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Racing harness How to install racing harness without bar

Racing harness: How to install racing harness without bar?

If you want to know what a racing harness is, and how you can install it in a racing car with or without a bar, you have landed at the right place. We have got you covered. In this article, we will provide answers to your queries. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a racing harness?

It’s like a seat belt, but with a difference. Two belts come over your shoulders and one belt goes around your waist. And one strap starts from the belt that’s around the waist and goes down between the legs, this is called the crotch strap. This is called the racing harness. The belt around your waist measures 2 or 3-inch in length. The straps that go over your body are all well-padded.

This specific safety feature is a must-have for all race car drivers. This type of harness literally saves lives. Without it, a driver could easily lose his seat, in case of any accident, thereby suffering from injuries. It would not matter if a driver is held in place by just a stock belt around the waist alone. A driver will still get his/her head and shoulders bashed into the steering wheel as the upper part of the body will definitely get jerked.

The racing car drivers tend to drive at a speed in excess of 200 to 250 miles per hour, and any sudden stop or collision may result in severe injuries.

If you want to protect yourself, you must install a racing harness correctly. For this purpose, complete data of the driver must be taken into account like his height and weight. Amazingly, if not fixed up properly, it can cause an utter discomfort for the driver. If in case the car meets an accident, and if the harness is not fixed, it will be difficult for the driver to get out of the damaged car.

The roll cage is an important part of the car. The harness can keep you in place when the car rolls over. But if the roof gets crushed, then your head will get hit, or at least you will suffer injuries to your neck. The roll cage prevents the weight of the car from crushing you. That’s why a racing harness is just one part of a protection system in the race car. Of course, all drivers wear helmets too. But for this article only how to install a racing harness without a bar will be considered.

How to install a car harness?

Specifically, why mention the roll cage? Because racing harnesses are attached to the bars of the cage. It makes the harness anchored well to a solid frame structure. Usually, the harness is wrapped around the bars of a roll cage.

If you are using a saloon harness, it comes with rear straps that are long and are built to keep you in place. These straps have snap hooks that attach to the shoulder straps. The harness bars are set close to the back side of the seat. There are slots on top, left, and right sides of the seat. These bars fit in between these slots. Some harness bars have door handle-like shapes, so you can wrap these straps to keep them in place.

In some cases, the straps are bolted to the floor of the car. The two straps come up and usually go through a slot to come over each shoulder. But this setup can injure the shoulders in the wake of a frontal collision if you are driving the car at 200 miles per hour.

You can also attach the racing car harness to the chassis of the car. This is one of the best ways because you can use a crutch strap in this type of setup.

How to install a racing harness without a bar?

The best way to install a racing harness is to attach it to the chassis of the race car. Do consider that race car are specially made, and the roll cage is usually small. It’s not part of the chassis. The roll cage/chassis is also called the safety cell. And the harness is attached to it.

In no way, you can install a racing harness without attaching it to the bars of the roll cage. The roll cage is the strongest structure in a racing car; hence, you can attach the racing harness to it to make your race car safe to drive.


For the sake of absolute safety for a driver, the answer to the question “how to install a racing harness without a bar?” is that you cannot do it. you have to attach it to the bar. It’s not possible to install the racing car harnesses without a bar, as you may get injured in case of an accident.

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