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How can you tell if your Car Engine is damaged from no Oil

How can you tell if your Car Engine is damaged from no Oil?

An engine without engine oil is like a human body without blood. Nothing can fulfil the responsibility of engine oil in your car’s engine but the oil itself. Engine damage can be due to many reasons, but in this article, we shall inform you how to tell if your engine is damaged from no oil?

Engine damage can be due to several reasons. Some reasons can be due to lack of experience in driving, or you might be testing your car’s limit. It’s foolish not to provide the needed facilities to your vehicle and run it without proper maintenance.

What damages are possible due to Low Engine Oil?

When your car’s engine oil is low, the engine’s life is at stake, and if you do not do the needful, it can lead to permanent damage beyond repair. Oil is responsible for reducing friction between the internal metallic parts of the engine.

As the engine parts such as pistons and rings, crankshaft, gear, and different sprockets are moving on each other, oil is needed to lubricate them. If there is no lubrication, the friction between the engine parts will no longer hold the engine to work.

There can be many casualties to your car’s engine if you want to tell if your engine is damaged from no oil. Here are a few of them by which you will be able to realize how low oil can damage your car’s engine:

Wearing out Cylinder Parts

The cylinder of an engine is where the piston and rings are continuously moving at high speeds creating a pressurized power for all other engine parts. Rings around the piston are in connection with the inner surface of the cylinder, and the moving piston has too much force.

When rings and pistons are running without any oil around them, they are much more likely to wear out and get twisted around due to a high amount of friction and heat. The power created by the engine will not let them run any longer than a few minutes if there is no oil there.

If there are twisted or damaged cylinder parts such as rings and pistons, the engine damage is likely due to low or no engine oil.

Engine Seizing

A car’s engine is always running at a high temperature. If not controlled by the cooling system of your vehicle, this high temperature can lead to severe damage. But when there is not enough oil in the engine to lubricate each section and minimize friction between the parts, engine parts get severe damage.

High friction, High heat, and high torque are not taken lightly. If present in an engine for a more extended amount of time, these three things can lead to engine seizing and will cause permanent damage. Continuous heat will melt the parts, and friction will speed up the process.

Engine Block Cracking

The cracking of engine block is not a usual thing that happens. It is due to serious negligence by the owner. The engine has many years of life if its maintenance is done timely. But cracking can only happen when the machine has been used beyond its limits.

It can happen due to over-revving your engine on higher RPMs or a high amount of friction in the engine block. We all know that friction can only occur when there is no oil in the area. When your car’s engine block is cracking, then there is a 70% chance that it is due to low engine oil.

How to check if your engine has low oil?

To prevent the damage from low oil, it is essential to know the signs that can make you realize that the engine oil is low. Almost all modern cars come with alarms and error signs that can tell you the most significant problem in your vehicle.

The problems or error signs do not tell you the whole story of a problem, but you must have enough knowledge to understand the meaning of these signs, which are discussed below:

Engine Light

The lights in the gauge panel provide you with essential information about the problem that your car is possibly facing at the current time. If there is an engine check light on, that means there is some problem with your engine.

The problem in the engine can be of many types, and there can be an electrical problem, coolant problem, or the engine is not correctly working. If there has been a long time since you last checked the engine oil, then you must quickly check for the engine oil level in your car.

Where there is low engine oil in your car, we do not recommend you drive your vehicle unless you complete the oil level.

Oil Pressure Light

The engine oil pressure changes when you see an oil pressure light glowing. There might be leakage from any seal, or the oil level is getting low. In both cases, you will have to stop your car and fix the issue for your ease.

There is another simple way to detect any oil leakage from your car’s engine. If your vehicle is parked for a longer time in your garage or any place, it will leave oil stains under itself due to continuous leakage. You can check for yourself by looking under your car for any oil marks or leakage. It will confirm that there is a leakage in the seals because of which the oil level is getting low.


Overheating is the most common issue, which can also happen due to the lesser oil in your car’s engine. It can also damage your car in the worst ways possible. But how to tell if your car is damaged from no oil?

Significant causes of overheating are faulty cooling systems and low engine oil. So, when your engine is overheated, the first thing to do is pull over your car and check for the coolant in your radiator. If the cooling system is working, then check the engine oil level.

If your engine is overheating or stopping by itself by taking out steam from the bonnet, you have damaged your engine.

Engine running without oil can be tricky to repair. Your engine can be saved if your response is quick after realizing the oil level is low. But if you didn’t know and drove for a longer time, it might not be possible to repair.

If there is no oil in the car and you have been using your vehicle, the car is most like to seize the engine or wear out engine parts, which will cost a lot of money to get fixed.

It’s possible, but not a wise thing to do. As friction and heat will do a lot of damage to your engine, it can run up to a few miles before permanent damage.

If your car has been running without oil and you have quickly stopped before doing any more damage, then there is a possibility that your vehicle will start. But a seized engine cannot work.

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It is not wise to keep your car running without engine oil. But if you have no idea what caused your engine to get damaged, the provided information will help you figure out if it was due to the absence of engine oil or not. Check your car’s engine oil every once in a while if your car is old. But if you have a new car, regular maintenance will increase your engine’s life.