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Is the Hyundai warranty beneficial for all owners

Is the Hyundai warranty beneficial for all owners?

All the major car manufacturers try to satisfy their customers with an official warranty. According to Hyundai, it has the best American warranty.

Whenever a person steps into the car market, ‘warranty’ is one of the critical factors he/she focuses on. Instead of losing money in car repairs, car owners want to be safe with a warranty.

Hyundai warranty brings utmost peace to their owners. Not just that Hyundai makes sure to produce cars with supreme quality, but the excellent warranty scheme makes it the perfect and desirable brand.

According to the experts, Hyundai’s cars and SUVs have shown steady technology, performance, and quality. Moreover, while improving these factors, the Korean manufacturing company provides a reliable standard warranty to all Hyundai owners.

What is precisely so interesting about Hyundai’s warranty? This article will highlight and discuss the main features of the Hyundai warranty and the repairs that are being covered by the warranty. Furthermore, if you’re interested in extending your car’s warranty, keep on reading.

Essential elements of Hyundai warranty

Whenever a factory-installed part fails due to some company’s defect or labor, the car warranty works to guarantee that the company will bear the expenses.

Many standard car manufacturers would offer a bumper-to-bumper warranty of 3years/36,000 mileage and powertrain protection of 5years/60,000 miles. However, to prove the statement of ‘American Best Warranty’, Hyundai doubled the figures.

A few companies such as Mitsubishi and Kia are on the same level as Hyundai while providing the warranty. Their numbers are more or less similar.

Various Hyundai warranties

Being the best warranty service around America, Hyundai provides multiple warranties to ease the burden of Hyundai owners.

Let’s discover what different kind of warranties available are;

New vehicle limited warranty

Whenever you purchase a new Hyundai car or an SUV, the company provides you with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This full warranty is divided into five years or at whatever time your vehicle covers the mileage of 60,000.

Most importantly, if the car is damaged during some incident, the company cannot bear the expenses. However, if some factory-installed part or element is defective, so the manufacturer will cover the cost. Features can include; chassis, interior, exterior, and any electronic component.

Basic adjustments and components are covered for a year whenever your car completes 12,000 miles. Every vehicle requires daily maintenance, such as changing of wiper blades and oil, service of air filters, and many other minor elements. The company would not cover these costs.

Powertrain warranty

Without power reaching the wheels, a car would not move. If any such problem is discovered in the engine, transmission, suspension, or any other vital component of the vehicle, the Hyundai warranty makes sure to cover it.

Hyundai will cover this cost for around ten years or whenever your car completes 100,000 miles.

The components included in the powertrain are seals, shafts, gears, cylinder heads, engine blocks, and bearings. It is damaged due to the company’s fault in the years mentioned above to cover it.

Do you know what the best thing about the powertrain warranty is? If you’re willing to purchase a Hyundai from someone, you’ll still get a 5year/60,000 miles coverage.

Hybrid and electric vehicle warranty

In this era of modern cars, Hyundai has also developed and produced various hybrid vehicles. People have started worrying about the environment and, most notably, the fuel cost. This has motivated them to turn towards electric vehicles.

The coverage for ten years/100,000 miles warranty has made Hyundai everyone’s favorites. If your car’s batteries are drained before the mentioned years or the charging hardware is damaged, the company will bear the cost.

Hyundai has already mentioned that no electric car will perform to its highest potential with several charging cycles. However, they have also cleared that the battery wouldn’t go under 70% in ten years.

Anti-perforation warranty

Due to severe weather conditions and rough usage, rust holes are created in the car. However, Hyundai takes the guarantee that their vehicles won’t incur any rust holes under seven years. No matter how many miles you travel, the paint of the car would not be affected.

If any hole is detected in the mentioned time frame, Hyundai’s warranty will cover it.

Cosmetic corrosion is covered for 3years/36,000 miles, whatever comes first. However, if any defect is found in the exhaust system or the car’s underbody, the company would not cover it.

Roadside assistance

One of the most exclusive offers provided by Hyundai. Did your car break down at 2 am, and there’s no one to help? Call the leading service provider of Hyundai; they’ll happily assist you.

No matter whatever time it is, Hyundai provides you with roadside assistance in more than 50 states. If the problem is more significant, your car will tow to the nearest Hyundai dealership or service center, if your car was involved in an accident, Hyundai is not liable to help you.

Are you interested in an extended Hyundai Warranty?

The span of years of Hyundai warranty is good enough for any car owner. However, it doesn’t last for a lifetime as the vehicle becomes old with the usage and passing years, the maintenance cost increases.

However, there are certain factors to look upon before opting for an extended warranty. Are you planning to sell off your Hyundai before five years? Well, there’s no use in purchasing an extended warranty. However, if you think the car is in a good position and won’t bother you in the coming years, only then you should not go for an extended warranty.


Are you in search of a reliable car manufacturer? Hyundai is the answer for you. You can enjoy the benefits of a luxury car without worrying about the small costs. The exclusive warranties are available to solve the problems for you.

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