How to Sleep Comfortably in the Front Seat of A Car

People who travel a lot usually ask how to sleep comfortably in the front seat of a car? It is because it is necessary for the drivers to sleep in the front seat when other people are sleeping in the backseat. Similarly, if a person is alone on a road trip and needs to get some rest, he can sleep in his car either by adjusting the front seat or by sleeping in the backseat. It depends upon the preference of the person who needs to sleep but he should follow some rules and conditions so he does not violate the law such as he should not sleep in the car by parking it in a public place where he draws the attention of others.

This guide provides you with detailed information about how you can sleep comfortably in your car no matter what seat it is. But you should not violate the laws of the state where you are living. You must be aware of the laws, rules, and regulations regarding parking your car and sleeping in your car in the country you are living in otherwise you will be caught by the cops. To avoid such miserable happenings, follow safety rules and enjoy your trip by taking some rest in your car by sleeping for a few hours so you can drive again.

Tips To Sleep in Car Overnight

People who travel a lot and need to cover a very long distance should rest for some time. If you are on a road trip for some days, you should sleep at night as it is necessary for your health as well as your car’s engine and battery. So, such people who need to spend the night outside in their car often ask the question “how to sleep comfortably in the front seat of a car?” or “how to sleep in the car for a night?” Such people need to follow the following tips to sleep in their car overnight:

  • Park at Safe Place

First, you should find a safe place to park your car. Make sure you do not park it at a public place where you could disturb others. Plus, you need to keep your belongings safe so you should park the car at a place from where it is not clearly visible to others. If you park it at an unsafe place, it will become difficult for you to sleep or rest your eyes because you will continuously be worried.

You should check the laws around sleeping overnight in your car in your state before deciding to sleep in your car for a night. You should know that many states have legalized this but most of them have not allowed it.

The best places for parking your car for sleeping purposes are department stores, highways, residential neighborhoods, and religious buildings. Famous and big department stores have large parking lots where your car is safe. You can also park it in a neighborhood where there is no sign of any restriction.

  • Maximize the Privacy Level

It is necessary for you to maximize the level of privacy if you want to enjoy a d. It is very uncomfortable if you feel like someone is watching you while you are sleeping. To accumulate the feeling of being comfortable and safe just as you are at your home, it is recommended you block your car’s windows with any type of fabric.

You do not need to block every window, just block the one which is beside you. If you have parked your car in a parking lot and want to sleep in the backseat, make sure that your car is facing outward in the parking spot. In this way, you will not be visible to other people.

If you have parked your car in a public area such as a supermarket, you should make sure that you park your car far away from its building. In this way, you will not be surrounded by other drivers and cars and your sleep will not be disturbed by others. You can also install EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade that not only blocks the sun but also provides you some privacy in your car.

  • Utilize the Space Correctly

If you want to sleep comfortably in your car, it totally depends upon you how you utilize the space and make it comfortable for yourself. It is to be stated that you can rest comfortably in the back of your car as compared to the front seat because there is more space in the back seat that also avoids aches and cramps while you are asleep.

If you want to sleep in the front seat, you can push the front seat backward which provides you more room. You can also use pillows and blankets to make yourself comfortable. It is recommended to cover the parts of your car that could affect your sleep such as seat belt buckles. You can cover such things with a piece of cloth so any kind of painful annoyance could be avoided.

If you do not have pillows and blankets with you, you should find some other things that could make you feel comfortable. For example, you can use a backpack or handbag as a pillow. Make sure you take out the hard items from them to make them more comfortable. You can use your jacket as a makeshift blanket. It is recommended to keep a mattress pad, sleeping bag, or air mattress with you whenever you go out on a trip.

  • Keep the Car Temperature Cool

If you want to enjoy your sleep in the car, it is necessary to maintain the car’s temperature. As we know, we need a proper ventilation system in our bedroom when we are sleeping. For example, we either turn the fan on or open the windows or doors for extra ventilation. So, the same ventilation system is required when you are sleeping in your car.

It is recommended not to close all the windows of your car while sleeping because if you do so, you will wake up feeling uncomfortable, sticky, and sweaty because of heat. But at the same time, it is not safe to open your windows at night when you are asleep. So, you should park your car in a safe place.

To avoid such problems, there is a simple solution. People having a car with a sunroof can buy a small piece of window screen ranging the size from 2 to 3 inches. You need to open the sunroof halfway and wedge the screen around the opening. This technique provides you with proper ventilation and avoids bugs entering your car. Plus, it does not let strangers keep an eye on you.

If it is not possible for you to undergo this technique, you can simply open your car’s window slightly. It should be opened enough to let the breeze carry itself throughout the car.

Tips To Sleep in Car During a Road Trip

Following are some of the major tips that let you sleep comfortably in your car during a road trip:

  • Keep a Comfortable Bedding

You should keep comfortable bedding with you when you are going on a road trip. So, it is recommended to keep a pillow, comfortable footwear, and a blanket with you. It is also best if you wear warm and comfortable clothes. If you want to be comfortable in your blanket, make sure you are not wearing jeans pants. It is recommended to wear stretchy clothes such as yoga pants or sweatpants.

