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The art of removing paint scuffs from car

The art of removing paint scuffs from car

Getting paint scuffs on your car is an unavoidable occurrence that can leave you with frustration. The intensity of scuff marks depends on the level of bump your car gets as a result of collision. If you are a regular driver, you’d know how tedious it is to remove paint scuffs from the car. Thus, it is important for you to know how to remove paint scuffs from car.

What to know

Today, cars are coated with two layers of paint

  • primer coat
  • base coat

In simple terms, the primer preps the car for a heavier coat. The main purpose of the primer is to coat the metal surface of the car. On top of this primer, the base coat is applied. It gives the vehicle its color. Finally, on top of this coat is a thick layer of clear coat is applied that gives the car an overall shine. The main purpose of this clear coat is to seal the underlying layers of paint.

If your car happens to bump into a heavy object, the clear coat will most probably sustain the impact. However, the likelihood of tints transferring from the other object to the vehicle is high. For instance, if your vehicle bumps into a motorcycle, the pigment of the motorcycle will most likely be transferred onto your car if the motorcycle does not have a clear coat on it.

Oftentimes, car drivers find themselves in a tough spot, and find it hard to remove the paint scuffs from their cars.

Check out the list of things you need for removing paint scuffs from car.

What you need

  • Cleaning Products

Before you jump into removing paint scuffs from car, you must clean your car first. Sometimes there may be a layer of grime that would have transferred during the collision. This can be cleared effectively with the help of a pressure washer. Similarly, if you come to notice the presence of pollutants on the car, a clay bar would work fittingly well to clear them out.

  • Cloth

A simple hack is to use a microfiber cloth to remove paint scuffs from your car. If this cloth isn’t available, you can use a cotton or wool cloth for this purpose.

  • Applicator Pads

You can use applicator pads to remove paint scuffs from car. They provide a better grip as compared to cotton or wool cloth. Most applicator pads are made up of foam and are used with solutions to remove paint scuffs.

  • Scratch Removers

If you want to remove paint scuffs from your car effectively, you must invest in a good scratch removal product. When investing in a scratch remover, you should consider the following aspects:

  • If the fix is going to be permanent or temporary
  • If the product uses a machine applicator
  • If the product has any abrasive materials
  • If the product comes with wax/polish
  • Rubbing Compounds

To permanently fix the issue, you can use a rubbing compound. Remember, it is only applicable when the paint scuffs bypass the clear coat and affect the inner layers of the paint. However, note that a rubbing compound has a rough texture as compared to scratch removers. Hence, they must be used wisely.

  • Car Polish

Note that you don’t need a car polish to remove the paint scuffs. A car polish is only required to give a shiny look to the car.

Car Wax

A car wax is used primarily to protect the car paint. Even though there are different kinds of car wax, most car owners prefer using carnauba wax as it gives a sheen and natural looking finish to their cars. Others prefer using synthetic wax as it lasts considerably longer.

What you do

  • Clean the scuffs

Cleaning the vehicle is a fairly simple process. All you need to do is wash your car. While cleaning, you need to be vigilant as there may be an accumulation of dirt, dust and other microscopic particles on the vehicle.

  • Get rid of the Scratches

The scratches on your car may look unappealing to the eye. Try to smooth them out. For this purpose, you can use sandpaper. If it is not available, buy one.

Use the sandpaper to gently rub across the surface. Ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on the surface. Then, use the scratch remover solution and rub it gently on the surface.

If you want to remove paint scuffs from your car, you may consider following suggestions:

  1. Whitening Toothpaste – Slightly moisten the cloth and apply toothpaste to the scuffs in a circular motion.
  2. WD40- Spray the solution on the scuffs, use a wet sponge to apply WD40 on the damaged portion.
  • Polish the Surface

After removing paint scuffs from the car, apply the car polish. It will help even out any sharp edges and enhance the overall car color. However, while polishing, be sure to read the instructions of the manufacturer.

  • Final Wax Layer

Lastly, apply a final layer of wax on your car. It will not only provide a protective layer to your car, but also give your car a gleaming finish.

Most paint scuffs only impact the car’s clear coat. However, many times, the paint scuff may go deeper than the clear coat. In this case, removing the paint scuffs from the car will require professional assistance.

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