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How to remove window tint from cars Easy and DIY methods

How to remove window tint from cars: Easy and DIY methods

The tint on your car windows is an important part of the look, but it also has limitations. Tinted window films can be difficult to remove and if you make a mistake or don’t know how to properly take care of them in their new state, they’ll end up looking bad for years before giving way entirely.

Undoubtedly, the window tints are an excellent way to protect the car interiors from the heat of the sun, or during night time it provides privacy. It also adds style to the overall look of your car. But if you want to remove window tint then there are certain steps that can be followed. There are some methods that can help you out in removing window tint from the car.

What are window tints?

Before going deeper into the methods of removing window tints, we must get to know what are window tints used in cars.

Window Tint is a thin layer of material applied over a car’s window, just like you see in many cars where there is a dark black film on windows which reduces an intense heat from entering into the car and also gives privacy inside the car.

There are three types of window tints:

  • Ceramic tint – A ceramic tint is heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and blocks 99% of UV rays from the sun.
  • Metallic tint – It reduces heat and glare to some extent but it cannot be used on front windshields as it restricts visibility.
  • Film tint – Film tints are cheap and easily available, it reduces heat and offers privacy but does not reduce glare and has very less heat reduction property.

Why remove tint from car windows?

There are a few reasons that we need to remove window tints from cars.

Bubbles on film

Bubbling film can be a real eyesore, but thankfully there are ways to take care of it. Peeling the bubbles where they’re located will leave you with an even less attractive mess than glue and tint chunks all over your car’s surface! Fortunately for us, though it’s much easier when we figure out why this adhesive failed in the first place so that when removing them becomes necessary; Bubbles form because something has been excessively stressed or heated (like our cars). So keeping things cool should help prevent any further damage/


Although the tinted windows provide ultimate protection sometimes they seem to put an impact on the aesthetics of a car. Despite being in a superior condition, they do not look good for the appearance of the car because the adhesive is very strong at that time.

Change in color

As the tint ages, it turns a purple color and you’ll definitely want to replace it. Window tints are made of non-metallic dyes that cannot be repaired by themselves so as these break down over time their ability to block UV rays diminishes greatly which poses more than just an aesthetic issue but can also cause fading or discoloration in your windows if left unchecked.

How to remove tint from a car window?

A protective layer that slides onto glass-like paint requires special tools designed specifically for removing these kinds of finishes so as not to damage either vehicle’s surface beneath or themselves!

We have compiled all the easy and DIY methods that can be applied without hassles in order to remove tints from the car windows. Let’s have a detailed look:

  • Use fabric steamer

The best way to remove window tint is with a fabric steamer. You can get one for cheap and they only take about ten minutes of use, so it’s easy enough on your time. The glue will start melting after some time while you’re steaming away at the windows – this might sound scary but all that happens are little droplets running down their sides which wipes right off!

  • Use wd-40

WD-40 is a very useful tool that you can use for this purpose. You just need to spray WD-40 on the hot surface of the tint. Let it work for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a soft cotton cloth.

  • Soak the tint in boiling water with ammonia

Take some water and mix it with ammonia to make a solution. Dip a sponge into this solution and then apply it to the car window tint. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Now, take off the soaked tint carefully using a razor blade or the sharp edge of a knife.

  • Apply toothpaste on the tint

While looking for ways on how to remove window tint from car windows, one more method is found and can be effectively applied. Take some toothpaste and apply it over the stuck window tint. Now, take a sharp razor blade or knife’s edge, start scraping off the tint slowly from the edges. Keep working till you remove all of it.

  • Soak the car windows in Acetone

Some Acetone nail polish remover is also used for acetone which contains acetone. Soak the car window in acetone for a few hours or till it becomes soft to scrape off the window tint.

  • Use Goo Gone

It is another very effective way to remove car window tints without any damage. Just apply some amount of Goo Gone over the window tint so that it becomes soft and can be removed easily. Just take a sharp edge of a knife or razor blade to scrape off the tint.

  • Newspapers

Old newspapers come up as a great resource, especially in window tint removal. First, thoroughly wet the film with hot soapy water and cover it in the newspaper; let it soak for at least one hour before scraping off carefully using long strokes in order to remove all residue from your windows cleanly. If needed just add another half an hour if you cannot get rid of this pesky coating once and done.

FAQs about how to remove window tint from car windows

  • How can we remove window tint from car windows with heat?

In order to remove window tint with heat, Use a hair dryer to soften the window tint and then scrape off with a knife or razor blade. You can also use a heat gun which will make your job easier as it is very hot and heats up the window tint quickly, but you should keep away from the front windshield and windows as it can damage them. Don’t apply direct heat on the front windshield otherwise, the film may be melted and stick to the glass which will not give you desired results.

  • How to remove window tint with a knife or razor blade?

You can use a knife’s edge or razor blade to scrape off the window tint, it won’t damage your car windows if you are using sharp objects for this purpose. Just apply some pressure on the edge to remove window tints.

  • How to remove window tint with a squeegee?

You can use rubber squeegee also, it is another very good way of removing window tints easily. You just need to apply some amount of pressure with a rubber squeegee and then try to lift up the window tint bit by bit.

  • Can we use a cotton swab to remove window tint from car windows?

You can use cotton swabs to remove window tints, simply dip the cotton in acetone and rub it on the window glass where the film is present. Keep rubbing till you see that the adhesive has been removed.

  • Can we remove the window tint with a credit card?

You can use credit cards as well for this purpose. Just place the edge of the card between the tint and window glass and gently lift it up, make sure you are using gentle force otherwise you will damage the car paint or other parts.

  • How the denture cleaning tablets are used for removing window tints?

Denture cleaning tablets are very effective in removing car window tint, simply keep the tablet on the film for around 15-20 minutes and dab it off with a cloth.

  • How to remove tint glue from the car window?

If you want to remove the tint without making a mess on your windows, start by using rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. Cleaning should be done in small areas at once so that it does not streak or dry out too fast- soak up all the adhesive with one swipe before moving onto the next part of the window; wipe clean to prep surface for drying completely (and thus avoiding any smudges).

  • Is the removal of window tint expensive?

Window tint is not only aesthetically pleasing but also saves you money. Tint experts will charge between $20 and $50 per window, whereas professionals can cost up to $200 for the entire car (which would typically require more than one visit). However, there’s no need to spend this amount when there are easy methods that you can follow at home. Simply take a razor blade, hairdryer, and a clean cloth, and you are ready to perform a DIY tint removal.

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