Why Do Car Interior Lights Do Not Turn Off?

Are you irritated when interior lights won’t turn off? No doubt, we all are irritated with this situation as it is a common issue with some vehicles like cars, buses, vans, SUVs, etc. But if you notice such a thing, you should not stay back and find the cause behind it instead. This sign shows that there is something wrong with any or some of your car’s parts. You must check them immediately before they get damaged badly.

You can get detailed information about the reasons why the interior lights of your car do not turn off by reviewing this guide till the end. Many people do not like the interior lights switched on at night because everyone outside can easily look inside your car which disturbs your privacy. So, you need to fix the issues that do not let you turn off the interior lights so that you could maintain privacy in your car.

Why do Car Interior Lights not turn off – Causes

If you are concerned to know why my interior lights won’t turn off, it would be best to go through this section. It explains all the reasons behind this cause so that you can check them when you face this common problem. So, let us discuss some of the major reasons why car interior lights do not turn off.

1. Damaged Switch

Your car interior lights won’t turn off if the manual switch is damaged. This switch is mainly present at the roof near the light on the car door as well as the dashboard of your car. If the interior light is not turning off, it means the switch might be stuck or you forgot to turn it off.

Moreover, another reason is that the switch has been damaged and its functionality has been affected. It would be best if you replace it with a new one to let it work properly.

2. Activated Control Knob

You may notice that the interior lights of your car are not turning off. The reason behind this happening might be that the control knob has been activated. If you are trying the turn the light off and nothing is happening, it means the switch might have been stuck.

You need to hire a professional to fix this issue so that you could turn the lights off when needed. You can also remove the bulb from your car until the issue is resolved by the mechanic.

3. Broken Door Switch

If the door switch of your car has been broken, your car’s interior lights won’t turn off. To find out whether a broken door switch is a reason behind this happening, you need to test the doors. You need to open each door of your car and find the switch. For your information, the switch is available in the open position.

You can check the switch by pressing it to see whether the lights are turning off or not. Noise is produced when you push the switch. If the level of sound is low, it means the door switch has been broken. Let us tell you that the door switch gets broken when you keep your car doors open always.

4. Setting of Lights

Sometimes, the interior lights of your car do not turn off when you turn the switch off. You must be wondering why won’t my car lights turn off. Let us tell you the reason behind it. The reason might be the setting of your car’s interior lights. You might have left the lights on the constantly on position.

If you haven’t set the light settings to stay on all the time, then some kid might have done it. You may have also pushed it accidentally while cleaning your car. You can easily change the settings of the light back to normal. You just need to move the switch to the middle position they are in.

If the middle/door position is not working and you notice that the car interior lights still do not turn off, you can try another method. You can move the switch to the opposite position they are in. It is also known as permanently off position. You must take the opinion of a professional mechanic before performing this task.

5. Lights Are On Delay Timer

As we know, it takes some time to turn the interior lights off when you turn the switch off. It is common in old model cars where the lights are not immediately turned off right after turning off the switch. So, it would be best if you wait for a while to let the interior lights turn off instead of panicking and calling a mechanic for no reason.

It is common to many cars that the interior lights are sometimes on a delay timer. They take some time to dim and then switch. Commonly, the timer for switching the interior lights off is about five minutes. You should also make sure that your car is locked otherwise the lights will not be turned off.

6. The Door is Not Shut Off

The most common reason why the car interior lights are not turning off is that you have to close the door properly. Many people close their car doors slowly especially when they buy a new car. They think that slamming the door will damage their car but they are wrong. You must close the door properly but it doesn’t mean you slam it hardly or shut it off very slowly.

We know that modern cars consist of door sensors that detect whether all the doors are closed properly or not. If not, the lights are not turned off. You can set your lights setting to turn off when all the doors of the car are closed.

You must be thinking about how you could know if all the doors are closed properly or not when you are sitting in the driver’s seat. Let us tell you that you can check your dashboard to confirm whether all the doors are closed or not. You are notified if any of the doors are not fully closed.

7. Damaged Door Sensor

We know that the door sensors are responsible to detect whether all the doors are completely closed or not. If not, the interior lights cannot be turned off. When you confirm that all the doors are closed properly but still the lights are not turning off, it is the time when you should hire a mechanic.

When all the doors are closed properly and the interior lights are still not turning off, it means there is a fault in the door sensors. These sensors are not able to detect whether the doors are closed or opened. There may be an issue in the wiring of the sensor or the terminals have been corroded. You must hire a professional to get your door sensors fixed as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it illegal to drive with your car’s interior lights on?

No, it is not illegal to drive with your car’s interior lights on but it could distract other drivers on the road if some activity is being performed in your car such as drinking, eating, children playing, etc.

2. How privacy is disturbed by turning the interior lights of your car on?

Your privacy is disturbed when the interior lights of your car are turned on especially at night because you are clearly visible to others and people outside can notice all the actions you are performing inside your car.

3. Why your car interior lights do not turn off?

Your car interior lights do not turn off if the switch is damaged, sensors are not working, doors are not closed, the switch is stuck and many other similar reasons.

4. How much does it cost to repair a car door sensor?

It costs about fifty dollars for each 1-inch dent present on the car door sensor. Moreover, the overall costs also depend upon the reputation and skill of the specialist.

5. How can you fix it when car lights won’t turn off?

You can fix this issue by adjusting the light switch, fixing the door sensor, checking the light switches present at the doors, etc. It would be best to hire a professional technician to fix this issue if it is a major issue like a damaged switch.


You may be thinking why my car’s interior lights are not turning off, let us tell you that there are multiple reasons behind this happening. You cannot know the reason behind it until you check all the things associated with the interior lights. These things include switches, sensors, doors, etc.

After finding the issue, you can fix it yourself if you have knowledge about it. Otherwise, you must hire a professional technician to fix this issue immediately so that no more damage could be done to the lights. Moreover, you can maintain your privacy once this issue is fixed.

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