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How to open a stuck car door Get rid of this unusual problem easily by following these steps

How to open a stuck car door? Get rid of this unusual problem easily by following these steps

It would not be wrong to say that cars are the second asset we invest in with open hearts after our homes. However, just like our homes, vehicles also require good maintenance to stay in shape and keep on performing.

People generally have a lot of good memories associated with cars, which we cherish forever. While making sure to keep our vehicles in top condition, we come across unusual repairs. To tackle those issues, we need to learn how to solve them. One of the unexpected problems which can arise in cars stuck doors? And it wouldn’t be a surprise if you run a Google search “how to open a stuck car door?” and come across thousands of results. Because you are not alone in this.

When your car door malfunctions, it becomes impossible for you to get out of the car. The door is not operating either from the inside or the outside. What would you do in this situation? In this article, we will see why this problem occurs and what practical measures can be taken to address this issue.

Why is the door not functioning properly?

Before we dig into the solutions, it is important to understand the causes. This way we will be able to save ourselves and our vehicles from falling into this problem.

Heavy particles of dirt and rust

According to experts, a car should be taken to a service station every two weeks. Instead of prolonging the period of getting your vehicle washed, make it a habit of keeping it clean.

When you are not cleaning the car daily, the vehicle will accumulate heavy particles of rust and dirt, which might become very hard to remove. These particles are gathered in the assembly of the doors, minimizing the efficiency of it. Once severe patches of rust and dirt are created, it is impossible to open the car’s door with ease.

The door’s structure is damaged

Unfortunately, cars have to go through miseries as well. The door might become jammed when the structure is damaged. It can only happen when a car goes through an accident. In these situations, the door latch disconnects from the assembly of the door, which results in jammed doors.

Broken lock

You won’t be able to open the door from the inside or the outside if even a single lock is broken. It can be a sign that other components or parts of the car are becoming weak. You can still get in the car if the door lock is operating.


Modern cars are being manufactured with deadlocks. If you have the door’s access through remote control, this issue may arise.

How to resolve this problem?

We all face various problems but Instead of crying over the stuck door, follow these methods to open the stuck car door.

Apply every possible method to open the door

Whether your car’s lock is operated by the key or the remote, try to solve it with every possible method you can think of.  Maybe, the remote is not functioning correctly. There are countless possibilities, however, if this is the issue so you can get in your car by placing the right key inside the lock.

You can later on get the remote checked; maybe the cells have become weak.

Lubrication of the lock

Sometimes, the lock is full of dirt and dust, holding back the key from getting in and performing its task. You can apply the lubricant spray in the keyhole and let it dry. This way, all the dirt and rust particles will be eliminated from the keyhole, and the key can be inserted easily.

Spray WD-40

You don’t need to worry if the technique of lubricant was not successful. The use of WD-40 has been very effective for many drivers. The red nozzle tip of the spray WD-40 can be inserted directly into the keyhole, and you need to keep on spraying it until it drops out of the lock. Don’t worry; you are not wasting it. WD-40 will blast away every possible dirt and rust present in the keyhole.

Removal of the door panel

Sometimes, it becomes hard to remove the dirt and rust stuck inside. Well, you’ll be needing a screwdriver and pliers to detach the door panel. Once you pull off the panel, you will be able to see metal rods and moving plates. Making them work with your own hands will help you discover whether the lock is performing accurately or not.


Hope you have understood “how to open a stuck car door” protecting and maintaining our vehicles should be your top priority. Otherwise, you will always find yourself stuck in such petty issues which grow over time.

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