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Spotted mold in your car Here’s how to get rid of mold in a car

Spotted mold in your car? Here’s how to get rid of mold in a car

Molds don’t just destroy the appearance of your car but also threaten the health of people sitting in it. Your health and safety should be your top priority and for that it is essential to understand how to get rid of mold in a car.

If your car’s sunroof is open on a rainy day or any window is cracked, then there are chances that the vehicle will develop mold. But if you can’t see it but there’s a smell or bad odor in your car, then it indicates the presence of mold. The smell surely is irritating, but mold is also harmful for your health.

What is a mold?

Mold is another form of fungus, which develops due to high temperature or high moisture levels in the car. A very small amount of moisture can turn into a mold. Once the mold is developed, it can become a very tough task for you to get rid of it. It could also affect the whole interior of your vehicle. You have no other choice but to get it cleaned with the help of a professional, which can easily cost you hundreds of dollars.

In certain situations, molds grow at such a rapid speed that you need to sell off your car as you cannot use it.

Why does mold develop in a vehicle?

Behind every problem, there’s a cause and the same applies to mold. Let’s find out why mold develops in a vehicle.

Non-operational vehicles

There are times when you are traveling to another state and your car is in your garage. Since the car retains more moisture while in a dark place, it starts developing mold. 

Multiple spores that have entered the car fuse with oxygen and moisture, which in turn develops mold in your vehicle.

Poor hygiene

There is no harm in eating in your car, but cleaning the mess afterward is necessary. Many car owners are unable to protect their cars from bad hygiene, which becomes a vital reason for molds to develop. When the car is not being protected or cleaned by its owner, it’s basically an invitation for molds to grow and multiply in the car. Are you taking care of your car’s interior? If not, then pay close attention to it before you encounter this major problem.

Climatic factors

Do you live in an area where rainfall is quite common? Or an area where you are less exposed to the sun? Well, you need to be extra careful about your car’s interior.  Due to the above-mentioned factors, it makes a comfortable room for the molds to grow in your car.

How to get rid of mold in a car?

According to experts, there are numerous ways to get rid of mold in a car. However, we have listed down the easiest method so that you don’t have to go anywhere else:

Protect yourself

Before you carry out any experiment, take all the safety precautions. Specialists believe that face masks and non-porous cleaning gloves are two essential elements for humans before they start the cleaning process. This way they will keep themselves protected from the damage that can be caused by the mold.

Park your car in a sunny spot

Before starting the cleaning process, park your car at a sunny spot. Fresh air and sunlight are very effective against the mold.

Once the combination of fresh air and sunlight eliminates the moisture, it would become nearly impossible for the molds to grow and survive in your vehicle. A sunny day is the ideal weather to clean up your car.

Inspect your car properly

It is essential for you to understand and focus on the points of the car which requires healing. Starting the process right away without inspecting the car is not recommended. According to experts, the surface of the seats, steering wheel, and seat belts are the most vital components of a vehicle where mold can grow.

Molds are of different colors such as white, gray, green and black. Once you see any mark of the mentioned colors, this is the place where you need to do the cleaning.

Pre-disinfecting measures

Once you have highlighted the mold marks, try to rub them off with the aid of a toothbrush. Afterwards, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the mold, which you have just brushed up.

Use the disinfectant solutions

Before you clean the carpets and seat covers of your car, try to take them out of your vehicle. To kill the mold, you can make this mixture:

4 parts vinegar and 1 part water

You can put this mixture into a spray bottle and apply it on the seat covers and carpets of your car. It would take approximately 20 minutes for these components to absorb the mixture entirely and kill the mold properly. Moreover, this mixture can be sprayed on other affected parts also.

Wash the seat covers and carpets

Once the spraying process and desired time frame is completed, you can use a good quality detergent and water to wash the seat covers and carpets. After the washing process, let them dry under the sun so that they could be placed in the car.

Bottom line

Prevention is better than cure, so if the car is protected and maintained in its supreme form, it would never incur any such problems. Molds can be bad for your car as well as your health. Try to keep your car safe and yourself healthy.

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