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What are the steps of how to install car alarms

What are the steps of how to install car alarms?

It was an easy task for all the thieves to hijack various vehicles due to the lack of proper security systems. Back in 2010, a survey was conducted and the findings suggest that approximately 450,000 cars were stolen throughout the United States. Isn’t it something to worry about?

Previously, older security systems were quite easy to be diverted by an experienced criminal.

Seeing the surge in the car’s crime rate, vehicle manufacturing companies took a further step and started producing cars with built-in car alarms. Well, some people try to favor the government and say that the crime rate has deteriorated and that is the reason car alarms are no longer needed. However, another segment is in approval of the car alarms. They have a firm belief that these security measures are the reason for the decrease in criminality.

Any part or component of the car can be stolen if no automobile alarm is installed in your car. With the aid of an alarm, you are simply discouraging the thieves or another person from carrying out such malicious activity.

Are you aware of how the alarms work? Well, there are different kinds of alarms available in the market. Moreover, the most vital step is how to install car alarms? If you are not carrying out the procedure correctly, the buzzer or siren would not be able to signal you.

This article will highlight the different kinds of car alarms, why it is important and will guide you about the process of how to install car alarms.

What are the basics of a car alarm?

The development in technology in this modern era or phase has improved various features of this world and one of them is the security panels. Previously, thieves had an easy chance of breaking in; however, with the help of computers of today, the workload of car owners has become relatively uncomplicated.

A receiver typically responds to your various sensors installed, keycode, and a loudspeaker. This gives out a signal to the vehicle owner to alert him or her.

Whenever the sensor would receive a response it would create a sound through the loudspeaker to show a red flag to the vehicle owner. Nonetheless, if no such activity takes place near the sensors, it would remain silent and undetectable.

Do you know why it was relatively easier to steal cars back in the day? Well, the two typical sensors – door and tilt shock sensor were unable to see the progress of the thief. However, modern producers have been sensible enough to build cars with around two to ten sensors installed. This is one of the essential reasons why car crime rates have dropped significantly.

What are different kinds of car alarms?

As the car crime levels were at a peak, the modern car producers saw a loophole in their security systems. This is the reason they decided to place good quality car alarms in the vehicles. The car alarms can deduct any suspicious activity in the car and can surely alert the car owner.

Whether you try to invade through a door, create any damages to the car or even create noises near the vehicle, car alarms will surely create a red flag.

All the sensors are connected to the alarm’s computer. Whenever the car would recognize any doubtful activity near it, the alarms would be activated and would give out a signal to the car owner. It would surely help you to prevent car theft or any severe damage to the vehicle.

Let’s discuss the various sensors which you can easily install in your cars;

Door sensors

These sensors are not the development of the modern era, as door sensors were found in cars in the previous decades. Most of the thieves use the car door to invade, so this sensor might be the most useful one when compared to others.

Whenever the criminal would open the door, the alarm would be activated.

On the other hand, the thief could simply knock off the window and can easily break into your car. Moreover, he/she can simply tow it away. Well, on these bases, the door sensor would not work and the alarm wouldn’t be activated.

Microphone sensors

The modern-day solution has surely made it easier to prevent car theft. A smart thief would try to break into your car through a window. He/she can make less impact and breakthrough your car’s window.

However, microphone sensors don’t let it happen. They are designed in a way to monitor any sudden noises, loud noises, or window breaking.

When the microphone sensors focus on the ambiance, it would deduct every noise in the near vicinity. If the sensor is suspicious about any kind of weird or unlikely sound, it would surely activate the alarm and alert the owner.

Shock/Impact sensors

Sometimes, criminals try to act smart and use various techniques to enter the car. Instead of applying all the sources on the car’s door, they try to implement different strategies on various parts of the car to break in.

Could you stop a thief if he/she enters your car after breaking a window? Well, there’s a high possibility of you receiving a signal through the alarm. The shock/impact sensors will detect any kind of hits and impacts near the car.

For example, if someone tries to open the lock of your car’s trunk and tries to enter, the alarm will surely be activated. This means any kind of impact is created whether intentionally or unintentionally, the car alarm would be set off.

Tilt sensors

Due to modern features in car alarms, thieves try to tow the vehicle in their safe zone so that they could break into the car freely. It is not like that every time a criminal would break into your car through a door or a window, they could implement the towing strategy.

However, it is not possible if tilt sensors are installed in your car. These sensors are connected to the position of your car. If the sensors detect that the vehicle is in an uneven position, it would activate the alarm.

Tilt sensors have been present since the previous decades. However, to make it more functioning, this sensor is using mercury to see the car’s tilt level. For example, if the car is diverted to a different angle, the mercury would be transferred or transmitted to another side of the car which would certainly activate the alarm.

Proximity sensors

You would not find this sensor installed in every car. When the major car manufacturing companies noticed a loophole in the security measures of the car, they decided to create a proximity sensor.

This sensor is found in modern high-end vehicles. The proximity sensor is also known as a perimeter scanners. Through this sensor, the car finds it easier to detect any kind of ill-natured activity around the vehicle.

