the policy and all details remain the same.

Even if they don’t do an investigation later, an insurance company will try to determine your actual mileage in a few ways. Some of these are listed below as follows:

  • Speaking to your mechanic
  • Speaking to your car dealership
  • Assessing all past claims
  • Consulting with drivers during quoting part

Can you get in trouble for lying?


Before your policy is renewed, the insurance company starts doing its job. From basic fact-checking to securing the minutest of details, your agent may dig up all records and get to the truth. And if they can get to the bottom of it and catch you lying about mileage car insurance, severe penalties may be imposed.

  • A hike in Premium
  • Cancellation of Policy
  • Nonrenewable

In essence, lying about your car mileage may end up badly for you. For the initial few months, you may be able to save on a few dollars here and there. But then, the insurance agent may catch up on the lies you have been telling and the whole situation may just do more harm than good. Hence, always speak wisely if conversing with an insurance agent!

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