  • Find the Right Position

It is very difficult to sleep in your car in the perfect position especially when the car is moving. No doubt, it is not easy to sleep in an uneven and uncomfortable place at peace. But if you want to sleep in your car comfortably, it is necessary to find the right and perfect position where you can rest your body.

It is not recommended to sleep against the car’s windows and have the seatbelt buckled. If you are sleeping in the front seat, make sure you set the seat to a comfortable level. If you cannot recline your front seat, you can then sleep in the backseat resting your head on the pillow against the window.

  • Cover the Windows

If you are driving during the day or in the nighttime when the street lights are on, it becomes difficult to sleep because these lights can distract your eyes from sleeping. That’s why it is recommended to use a t-shirt or a towel to black out the windows. You can also use a piece of cloth of a dark color such as black, dark purple, dark green, etc.

If you are using a t-shirt, make sure that it is large enough to cover the window. You can also use a tape of clothespins for attaching the t-shirts together. You can also use an eye mask, sunglasses, or a hat for covering your eyes from sunlight or streetlights. These items trick your brain into thinking that you are in complete darkness.

How to Sleep Comfortably in the front seat of a car?

The campers and travelers sometimes need to sleep in their car because there is no hotel nearby or they are short on money. So, such people often think about the comfortable ways and techniques that could let them sleep comfortably in the front seat of their car. Following is the detailed information that lets you help sleep comfortably in the front seat of your car:

  • Adjust the Seat

First, you need to adjust your seat to a comfortable level. You can bend it back to make it comfortable so you can lay on it. No doubt, you can’t make it comfortable like your bed but you can adjust it according to the space available in the car.

You can use adjustment clips for adjusting your front seat. Make sure it is bent enough that you can lay on it comfortably and enjoy a night-long nap. You should also find a suitable way to deal with the seatbelt strap so it does not discomfort you while you are sleeping.

  • Allow the Air To Pass

The most important thing is to allow the air to pass. For this purpose, you need to open the windows of your car so there could be a proper ventilation system but you must be thinking that your privacy will be violated and your belongings will be unsafe.

In this condition, it is recommended to park your car in a safe place where there are not many strangers. When you park your car at a safe place, make sure you turn your car off completely. It would be best if you crack down the car windows a little bit to allow the fresh air into the car.

  • Put An Eye Mask

If you want to sleep in the front seat, it is necessary to block the lights that could distract your eyes. For this purpose, you can put on an eye mask that blocks the sunlight from reaching your eyes. Plus, it does not allow the street lights to affect your eyes as well as sleep.

You can also play soft music to sleep comfortably. It also avoids any kind of noise reaching your ears and affects your sleep. It is not recommended to play the songs in the audio system of your car. So, listen to the music with your headphones or earbuds.

Advantages of Sleeping in Your Car

Following are some of the common benefits offered by sleeping in your car:

  • Saves Money

You can enjoy more money adventures if you sleep in your car. It is because it saves money that you spent on renting a hotel for a night to take some rest and sleep. The estimated cost of spending a night in a hotel is about $50. So, you can save this money by sleeping in your car as it is considered the most cost-effective option.

  • Easy to Sleep

It is easy for you to sleep in your car instead of camping outside or living in a hotel. No doubt, camping is cheaper than living in a hotel but you need to do a lot of work because it consumes a lot of time in setting up the camp and making it safe. Plus, finding an affordable hotel is also difficult. So, sleeping in your car is safe and legal if you do not disobey any rule of law.

  • Early Wake-Up

If you sleep in your car, you wake up early as compared to sleeping in your comfortable bed. It is because you cannot oversleep in your car as it is not comfortable like your comfy bed. Waking up early keeps you fresh the whole day and lets you explore different things with a fresh mind.

Disadvantages of Sleeping in a Car

Following are some of the disadvantages of sleeping in your car:

  • Unsafe

It is unsafe to sleep in your car until you have parked your car in a legal place. No doubt, it is a tough task to find a legal place to park your car where there is less interaction with strangers. For a proper ventilation system, you need to open the windows that might also be unsafe.

  • Uncomfortable

It is uncomfortable to sleep in your car because it is difficult to adjust your car’s seats. It can affect your health and can also cause pain in your body, especially your neck. You also need extra comforting bedding to stay comfortable in the car while sleeping.

  • No Freedom

You do not enjoy the freedom of sleeping in your car as you need to maintain a single position to sleep the whole night. This freedom is only provided in the hotels or your bedroom. No freedom of sleeping in a large space makes you uncomfortable.


Travelers often need to sleep in their cars to save their money. So, they often ask how to sleep comfortably in the front seat of a car? The answer to this question is that you need to bend your car’s front seat towards the backseat to make it comfortable for you to sleep. You should also keep a blanket with you along with a pillow to sleep comfortably. You should also park your car in a safe place to sleep at peace.

Yes, it is safe until you park your car in a safe place. But if you have parked your car at a public place, it might not be safe.

You can make yourself comfortable by keeping comfortable beddings with you such as a blanket, eye mask, and a pillow.

If you want to sleep in your car, it is recommended to sleep in the backseat because there is a large space there as compared to the front seat.

The safe places to park your car for sleeping include department stores, residential neighbors, highways, and religious buildings.

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