When the object is quite near to your vehicle, it would set off the alarm. However, it has a negative feature attached to it too. For example, any object can trigger false alarms. Well, it might deviate your attention towards the car as a vehicle owner to just see that there is nothing to be worried about. Well, these false alarms can prove to be dreadful in the future when a person would not react thinking that it is a false alarm.

Why are car alarms important?

The importance of this component has increased massively in recent times. While seeing the criminal activities increasing and especially the rate of car theft has motivated every vehicle owner to have multiple car alarms installed.

Let’s discuss whether why car alarms have such importance today;

Lower the risk of car theft

It is easier for any criminal to invade a car that has been parked in any parking lot. Thieves have their eyes upon their target. However, if car alarms are installed so the criminal would think twice before acting out.

Well, due to various car sensors, the owners or the security nearby would be alerted. This way the probability of the car being stolen decreases.

The resale values

If you are planning to switch your current vehicle to a new one, it is surely a great idea. Well, your current car might be of greater value when compared to other models due to the alarm system installed. Do you know a significant car alarm increases the price of your car?

That’s another significant benefit of having a good quality alarm system in your car. You can quote a bigger value in the market for your car with the alarm system.

A major drop in the insurance cost

Whether you purchase a new vehicle or are already driving an old one, if you have an alarm system installed in your car, it would surely decrease the insurance cost you have to pay.

Whenever the insurance companies will be calculating the insurance cost, they would keep security and safety in their minds. Well, if you are sensible enough to already have it installed in your car, you have to pay less insurance compared to others.

This certainly reduces the chance of car theft, so it would lower the insurance cost in any of the insurance companies for sure.

Having peace of mind

In any matter, if you have security you will be relieved from that end. This is the same case with car alarms. Whenever a person would have a good quality car security system installed, they would be tension-free.

They would be less bothered about car theft.

Smartphone application

With modern technology, alert systems are made accessible on smartphones. Well, there will be a smaller number of people in the United States who don’t own a smartphone.

With the control panel of the alarm system in your mobile phone, it would become easier for you to turn it off and on through it. You will have complete control over the security system of your car.

Manual alarms

Sometimes we park our cars in a crowded parking lot and find it relatively hard to detect our car. However, with the help of manual alarms, it becomes an easy task for you to locate your car.

When you push a button on the manual settings, the car would beep at any end of the parking lot and you will be able to discover it.

Let’s learn how to install car alarms?

Car alarms would not be of any use if they are not positioned in the right manner. Well, the alarms wouldn’t set off or be activated if they are not placed rightly.

It is important to understand the procedure of how to install car alarms so that your car is safe and secured.

Let’s discuss it step by step;

Step one: choose an aftermarket alarm

According to experts, it is great to have an aftermarket alarm. Do you know why? This is because these alarms can be accompanied by every sensor. Moreover, if you wish to have great protection, an aftermarket alarm would be the ideal choice for you.

Specialists suggest the Viper 5906V as a great aftermarket alarm choice. This alarm system can be installed easily in your car and can be connected to the whole car. Significant technologies of this alarm system do not only work as an alarm but indicate the accurate readings for a parking meter and can easily tell the running time of your car.

Your car can become keyless with this technology.

Step two: What do you require from an alarm system?

Every alarm system has its benefits and features. It might become a hassle for you to choose between varieties of alarms available in the market. This is the reason for you to think about your needs and then decide which alarm you require for your vehicle.

Step three: installation process

This is the trickiest part out of the whole equation. It is suggested to consult a professional or take guidance from the installation manual before you start placing the alarm system in your car.

A keynote: Make sure to disable the battery before you start the procedure. Moreover, you need to be extra careful that you don’t let any alarm system wires connect with the airbag system. It can become quite costly for you in the future if that happens.

Plan the installation

Just see where you want to exactly position the alarm system. Learn how to connect the wires with the system with the guide or manual provided by the car alarm manufacturing company. Moreover, that guide will tell you the best places to install car alarms.

This way you will be able to save your installation time. Furthermore, it would reduce the room for mistakes.

Fit the car alarm

By removing the casings on the car’s wire will make the process quite easier for you. Wires will be easily accessible and you will be able to detect whether to run the wires.

You need to be sure enough about the spot where you place the alarm. As you know that the thieves can be smart enough to disarm the alarm if they can trace it. Moreover, you can also install a valet switch with the car alarm. For example, your car is in the garage for daily maintenance, so with the aid of a valet switch, you can simply turn off the alarm.

Install the siren

It is important to place the siren near the engine and the alarm system. However, you need to be sure enough to keep the siren away from the hot components of the car because it might turn into a short circuit.

Wire the alarm to the car

You need to connect the alarm with the head and heart of it which is the computer. This component will help and give power to the entire alarm system of the car.


There is no doubt that there has been a rapid decrease in the crime rate in recent years. However, it is great to be secured and safe with the measures you take. A car alarm system has become essential and that is the core reason why the majority of car manufacturing companies are installing the alarm system beforehand only.

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