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Learn how to stop calls about car warranty

Learn how to stop calls about car warranty

This article, we will let you know about how to stop calls about car warranty. Learn about some situations that car owners face. Follow the tips and guidelines how to stop and block these car warranty calls immediately.

Some general information on unwanted calls

There are many legitimate sales teams that make unwanted calls and scam calls to trap you in buying a car warranty. These unwanted calls take up much of the drivers’ time. These calls are distracting and disturbing, and some can be dangerous. Some scammers can be very convincing if you are not careful.

There are automated calls that relay same message, for instance, asking you to call back. There are hang-up calls and missed calls, mostly automated, where the car warranty service provider might only want to confirm your number.

Be careful not to attend scam calls from car warranty service providers. Otherwise, you might end up sharing any sensitive details about yourself, or making forced transaction via your credit card.

Calls concerning warranty issues

If you want to buy a car warranty, you might face some issues. In some cases, you may receive calls from the car warranty telemarketers. In other cases, you may receive scam calls about car warranty.

Car warranty telemarketers

These telemarketers make you believe that you are concerned about your car’s warranty. They are tasked to find out if you do not have a valid factory warranty anymore, or that your warranty has just expired. These telemarketers try to attract and get new customers for their warranty companies. They are legitimate sales teams but can be very demanding and pushy at times.

Understand this, it is not just one company that will find out about you. there are many companies that will vie to get access to your car warranty particulars. Many warranty providers will start calling you at different times of the day.

All you can do is to learn how to stop calls about car warranty deals.

How to stop car warranty calls?

The car warranty scammers can be dangerous, so be careful when dealing with these calls. Before, you make the decision, do remember to check the terms and conditions provided in your car warranty insurance agreement.

The calls from scammers can seem genuine and assertive. But they can jolt you. Some scam callers may just want to play pranks on you.

The scam callers may force you to believe that your car warranty has expired, or it has been canceled by the car warranty company. The scammer may tell you to pay a fine or fee to rectify the situation. You are directed to send the payment to a specific account through credit card.

Some scammers assertively state that it’s in the warranty terms that the driver has to buy an extended warranty before the original warranty expires. if the driver does not buy an extended warranty, then the factory warranty will become void.

Many car owners don’t read the details provided in the car warranty service document. You, being a car owner, must know to spot these scammers, and know how to stop calls about car warranty problems.

Stop all those unwanted calls

Scammers who want you to buy car warranty immediately over a call must be taken seriously. Do not give out information and, for sure, do not make out any payments. Following are steps to know how to stop calls about car warranty implications related to you:

  • Register yourself on the Do Not Call List Registry. The process is simple and free. Not only warranty related calls will be stopped, but all type of scammer calls will be detected on time. Unknown or wrong calls might be blocked too. Visit the website of National Do Not Call Registry and you can register yourself with ease. You just have to provide your active phone number. The Registry will inform you which telemarketers can still get access to your number. Any other relevant information will also be available to you. it takes about 30 days to get into the databank of the Register.
  • You can make a complaint if you are getting unwanted calls regularly. You can request the Registry to put your number on their Do Not Call list. Moreover, you can get in contact with FCC or FTC. These are government organizations that will take concrete action on your behalf if deemed justified
  • You can also get in touch with agencies that deal with consumer report activities, to stop car warranty callers. You can visit Best Business Bureau (BBB) website to file a complaint about the callers – with the details of the name of the company and the dates and times they called you. The federal government have access to both BBB and the Registry databases. The government will take action if necessary.


You must know how to stop scam calls for car warranty. Do not get harassed in any way by car warranty companies or scammers. Take action now and stop them. If necessary, you can also file a complaint regarding scam calls.

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