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Know all about temporary international auto insurance

Know all about temporary international auto insurance

If you are planning to move abroad for a brief period and want to take your car along, then getting temporary international auto insurance is the way to go about it. The requirements for getting temporary international auto insurance vary from region to region and it depends on your target location. In this article, let’s assume that you are moving to a European country from the US and need temporary international auto insurance. For further information about any other country, you can feel free to get in touch with us. 

The essentiality of an international auto insurance coverage

It’s beneficial for you, no matter which country you are going to and expecting to drive there. The possibility of some accident is very real; after all, it’s another country, another culture. People think and act a little bit differently and that should be expected. Traffic rules are different. Anything could happen. Depending on where you are going, the minimum coverage does vary from country to country. But you can have some coverage regardless of where you are going. In Europe, there are more coverage options than you can have in the US.

European Union

Here only you will be covered to drive your car. If you want coverage for another car, you will need some other coverage arrangement.

It is important to note that the UK is still part of the EU and there’s a possibility that the policy you have obtained in your home country may still cover you in various member states. Moreover, you can also drive across Europe with your existing policy. However, your existing coverage might not be adequate for you to drive your vehicle in other countries. In addition to that, you can only get very minimum coverage. If you would like to drive in any country with peace of mind, then you may need temporary international car insurance.

You could apply to insurance companies in the country you are visiting to give you insurance coverage, but that might be costly and complex.

You can obtain an insurance call temporary European car insurance especially prepared for people visiting Europe. It’s like temporary international auto insurance. You can travel all over the United Kingdom with standard coverage. With this insurance for travelers, you can drive all over the European Union member countries and also in these countries too like; Gibraltar, Iceland, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

This type of insurance will give you the type of coverage for the duration you want. It is not a fixed one year or a three year policy you might have to go for if you are dealing with a new insurance policy in those countries. Or if you want normal coverage from your country, then again a fixed time period would have to be agreed to.

You could opt for just a few hours of coverage to up to 27 to 28 days’ coverage at a time. You pay for the insurance only when you need it. When the coverage expires, just get it active again, if you want.

Moreover, you also have various other options when it comes to temporary international auto insurance, which you may not need in your annual policy back home. But this can surely make your life a whole lot easier in another country.

It provides you complete comprehensive coverage. It will cover you in a lot of circumstances, even if you are the one responsible for an accident. Now that really takes away a lot of worries. You will be legally covered in a foreign country you are driving in.

How to get insurance?

You can just alter the insurance you already have or you can get temporary European car insurance. If you alter your existing insurance it will not be as effective to cover you in Europe. With your original insurance, you would be covered for your own car but that too in a very restrictive manner.

As said before, insurance coverage is essential especially if you are intending to drive more, because in such situations you will be more vulnerable to accidents.

How much does it cost?

You have to give in some basic information about the vehicle you are going to drive there, and about yourself. The coverage will be only for you and your vehicle. When you meet the accepted criteria you will be offered a quote. Then you can adjust the date, the starting time and the duration for the coverage. This policy will cover vans, cars and motorbikes. You need to make sure you are getting a full comprehensive coverage in EU.

The process is done very fast; the documents are emailed to you for your approval and signature. So before going to the target country you can get the coverage.

For a temporary European Union car insurance, the vehicle’s worth must be over €5,000 and be a right-hand drive. The vehicle must in no way be modified unless it is for a disabled person.

In the UK, the vehicle you will be driving must also be there from the start and finish of the policy.


You will be driving in a foreign land. In the UK every traffic signpost will be in English, but not in other European countries. You are used to driving on the right. In Europe, they drive on the left side. There is a big chance of some kind of crash up if you are used to driving fast. The roads are usually narrow, not like it’s in the US. Think about all these factors. They really do make it hard to drive without any care, no matter how good a driver you are. Take that coverage for international driving. It is essential.

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