How to get rid of car extended warranty calls

About 60 billion automated extended warranty calls were made in 2019 alone. This is a staggering number.

If you have been receiving unwanted extended warranty calls regularly, you are not alone. There are many people who are at loss to understand what these robocalls are meant for.

In this article, we will explain what steps you can take to stop most car extended warranty calls. These calls can be distracting, annoying and upsetting at times. We will share with you some tips and tricks to get hold of these extended warranty calls.

Car warranty calls

Like most of the car owners, you too might be annoyed by many car extended warranty calls, and you might not have ever made any enquiry about a car extended warranty as yet. These calls could be automated sales calls transmitted via computer system, or there may be some representatives of the extended car warranty companies, who are responsible to make calls to attract potential customers.

These extended warranty companies have sales teams dedicated to make calls to interested customers who want to seek information from them regarding their car warranty policy, or the sales teams sometimes have to inform policyholders about the payment that is due next month.

The sales representatives are entitled to contact car owners whose original warranties might be expiring soon.

If you happen to receive an automated call that you don’t want to answer, just cut-off. If you receive a call from a company representative, you must deal with it carefully. If you don’t want to have the extended warranty policy, you can decline it politely. Many people get stuck talking to them and answering questions before realizing what the caller wants.

In many cases, the calls you receive, may lead you to scams. These callers claim that for some reason or the other, your original car warranty has just expired or has become void. These callers might even want some kind of down payment straight away to safeguard your license or registration that will be at risk if you are not covered by a warranty.

How you get affected by these unwanted warranty calls

These tricks are used by both automated and sales team callers. They are also used by scams as well as genuine sales teams trying to get customers for their companies.

These callers have all the information available about a person before they make a call. This is how they go about:

  • The computers used to make automated calls come with special software that deal with phone number generators. These software scan phone numbers. The phone numbers of a specific area code are These numbers are then dialed via the computer or by a real person to confirm the phone numbers of this area code. A person must be wary about such all’s and guard himself/herself against them
  • Many automakers sell out information about their clients to extended warranty companies they know
  • Liability insurance is mandatory for every Now the company you are dealing with, can share your personal information with any other organizations, whether legitimate or illegitimate.

The caller can claim the call receiver might be the last to be contacted and there is a limited time for the person to act within.

All these calls are just scams, but they have ripped many people off.

How to stop them

If you want to avoid receiving unwanted extended warranty calls, you must follow these instructions:

  • Record the caller’s ID
  • Record the telephone number and area code of the caller
  • Report the incident to the concerned authorities

The steps to follow

Record or write down the company’s number and area code with the time and date every time they call. You can use this information as proof, later on, if necessary.

Do not answer calls from unknown area codes

Do not let your auto warranty provider put your number on the ‘Do Not Call List.’ Now, this should be an ideal way to protect your privacy. But in most cases, it does not work

Visit the website Once you are on their DoNotCall Registry, not only the unsolicited car extended warranty companies will stop worrying you, but you will also get rid of the repetitive sales calls and scams.

Get in touch with Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is a non-profit organization that supports businesses. They also take action against such scammers. To get help, you can visit their website.

Get in contact with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can also visit your state’s Attorney General’s Office. The FTC deals with business malpractices in the country. While the latter can get a court to file an injunction against any person or company.


It’s high time to stop those cars extended warranty calls. You should follow the tips mentioned in this article to get rid of these annoying calls.

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