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How to remove a dent from car 5 Easy ways to fix dents

How to remove a dent from car: 5 Easy ways to fix dents

If you have a dent in your car, it is always upsetting. Not only does the financial part of taking care of these issues sting our back pocket but also how much time and effort goes into getting them out when all we want are a few scratches from being driven around town every day!

Now, there are a variety of different types of dents that can be dealt with at home. If you have any questions about what type your car may have or how to fix it then just give us a call because the experts here know all too well!

That is why we have come up with this post elaborating on how to remove a dent from your vehicle without any hassles.

Types of car dents that can be fixed at home

Before delving into the details that how to remove a dent from a car, it is significant to know what are the type of dents that can easily be fixed at home without any hassles.

  • Dents are often found on the exterior of cars but can be pulled out if their formation isn’t sharp.
  • You can fix dents yourself if it hasn’t damaged the car’s paint.
  • If there are cracks on the dented panel, you might want to consider replacing it because it’s impossible for those little crevices that were once an inch deep have now spread out into huge gaps.
  • Too huge dents can’t be fixed at home, you definitely need a professional in this regard.
  • If the car’s body is made of aluminum, then most of the dents can’t be pulled out or can’t be just fixed at home.

Removing dents from a metallic body panel

Here are some easy ways compiled to remove a dent from a car, so you may apply any of these to get your car fixed.

  • Make use of plunger

A plunger can do so much more than just unclog your toilet! A dent is an easy fix for the right person, and this tool makes it easier to get rid of them. All you have to do before pushing up on a rubber suction cup end with water around it until all that’s left are some pieces stuck in glue-like substances from whatever adhesive was used or even toothpaste if need be – then pour away any excess liquid while continuing at least three full cycles through again until there aren’t any more bits sticking out when done.

  • Incorporate vacuum cleaner and bucket

Place a small hole in the bottom of your bucket. Cover it with some duct tape so that when you turn on the vacuum, all of its suction power will not be lost due to imperfection.

  • Use hairdryer for removing the dent

Locate and measure the dent. Find a can of compressed air, rubber-coated gloves (to protect your hands from any harmful substances), aluminum foil for protection against rusting; wrap it all up in a package tightly with dry ice if possible!

Heat element should be kept about 6 inches away from your car’s surface using a hair drier – this will help tenderize its metal just enough so that you may scrape off extra layers without damaging paintwork too much or removing clear coatings altogether.

Rubbing the dent with dry ice will pop it right out. Put on some rubber gloves and protect your skin from potential injuries! The rapid change in temperature makes this super easy to do, as well: after just one minute of cooling, you should see results like these all over town (or wherever)!

  • Use boiling water

If you’ve got a dent in your car’s plastic bumper, all it takes is hot water to get rid of the issue. Fill up an empty sink with enough tap water to cover halfway and add boiling chips while ensuring they’re fully submerged (you can also use one cup/camera bottle).

Place these pots elsewhere out if reach; once done pour over top onto any areas still dented or protruding from its surface until everything looks shiny new again. This is one of the easiest ways to remove a dent from a car.

  • Utilize a hammer to remove the dent

When it comes to fixing anything that’s wrong with your car, the hammer is always an option. For dent repairs or scratches on metal surfaces; if nothing else works then you’ll want this handy tool in hand.

For fixing a dent through the hammer, you will need things including a hammer, some basic tools like a screwdriver, a spanner, and an old towel. The dent in your car can be popped out by tapping lightly. You need to have access to the rear side of an affected panel with a hammer, as well as basic hand tools such as flathead screwdrivers and pliers for removing fasteners from other areas on board if necessary.

Keep it wrapped up nice and tight so you don’t damage anything else around here! Once there are enough hits going on against this particular area, that’s when things will start popping right off without too much hassle–saving time but also money from those expensive repair bills I mentioned earlier.

Get some professional dent repair

Many people prefer to get their dent fixed by someone who is close at hand. A mobile specialist will come into your home or office, take care of one small area then be on their way again in 20 minutes.

Dents are easily fixed these days with the right equipment and experience under their belt- but they can be expensive if left in unskilled hands! The good news? There are plenty of smaller shops out there where prices remain competitive while quality remains high; just make sure not all black cars driving around seem legitimate because some might actually belong on wheels instead.

Don’t forget to check online reviews when hiring a dent specialist. Such comments and testimonials from their previous customers will specify their expertise and skills and can be expensive or cheap depending on how many dents there are in your car!

When comparing prices by calling at least three different vendors for quarter-size repairs – this fee may range anywhere between $60-$110 but it’s more likely going to end up costing somewhere around two hundred fifty dollars total (if you had multiple smaller dent).

FAQs about removing dents from car

  • Can all types of dents be fixed?

No, but with the right tools and procedures, most of the dents can easily be repaired. Some dents may be fixed at home but some may require professional repairing services.

  • How long does a DIY dent removal take?

It all depends upon the nature of dent. But most of the DIY dent removals on average take an hour to get fixed.

  • Are the dent pullers workable?

Dent pullers work efficiently on shallow dents that exist on flat surfaces. They do not remove dents with an outstanding finish but make them enough better in appearance.

  • What is the cost of removing a dent?

It depends upon the nature of the dent, usually a big-sized dent on your vehicle’s door costs from $200 to $400, while the dents in which the door needs to be painted along with surrounding panels will cost in the range of $450 to $800.


The above-mentioned DIY methods will help you in removing and fixing the dent of your car. Moreover, if there is a significant dent that cannot be fixed through any of the above DIY methods, you must go to a professional dent repair service then.

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