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Is Aston Martin bumper to bumper warranty a bumper or not

Is Aston Martin bumper to bumper warranty a bumper or not?

As Seth MacFarlane says “ I have a car that I like – an Aston Martin – for Sunday drives in the country.”

Well, of course Seth, since the Aston Martin is known to facilitate their customers by giving them ‘Aston Martin bumper to bumper warranty,’ clearly, you can drive with ease of mind, feeling the grip of your whip on the road and you do not need to worry about anything happening to your car. You can just take a ride anytime and for any number of miles, knowing that the Aston Martin itself is protecting your car.

But if you are about to buy one for yourself, first we would love to congratulate you and second, you need to read this article in detail to know what exactly the company offers when we talk about Aston Martin bumper to bumper warranty.


Driving deep into the warranty details

Aston Martin really wants its valued clients to have peace of mind after purchasing their automobiles, which is why the company offers you a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty with of course, no limit on the mileage. You can also get this warranty extended. Extended warranty happens to add one to two years to your warranty contract.

This warranty basically means that any problems faced by the client can be taken care of effectively by the qualified Aston Martin mechanics. Moreover, getting your car fixed under the warranty contract would never ever mess with your car’s market value. Also, this warranty can be availed for the automobiles no more than 10 years old, with literally costing you 0 bucks in terms of repairs.

Covering from bumper to bumper

The warranty covers and protects your beloved car’s each and every component. It doesn’t matter at all how much miles you have driven it. If you find any problems regarding the malfunctioning of the AC system, the braking system or even the fuel system, you can take your Aston Martin to the nearest dealership without having any second thoughts. Apart from all this, Aston Martin’s bumper to bumper warranty also covers repairing and maintenance of any problems that might occur in your car’s engine parts, along with the gearbox and the infotainment setup too.


Additional insurance

Aston Martin proudly offers the additional coverage along with the standard bumper to bumper warranty. When and if you get the extended warranty, you’ll also get roadside assistance. The company makes sure that if in an event your car becomes un-drivable, you are not left stranded by the roadside. Moreover, the roadside assistance also includes Aston Martin certified mechanics, just to maintain the quality of the service and the automobile itself. Well, what else do you want?

Powertrain insurance

Well, Aston Martin knows the biggest fear of their clients. People don’t usually get to enjoy the true power of their engine because of the fear of something going wrong. Hence, if you want to tackle this fear and really experience the power of James Bond’s car, you should probably opt for the warranty because it will cover up anything that goes wrong with the drivetrain, the transmission and the engine itself. And guess what? No matter the situation, the faulty component will get fixed.


Why should I avail Aston Martin’s bumper to bumper warranty?

The best feature to highlight here is that the guarantee/warranty is adaptable, so on the off chance that you choose to sell the vehicle, you can transfer it to the buyer and possibly even recover a portion of the expenses. This will make it simpler and more beneficial, as this can expand the resale estimation of your Aston Martin. There’s likewise no deductible for fixes, which could set aside considerably more cash for you.

Opting for an extended warranty would be a phenomenal decision, in case you’re worried about the conceivably heavy sticker price that may cost you to get your Aston Martin fixed. Got a problem with the brakes? Is the AC not working properly? Your engine is not performing up to the mark? Don’t let the stress eat up your happiness. Just take your car to the nearest dealership and get it fixed, without any cost, of course. Oh, you don’t want to take it to the mechanic yourself? Don’t worry, you have a roadside assistance option available to you.


The insurance additionally stretches out to the infotainment framework too, which is a territory not covered by a lot of insurers nowadays. The way that it covers limitless mileage permits you to drive the vehicle any way you like without stressing that your next excursion could leave you unprotected and in this manner obligated for any harm to the vehicle.

Lastly, Aston Martin bumper to bumper warranty makes sure that the work that gets done on any car of theirs is 100% certified. This means that you don’t need to stay awake all night thinking if your car is getting the right treatment or not. Once your car gets perfect, you won’t even know or feel any difference because it will be good as new.


We now know that the Aston Martin bumper to bumper warranty is not really a bummer. It certainly depends upon how much of a gearhead you are. Although, you still need to keep a few things in mind, for instance, the bodywork and the touch ups are not included under the umbrella of warranty. Moreover, the warranty may get voided if you take your car to a mechanic who is not certified by Aston Martin. You will still have to get up for the routine checkup of the car. Other than this, we personally recommend that you avail the bumper to bumper warranty offered by the Aston Martin.

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