How To Prime A Diesel Engine After Running Out Of Gas: 5-Step Process

When a car runs out of gas, it can damage some major components that make up the engine of the car, which could cause your vehicle to not function properly even after filling the gas tank. You may be required to learn how to prime a diesel engine after running out of gas if you ever get stuck in such a situation. In the event that you face this, you should be prepared to learn how to start diesel after running out of fuel and this is what we are exactly going to tell you about in this informative article.

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How To Start Your Car After It Runs Out of Gas

In the event that an automobile does run out of gas, it is best practice to wait some time after the tank has been refilled with gas before attempting to restart the vehicle.

The reason you have to wait is so that gasoline can reach the locations where it is required; nonetheless, certain automobiles would start running normally again even if you did not wait.

It would be good to examine the different things that may go wrong when a vehicle runs out of gas in order to have a better understanding of the steps that should be taken. In this manner, you will have an idea of where you should begin troubleshooting in order to get your automobile functioning normally again.

Possible Damages of Car Running Out of Gas?

  • When the vehicle is being refueled, there is a risk that air will get inside the fuel lines and impede the smooth flow of fuel.
  • If there is not enough gas or gasoline, the fuel injectors might get damaged.
  • Running out of gas may have detrimental effects on the fuel system.
  • If there is no gas in the tank, the most likely component to suffer damage is the fuel pump.

Therefore, if your vehicle will not start after you have run out of gas, you should inspect the components of the fuel system, which include the injectors, the fuel filter, the hoses, and the fuel pump.

You will see that running out of gas is one of the most likely ways to harm the fuel system in your vehicle, and you should do your best to avoid doing so. When there is a problem with the fuel system, it is more difficult for gasoline to enter the engine, making it more challenging to start the vehicle.

The 5-Step Process: How to Prime a Diesel Engine After Running Out of Gas

Step #1. Fill Up Your Car’s Gas Tank

To get back up and running, your automobile or truck, of course, will need its gasoline. The good news is that you do not have to completely fill the gasoline tank in order to get the engine started. You won’t need more than a few gallons to bring the automobile to the gas station that’s the closest to you.

It is always a good idea to bring along a container known as a “Jerry Can” to store the gasoline.

Ensure that the gas tank is refilled in a secure way. Be sure that you are obtaining the correct kind of gasoline, since this is an important consideration to take into account.

Step #2. Let the fuel get into the system

You have to be aware of the fact that the fuel system does not consist of a single pipe that connects the gasoline tank to the engine’s combustion chamber. Due to the fact that it is full of crannies and nooks in addition to valves, it needs assistance in order to get the gasoline flowing. Make sure that your car is level so that you have the greatest possible chance of succeeding. If you have been trapped at the top of a hill or at the bottom of a hill, you should do your best to push the car to a level location.

After that, you must prime the gas pedal many times before starting the engine. Because of this, the gasoline will have an easier route to follow when it fills the fuel system.

Step #3. Allow Fuel Injectors to Do Their Job

If your vehicle is like the vast majority of newer automobiles and has some kind of fuel injection system, then the gasoline is pumped via an electric pump. When you turn the key halfway through, the various electrical systems, such as the dials and displays, will begin to function. It is of the utmost importance not to turn the key all the way in since doing so might cause the vehicle to sustain harm. After waiting for a few minutes, switch off the vehicle, and then do this procedure many times. After three or four cycles, the fuel pumps have a sufficient amount of gasoline to ensure that the vehicle could be started without any issues.

Step #4. Try Starting Your Car

At this point, we are going to make the assumption that the fuel system isn’t dry and that the ignition chamber has access to the gasoline that it requires in order to ignite the engine. After you have turned the key all the way in, the vehicle will most likely sputter a few times before it starts.

It is imperative that you refrain from making further attempts to start the automobile. If, after a couple of attempts, it is still unsuccessful, you will need to return to the steps discussed earlier. In most situations, this is unnecessary, and the engine should start up without difficulty.

Step #5. Last resort

How to start your car after running out of gas? Sometimes, your automobile simply refuses to start. It’s possible that this is happening as a result of another problem. This may also take place if the air becomes entrapped in the fuel system and is unable to escape.

Do not be so frustrated that you keep attempting to start the automobile until the battery is completely depleted. This is the most essential thing to remember.

If you have employed a reasonable amount of effort and it still hasn’t started, bring in the experts. Keep their phone numbers close to hand, and be sure to get in touch with them as soon as possible in order to take yourself out of the situation.


We believe our article on “how to prime a diesel engine after running out of gas” will try to turn out to be helpful for you. The first step is to fill the gas tank to an appropriate level, the second step is to wait for some time, and the third step is to prime the car’s fuel lines.

In the event that these basic methods are unsuccessful, you should examine the vehicle in order to determine what the issue is. If the problem appears too complicated for you to handle, see a technician.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you bleed a diesel engine after running out of fuel?

The fuel injectors and fuel pump in a diesel engine run the risk of being damaged if the engine pulls in air instead of gasoline. In addition to this, if you run out of fuel, you may need to bleed the system so you can fill it back up with gas again. This is something that should only be performed by a professional.

What happens if your car runs out of gas?

When there is no more diesel in the tank, the fuel pump will start to draw in air, which has the potential to damage both the pump and the injectors. When your vehicle becomes air bound, the whole fuel system has the potential to fill with air, making it a much more difficult procedure to start the engine again once it has stalled.

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