NTSB called off the investigation against 2020 Fatal Crash Involving Tesla Model 3

The United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wraps up the investigation against the fatal injuries caused by a Tesla Model 3 vehicle that occurred in Saratoga, California in August 2020.

On Nov 16, 2021, the NTSB declared that the investigation had ended without taking any action against anyone. Tesla Model 3 of the year 2019 was involved in a car crash that was driven in Autopilot mode on the highway. The incident happened when the 75 years old driver mistakenly pressed the pedal which took the vehicle in the override mode.

The Tesla vehicle which was running at a speed of 110 mph (117 km/h), struck into a minivan rear and then hit a pickup truck later. The collision of the EV resulted in a fire causing fatal injuries to the 75 years old driver along with his wife who also was present in the car.

According to the initial investigation, Tesla 2019 model 3 vehicle prompted the drivers with multiple audible and visual alerts. The alerts were being issued when the driver’s hands were not found on the steering wheel while the car was on Autopilot mode.

The initial reports also reveal that the Tesla was running at 68 mph behind when the driver accelerated and it went to 72 mph (116 km/h) and caused the model 3 to trigger automatic brakes avoiding a crash.

Despite the prompt action of Tesla model 3, the driver put extra pressure on the accelerator to elevate the acceleration up to 95% hitting the minivan. The continuous excitement from the acceleration took the speed of the vehicle to 114 mph  (183 km/h) on the highway before it collided with the pickup.

Statements that are shared by the National Transportation Security Board reveal that:

Investigation was initiated to support the NTSB’s interest in automated vehicle performance.” However, the organization concluded after the probe that “no further action beyond this memorandum will be taken.

The safety board concluded the investigation saying that neither Tesla nor the car was found responsible for the crash. The accident was caused due to the driver’s fault.

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