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A brief Kumho tires reviews for buying the best quality products

A brief Kumho tires reviews for buying the best quality products

Kumho tire with its ultra-performance ability is a South Korean company of tires that was established around 60 years back (1960). Consisting of eight factories across the world, with the headquarters in the U.S. (Atlanta). The firm who makes Kumho tires is perceived amongst the 2nd biggest in South Korea.

Moreover, for you to buy the right tire for your car, we have formulated a Kumho tires review guide for your assistance.

Mixing advanced tire technologies with affordable prices, Kumho has evolved as an ultimate choice of many drivers across the globe, which is why Kumho tires ratings are always in good numbers. Likewise, there are numerous reasons for this but probably a very evident one is the fact that Kumho is considered as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for quite big brands when it comes to auto companies, comprising Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Moreover, affordable yet quality tires have a great contribution towards making the brand famous. But deciding whether these tires are the perfect fit for your budget or not can get tough. To assist such a query, we have prepared this Kumho tires review for 3 products, focusing on the integral pointers about each one. Also, we have shared some of the Kumho tires ratings, so keep reading this buying guide.

ECSTA PS31, Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tire by Kumho

If you are hunting for a good-looking, stable, comfortable, and affordable package, then ECSTA PS31, Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tire by Kumho is all you need. Formulated for sporty coupes, performance sedans, and sport car drives, this extremely high-performance summer tire assists with tremendous control and performance in wet and dry weather situations.


Weight: 21.2 pounds

Model: Ecsta PS31 2168123

Brand: Kumho

Key features

  • Extensive 4 channel microgrooves and circumferential grooves: to additionally enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet handling
  • Design of 3D dimple: to upgrade high-speed longevity and lessen heat build-up on tread blocks
  • High grip resin and high dispersible micro-silica: for wet traction, better dry, and tread wear
  • Sidewall checkered design inspired by racing: Supports qualities of high-level performance
  • Lateral grooves and solid rib center: to encourage wet braking and block stiffness


You can get Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tire for $100.00.

CRUGEN Premium KL33, All Season, Radial Tire by Kumho

One of the 2nd most famous light truck, crossover, SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) tires. It was primarily formulated as an Original Equipment (OE) used on Hyundai Santa Fe cars, but currently accessible for a variety of other trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. With decent-looking solid and low-profile all-season outcomes, this tire is not only considered to be comfortable, but responsive, stable, and good-looking as well.


Weight: 29 pounds

Model: CRUGEN KL33 2176993

Brand: Kumho

Key features

  • Up-to-date rubber material: makes sure the tire is flexible during winter and cool during high temperatures
  • Up-to-date all-season material: for upgraded traction in every weather situation and improved tread life
  • Deep micro-treads: Generating hundreds of minute gripping edges, every season traction, and specifically snow and wet traction are amplified
  • Extensive circumferential grooves: to refine the light and wet snow traction


Get your hands on these tires for $142.99.

Road Venture AT51, All-Season Radial Tire by Kumho

The most famous and best seller of all time – Road Venture AT51, All-Season Radial Tire by Kumho is an all-terrain light truck and an all-season tire formulated for pickup trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. Incorporating outstanding traction on both highways and rugged terrains with all-weather drive, this design caters to solid, foreseeable traction in all seasons and all terrains.


Weight: 41 pounds

Model: Road Venture AT51 2178003

Brand: Kumho

Key features

  • Circumferential full-depth, steeped grooves: to intensify grip on the road, mainly on loose and soft surfaces for instance grass and sand
  • Dual silica tread material that resists cuts: for better heat dispersion.
  • Heavy central grooves: assist channel snow and water away from the footmark, additionally elevating stability and grip in heavy weather
  • Enriched with ESCOT casing technology: encourages greater tread life and steering results


Add Road Venture AT51, All-Season Radial Tire to your car for $199.99

Packages and performance

The longevity and performance are quite amazing on Kumho tires. And almost every Kumho tire carries out its functions tremendously, especially when it is about noise, comfort, and safety. However, the one who makes the Kumho tires doesn’t quite produce unconventional tires, they mostly utilize previously proven work patterns and styles. Most of the company’s tires possess an excellent tread model that permits them to:

  • Keep the firm and traction grip all-round the tires complete lifespan
  • Assist quiet, smooth drive also on uneven roads
  • Guarantee a secure drive with tremendous stopping ability

Every season Kumho tires review

Kumho entails 2 various all-season tires: The Ecsta and Souls. Both of them have concrete performance when it is about wet and dry roads, moreover, they have quite low and really high temperatures.

The Solus

These Kumho tires are certainly perceived to be one of the very famous Kumho tires. There are around seven designs (TA71, TA31, TA11, KH25, and KH16), and every one of them has a few merits and demerits, but in general, all of them are quite strong tires when it is about broader level performance. 

The Solus tires have a tread model in a framework design and 4 heavy grooves that enlarge the area of the tire. Likewise, in wet conditions, the model makes sure to execute with excellent performance, as the grooves and design permit the water to be productively removed from the tire. They stop immediately even on very slick and wet roads.

When it comes to the dry performance, it’s really strong as well. They are simple to ride as they’re greatly responsive to steering and cornering, and analogously essential to braking. They possess a softened exterior tread block that permits the tire to sustain a strong grip even on rough roads. All the credit goes to this, as driving is quiet and comfortable.

The Ecsta

You can perceive them to be somewhat close to the Solus, however, they are well suited for conditions that are dry, specifically summer weather. There are many designs accessible, comprising touring and passenger tires, likewise, all Ecsta tires do appear to perform quite better in dry situations as compared to super-wet and wintery situations.

If we talk about Kumho tire rating for these tires, then they gather ratings that are usually greater than average. They are utmost responsive to braking, feasible to control, and a lot stable.

However, these tires are not good while driving on icy or snowy roads, but they function amazingly in wet conditions.

Should you buy Kumho tires or not?

Kumho provides an all-inclusive option, at pocket-friendly prices. If you require a few all-season tires, inexpensive winter tires, or maybe truck tires for your SUV, the Kumho is an all-rounder for your needs. Almost all of the Kumho tires work well in most of the conditions, whilst few are formulated to be preferable in particular seasons as compared to the others.

Lastly, if you don’t drive much and are planning to replace Kumho tires, then know that the tires may wear out even before it reaches the given mileage.

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